Scammed By Safe24Options? Withdrawal Problems Surface [Full Review]


Safe24Options is yet another SpotOption based platform that entered the market in an anticipation of making a huge mark. Did it manage to do it? We’ll find it out in this review…

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Safe24Options was known for better speed, user-friendly interface, and efficiently managed features. The broker offered 13 currency pairs, 22 indices, 16 stocks, and 6 commodities. It also offered the popular One-Touch feature.

Is there some good reason to prefer this broker over others? What should you care about when considering this platform or the likes of it? What’s the reality behind the Safe24Options scam complaints and how did the platform cope with various issues? Let’s find out the answers to all these questions!

Safe24Options Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: There’s no doubt about it – Safe24Options was a scam broker & they parted hundreds, if not thousands of people with their hard earned cash. Thankfully though they have since closed their doors & are no longer accepting (or scamming) new traders. If however you have already lost money to Safe24Options then keep reading to see how you can get it back.

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Safe24Options Background

Hortense Holdings Ltd. co-operated Safe24Options website. Apart from this broker, it also operated 777Binary. The company is actually the owner and operator of HotOptions.

There is a lot of information about the operator and the sister websites available on these platforms and it’s a good sign. But the problem is that none of these entities bothers about its legal status.

Safe24Options had never been an impressive website. It was either developed in hurry or the operators were too busy to focus on this website.

Nothing about the functionality was explained on the website. There was nothing specific about the policies and conditions. The FAQ section was also full of fun because some of the questions were not properly answered. In fact, the questions were arranged differently and they answers didn’t match.

You had to read the question and then search for the right relevant answer by reading the whole FAQ section.

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The education section was also below-average. There was nothing useful through which you could learn something new. The education material contained general and basic information which most of the traders already know.

The daily analysis wasn’t really “Daily”, it was rather “Weekly”. The slogan on the website was also copied because it was also found on the websites of more than 10 brokers “We Focus on Who Really Counts; YOU!” You’ll definitely find the likes of this slogan on dozens of other brokers, all of them are unregulated. It’s funny they, they are consumed so much in serving YOU that they don’t even find time to focus on the regulations and legal requirements. How could a company care about YOU when it doesn’t have enough expertise to come up with an exclusive and personalized slogan?

Is Safe24Options Regulated?

Safe24Options was NOT regulated. This is why you need to be careful about the owner, operator and the sister websites. All of them are unregulated. This is the biggest problem all traders face on a consistent basis. Broker appear and disappear in quick succession. Rather than worrying too much about the number of options, you simply need to focus on REGULATED brokers. Remember, the regulation has to be from a legitimate and authorized regulatory authority, not from a private entity. Private regulators don’t have authority to exercise any power in the case of a fraudulent act.

Safe24Options Complaints

Nobody has really taken it seriously. We didn’t manage to find any serious scam alerts. There have been no warnings issued against this broker. But we did manage to access some unreliable complaints. They could either be true or false; we can’t confirm.

The complaints are not backed by any conclusive evidence. They are just talks and reflections. No email threads, no reference of the representatives, and nothing conclusive about the support team.

Even then, there is no need to trust Safe24Options because it is NOT regulated. The complaints are mainly suggestive of the unauthorized access and termination of the trader’s account after the withdrawal request failed and the trader tried to register his/her complaint with the support team.

Safe24Options is no more available which means that something forced it out of the competition. It could have been a decision made by the operator because the website never managed to attract as many traders as of its sister websites.

Safe24Options Withdrawal

As per the website (when it was functional), the withdrawal process required a minimum of three business days and it could extend to 5 business days depending on the trader’s bank.

Credit Card and Wire Transfer were the two withdrawal methods available. No fee was charged for Credit Card withdrawal. $25 was the fee for the processing of withdrawal via Wire Transfer. The traders had to meet the bonus requirements before submitting the withdrawal request.

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Is Safe24Options a Scam?

Safe24Options scam reports are unreliable because the complaints are not backed by conclusive evidence. Scam or not, we don’t have to worry about this question because the broker has closed its doors. You need to be careful about dealing with any website operated by Hortense Holdings Ltd.

The platform was set up in a hurry and it vanished too early. But there might have been some other online brokers operated by the same company.

Stay alert!

Our Verdict on Safe24Options

Thumbs DownWe DO NOT recommend Safe24Options or any other platform operated by Hortense Holdings Ltd. The company is not regulated and you can’t gamble with such an Obviously Doubtful entity. This reviews just reminds us all the reviews featuring unregulated brokers. The same story with a new name!

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