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15 thoughts on “Report a Scam”

  1. Dear Sir’s
    I have been trying to get my 20K back from BinaryBook without success. I call them I email them with no results. Can you help me?

  2. I live in the UK and was ripped of £5k by the Bloombex scam around 3 years ago… I eventually gave it up and decided to cut my losses. Last week I received one of 4 calls from “Bloombex’’, claiming that they are going into administration and I have a crypto currency balance from bitcoin trading and that they wish to pay before the company closes for good (Alarm bells ringing)! This balance was equivalent of £21.5k…. understandably, I was curious to see how this could be true and asked the process. Long story short, they asked me to set up an on line platform account with a company called “AAA trading’’. They also asked me to log on to a website called ‘’’any desk’’ so they could mirror my laptop! They eventually asked (among many questions), what my card number is. I had already put a hold on my Lloyds account as I was suspicious, and proceeded to give my debit card number. The funds I had were no higher than £50 so I knew it was ok to give the details. As I was on line at the time, I watched as the guy on the phone tried to and failed to withdraw £1800 from my account! When I asked why he was withdrawing instead of depositing money, he got very defensive and started rambling jargon about mirror image transactions etc. He told me that they had to withdraw before they can deposit funds. They tried to do this twice and when I told them non of my accounts had £2000 in them, they hung up! I didn’t hear anything until today when they called me twice asking to try the transaction again. Regardless of this being legit, I politely told him to shove off!! I will never trust Bloombex again. I’ve tried to look on line for any comments about a new scam but can’t find anything. I also questioned the reason their phone number was showing as withheld every time they called. They would not give desk phone numbers out in the case of someone hounding the staff. They are very polite and funny when they call for your cash but as soon as they find out your not willing to play or interested. They’ get quite nasty/ clever.

  3. On 17 March 20, company called through people called Jad & Nasib Jordanian/Palestinian nationality same mine and kept chasing with me convincing with UFX trading then let me deposit amount from my credit card as he instructed as he the expert & specialist employed by UFX to make step by step for people who don’t have experience in this field and nothing will I lose in the worst case I’ll return the debited amount.

    then kept following say you will be VIP customer, calling all the day

    ‘ i have all UK numbers+ UAE numbers he called from’ & you will see how he was pushing & annoying, then I decided to stop the second day I withdraw the whole amount I deposited, then he didn’t accept the request and the as he told am not eligible to withdraw I have to debit more and make more deals then he will allow me to withdraw I sent an email to them confirm withdraw but didn’t respond!!

    kept calling all the day he forced me to cancel request and promised to let me withdraw next day, and he made team viewer and pushed to put more amount & saw all my cards with CCV number saying he is doing this to my favour & he is the same nationality will support to let me able to withdraw the money
    Then he made account zero 19 march 2020 he was calling and putting me to control room and he chooses the number of the deal and win amount & never put loss amount threshold and called saying I have to deposit again to make a profit again in order to recover the loss as he missed last 3 deals and made wrong, I got crazy all amount from credit cards deposited and I have loans and liabilities, I begged him to return the money as he is responsible of all of this, please refer to his call records he said go get loan and debit more I refused then called said I’ll let UFX give you 2000 USD but I refused I put 16725 USD
    I blocked all my cards as he has all information & will use it in future

  4. raceoption provides binary option trading at

    first, they took about 185 £ from my deposit. They said “there was an 18% commission” for the deposit. However, the website does not say anything about the deposit commission, and I got this first surprise after my first deposit. So, I made a deposit of 1000£ with the visa debit card but then it said that the transaction failed and told me that I had to go to a third party website to buy 1000£ in bitcoin and sent this money to this bitcoin address: 3CwU4rUoeEmVdFAtmPD9SmbHPebuUJ4vEa. Then, after about 10 min I got only 814 £ in my raceoption account. So, they took away already about 185£ from my 1000£ deposit.

    Secondly, they used software cheats to stole the payout of 4 of my trades. I made 4 trades totalling 398.11 £. I won at the expiring time. So, I should get a 190% (100% of the invested money (398.11) + 90% profit of the invested money (358.30)) payout which was 756.41 £ (398.11 £ + 358.30 £ = 756.41 £). However, they saved in trade history a fake expiring price to make me believe I lost the trades and give me 0 £ instead of 756.41 £. I am sure the price was different than one they saved because I was looking at the price at the end of the trades. It happened 4 times in a row so I am positive they were using software cheats to steal my payout of 756.41 £. I tried to complain about that but they do not respond to my emails and calls.

    Yesterday, I asked for a withdrawal of net balance which is 1044.97£. They said that it would be processed within one 1 hour, but after a day it hasn’t been processed yet. Now they called me and said they will need 3 days (Wednesday). Then, in the same call, I started complaining about the stolen payout (explained above) and he closed the phone. Now, after all these lies they have been told me, I believe there will be a surprise even with the withdrawal: they may charge me an insane commission like the 18% of the deposit or they could even keep all amount and never processed and the withdrawal.

    what do you suggest to do, please?

    • Hello Carmelo, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, because the payment was made in Bitcoin you won’t have any protection. Encouraging people to use cryptocurrency to make payments is a common trick done by scammers for this exact reason because it cannot be clawed back like a traditional payment & because the transaction is completely anonymous. Sadly, I imagine, as you do, that there will also be trickery with the withdrawal. In all honesty, you will be lucky if they give you any of the money at all. I wish I could offer more helpful advice, but in your situation there isn’t a great deal you can do other than to report it & write it off as being as a hard lesson learned.

  5. I invested with Ivory Options a few years back and then stopped as I was not too sure what was going on. Today (17/08/2020) I received a phone call from a number in Aberdeen (01224 928574) asking questions about my investment and did I know that I could recover my money. They wanted me at this point to download an app to see my desktop, at this point I said I needed to look into this more and I put the phone down, the same number then rang again about 3 minutes after, I ignored it. Was this another scam to get more details?

  6. I have a friend that has invested in Global Ultimate Option and she has invested over $100,000 and they are showing her statements of value over $1,000,000. Can you tell me anything about this company?

    • Unfortunately, Global Ultimate Option is a scam that has previously been exposed here on this website. They forged profits, then tricked people into making further deposits to “release the funds” – claiming that the deposits were to cover taxes, or processing fees etc.

  7. Hi, I have invested 30,000 total in UFX or UFX markets five years ago and lost all under the recommendations of the so called private advisor/agent or consultant, so I am guessing making me deposit almost day by day subjected to increase the income or by funding to save my money until I lost it all and couldn`t provide more was the trick.

  8. I placed money in a binary options account with a firm called Cedar Finance. It operated out of Cyprus and was owned by P.M. Investment Capital Limited that was formerly regulated by CySEC. After it went out of business, I tried to get my money back through getting in touch with the Cyprus Regulatory authorities, albeit without achieving success or real help being provided. Has anyone succeeded in getting their money back and if so, what steps did they take?

  9. orangeglobalinvest known as BinaryOnline saw it on the wen… I paid with check and bank transfers to a lady called Angelina Idris which has by the way a fraud record in Galveston texas .. orangeglobalinvenst made a letter saying I did not have to pay anything until I got my profit ,, now they want more money for the taxes ect 31,000 more to receive the profit ….how can I get my money back… help

  10. I’ve made heavy investments with trustedfxaddition, and asked for. reimbursement. They asked me to pay a fee… which I refused. They refused to give me back the money I lost.

  11. I was called today by a lady calling herself EMILY FISHER from a company called BERKELEY FISHER, She asked me if i have ever invested with a company called IVORY OPTIONS. i said that i didn’t. I usually get suspected scam calls every day of the week which when i usually ask who they are and then i put the phone down , i received this call whilst at home, I actually deposited £250 about 5 years ago, Quite honestly i didn’t know what i was doing, She also mentioned a company called ‘BLOCKCHAIN’ who are able to pay out to people who lost their money, she said that i wouldn’t get that money back but i would get the profits, and that i would receive £32,000.When i said that she told me that to speed things up I should download ‘Anydesk’ which i did and could see her cursor on my computer screen and that she would help me with it. She then said that before i can receive that money I need to deposit £2,289 before i would receive the £32,000, then she said i would have to pay Capital Gains Tax on it, ( about £9,000). I told her that I didn’t have £2,289 available. Then she told me that she may be able to help me with it. I questioned her about this, I could hear panic in her voice, she then told me to call FCA to check that the 2 company’s legitimacy, telling me to contact the Fraud department It was approaching 6pm I said that they would be closed but she told me that they were open till 8pm, I asked her for their number, which was a completely wrong when i called. She told me that she would call me back in 10 minutes, I am still waiting for the call. Some time ago I received another call from someone saying that they were from Amazon and that they were checking to see if i was aware that goods worth £2,000, were pending i was busy at that time and couldn’t talk for long, she then told me to download ‘Anydesk’ and she would call back in 1 hour, once again i am still waiting .I consider myself lucky that it only cost me £250.


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