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One of the most popular online broker known for the provision of cryptocurrency trading, FMTrader offers more than 12 currency pairs that include cross crypto-pairs as well. The good thing is that this broker offers a free account so that you can have an insight before opting for an expensive account…

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In addition, FMTrader also offers Islamic account for the Muslim traders. This is a promising initiative. The brokers ensure the provision of 1:10 (max.) leverage for up to 1000 lots. In addition, you can earn affiliate bonus as well. The trader you introduced gets a bonus (the amount depends on the deposited amount). You also receive the bonus for introducing a new trader.

Apparently, this broker offers a number of rare features and could become the top choice. But it is important to go through FMTrader scam warnings and complaints. We need to have a look at the trader’s background, regulation status, and other considerations before reaching a conclusive decision.

FMTrader Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: From the get-go FMTrader looked like bad news, but then it went through a takeover & things began to pick up again – however sadly things went back the other way, even under the new management, and FMTrader scammed thousands of their hard earned cash. If you too fell victim to the FMTrader scam then keep reading to see how you can get your money back.

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FMTrader Background

FM Marketing Ltd. owns and operates FMTrader; introduced in 2013 and operated from Belize. The website mentions the license number IFSC/60/372/TS/15.

The London office is situated at 122 Leadenhall Building, Leadenhall Street, London.

Phone: +44 2-7 043 3795

Terapad Services Ltd. (Nicosia, Cyprus) undertakes the billing clearing services.

FMTrader suffered from serious ups and downs. It first had a tragic downfall but struck back with the same name. During the first phase, things didn’t stick to the track. But the second attempt earned the broker huge reputation. Significant changes were introduced and the trader managed to attract thousands of traders.

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The story is similar to the Phoenix, who emerged on the stage but didn’t manage to comply with the binary options brokerage requirements but alter, it addressed the issues and achieved the desired results. Same happened to FMTrader, the initial launch was not considered deeply. The legal concerns were underestimated, but the administration took only a few months to bring the platform back on the right track.

After the initial phase of disappointing failure, FMTrader made a comeback with SpotOption. It has now become one of the most popular brokers among the Italian, English and Australian traders. The Islamic trading has also done well to attract traders from Turkey and the Middle East.

Is FMTrader Regulated?

After facing disappointment during the first phase, things finally took the right turn as FM Marketing Ltd. acquired Internation Financial Services Commission (IFSC) Belize, license. So we can safely say that FMTrader is a regulated broker. The future is promising and all doubts about the possible scam have thinned.

FMTrader Complaints

The nature of complaints against the previous management is serious but the new management has done pretty well. Over the last couple of years, there have not been any serious complaints. The broker is complying with the regulatory requirements. We didn’t find a public warning against FMTrader.

Looking at the complaints over the last couple of years, we’ve come to the conclusion that some old clients are trying to revenge on the previous management. They failed to present any proof for their illogical complaints. One said that the broker’s rep overdrew money from his account. Well, we don’t know how it could happen! The complainer didn’t provide a proof. We can’t approve any complaint that doesn’t accompany a legitimate proof. Mostly, this proof is in the form of an email thread.

Note: Please don’t forget that the new administration took charge in 2016. You don’t have to worry about the complaints before the trader became regulated. It was an altogether a different story. The administration was completely different. The management was changed later on. The problem is that some websites don’t update their review forums or pages. You must consider the date of the complaint so know when a complaint was launched.

The Downfall

Wait, before you make any decision; the disappointing news strikes again.

On 21.12.2017, the IFSC announced the Cancelation of the license issued to FM Marketing Ltd. (IFSC/60/372/TS/17). The announcement declared that the company could not exercise any authority to offer online trading services. It was on technical grounds. But once again, FMTrader bites the dirt. We don’t think that the broker will return with the same name.

FMTrader Withdrawal

FMTrader offers an easy withdrawal process. It is totally different from that of the first disappointing phase before the acquisition of the license.

First, you need to present your identification documents. It is a one-time process; as soon as the documents are approved, you can submit the withdrawal request.

The broker facilitates Wire Transfer, Credit Card, and Skrill (Moneybookers) as the withdrawal methods. There is no processing fee for the withdrawal. It takes up to three business days to process the withdrawal. In the case of the wire transfer, it takes up to 7 days to reflect funds in your account. Skrill (Moneybookers) is the most preferred withdrawal option, thanks to the fastest processing speed.

FMTrader requires you to withdraw $100 or more, so you can’t withdraw anything under $100.

Is FMTrader a Scam?

Well, this is interesting. Under the new administration and management, FMTrader is NOT a scam.

Unfortunately, the stigma stamped by the previous management (before 2016) still strikes to trigger fears and doubts in the trader’s mind. FMTrader (Before 2016) was not a scam, but the management in charge could not fully understand the requirements of the Binary Options market. It had been the case of severe misunderstanding or the lack of professional attitude.

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The platform is no more available. The IFSC has revoked the license. It couldn’t get worse than this!

Our Verdict on FMTrader

Thumbs DownJust when everything started to come back on track, the fate struck again. The trader had been performing well. But we think that the idea of offering “Affiliate Bonus” or “Referral Commission” played havoc. It was just like authorizing your client’s to convince and invite others to join a platform. It was no different than cold calling. So, it might have been the case of the clients making calls to the citizens of the regions where FMTrader wasn’t allowed to trade. Some also claim that FMTrader had no authority to offer some particular trading features. Whatever is the reason, the end is really disappointing!

Scammed By FMTrader? Get Your Money Back

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