XB24 Scam Broker Busted – Review Uncovers The Real Truth And Complaints


XB24 emerged as an innovative binary options broker and claimed to offer a lot of features that traders didn’t have with other brokers. But the fact doesn’t change, this broker was actually based on SpotOption, one of the most popular but common platform.

XB24 Broker Website Screenshot

XB24 had an interactive website with professional layout and delicate design. But far as innovation is concerned, it never seemed to be the characteristic of this broker. It was rather conventional, carrying nothing more than what you found with most of the brokers available in 2013.

Some of our followers either heard or read about this broker and they wanted us to review it. Perhaps they don’t know that the platform has already disappeared. Let’s see if XB24 scam alerts pushed this broker out or were it something else. Before we could even throw a rough guess, we need to know about the company operating or owning the platform.

XB24 Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: In short XB24 was an embarrassing attempt at a scam and as a result thankfully they weren’t around for very long. During their short period of activity they received many public warnings from regulatory authorities & it seems as though they got “cold feet” and decided to close operations rather than go any further. If you lost money to XB24 though then keep reading to see how you can get it back.

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Even though XB24 wasn’t around for a great length of time we still tried to gather as much information as we can & as a result this review will be pretty detailed – so to make things easier for you we’ve put together some quick navigation links below:


XB24 Background

ADB Ltd. operated XB24 from Mason Complex, Stone Ground, P.O. Box 193, The Valley, British Anguilla.

The platform was established in 2013. The website contained contact numbers in various regions.

  • 322 792 4852 (Belgium)
  • 312 0369 0329 (Netherlands)
  • 44 203 332 0059 (UK)
  • 151 4700 0364 (Canada)
  • 55 114 063 2448 (Brazil)
  • 49 322 2213 0013 (Germany)
  • 86 755 3305 9924 (China)

The broker didn’t offer Live Chat. There was no information about Live Support either on the website or anywhere else. The support team only served via phones and emails. This is what contradicts the broker’s claims of being innovative. It ignores the importance of the fastest and the easiest support mechanism, the Live Chat. You could really expect to get your issues resolved quickly. Delays and failure to communicate had been the usual feature when seeking help from the support team.

XB24 offered the standard binary options features that were available with SpotOption. There was nothing innovative. The broker relied on the classic interface.

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The options included Pairs, High/Low, Short-Term, and Long-Term, as well as the One-Touch Ladder.

We liked the used of Reuters for data streaming. It helped the platform to maintain high speed, stability and top-quality presentation of the statistics.

XB24 offered 7 commodities, 19 stocks, 17 indices, and 12 pairs. So we can say the list of assets isn’t as extensive as you would like.

The economic calendar and educational features were also not impressive. There was nothing special about the broker in terms of features, assets, and options.

Is XB24 Regulated?

XB24 mentioned multiple phone numbers from different countries but unfortunately, we did not find anything about its legal status. XB24 is NOT regulated. Different regulatory authorities issued public warnings against this broker. Again, a huge disappointment! We are looking at a broker that offered nothing new, and it was not regulated.

XB24 Complaints

XB24 never impressed through its performance in true spirit. People didn’t like this platform right from the beginning. We can easily conclude that this broker started to face failure from the first day. The marketing tactics didn’t work. The team was unprofessional. Live Chat was not available. The website never talked about a clear policy. The terms and conditions were simply inspired by other brokers. Nothing was there to make this broker slightly considerable. It was actually below average.

The website was introduced in 2013 but it never attracted the desired level of traffic. We don’t find enough information about XB24 for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was never considered a promising broker
  2. It never came into the spotlight

The provision of the numbers on the website was also confusing. Online brokers don’t have permission to attract customers from UK and US at the same time. And we are talking about an unregulated broker, and it is obvious that the numbers are fake. Upon investigation, some regulatory authorities banned the website. It has totally disappeared from the internet. We can easily conclude that XB24 is dead and buried!

XB24 Withdrawal

Wire Transfer, Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa), and Skrill were three withdrawal options you could choose from. $100 was the minimum amount you could withdraw. It took no less than 7 working days to process the withdrawal. Practically, it took from 10 working days to 12 working days. The broker is no more available so we don’t know much about their withdrawal policy.

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Is XB24 a Scam?

The XB24 scam was actually busted even before it could trick its clients. Poor marketing strategy, lack of communication channels, and a below-average website triggered the alarms. It seems as if the management of this brokers was busy in doing something else and it simply tried to enter this market but decided to leave it too early. In addition, a total failure could have disappointed the administration.

Our Verdict on XB24

Thumbs DownHad XB24 been a scam attempt, we would say that it was pathetic, silly, and childish. It could never have worked. We have reviewed dozens of scams but they have something on offer, something that could attract the clients, and they approached it professionally. XB24 was nothing more than a trial based on “Wait & See”; it didn’t work and the team just decided to quit.

Get Your Money Back From XB24

To be honest, it didn’t seem like XB24 made any sort of break in the binary options broker marketplace so we doubt that it attracted many clients, in fact we doubt it attracted any at all, but if you did happen to be scammed by XB24 then you have landed in the right place.

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