Options Area Scam Warnings Were Right! Another Scam Trading Platform


Today we have another SpotOption based binary options broker that mainly targeted the European region. Options Area apparently had nothing exciting about it. The platform had nothing distinguishing. The broker just updated the platform from SpotOption to SpotOption V 2.0…

Options Area Broker Website Screenshot

The purpose of this review is not to have a deep insight of this broker. The main purpose is to let our followers know what type of companies tried their luck in this field and how things really had been in the past few years.

Options Area scam warnings had never been severe but it doesn’t mean that the broker was completely legitimate. The platform served with the conventional currency pairs, multiple expiries, long-term, and short-term options. Talking about the features, the broker offered almost everything i.e. Roll Over, Buy Me Out, and Double Up etc. Let’s have a quick look at Options Area background.

Options Area Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Options Area was the sister site of BinaryGoal & it was launched in an attempt to through out a wider net for the scammers behind the 2 companies to catch more victims. Thankfully their plan failed & shortly after both platforms closed down. They failed to trick people as they’d hoped – mainly down to the poor & unprofessional design of their websites. If however you did happen to lose money to them then continue reading to see how you can get it back.

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Options Area Background

Dolce Formula Ltd. owned and operated Options Area from an off-shore location…

  • Mahe, Seychelles.

The satellite offices operated from Canada, Australia, and the UK. But you couldn’t really trust such virtual offices. In the beginning, the broker managed to attract some traffic to its website but the conversion rate was almost next to zero.

There are various reasons behind the failure of this broker. Virtual offices, off-shore location, doubtful owner, and the link with a notorious broker were the major reasons which convinced the visitors to stay away from this platform. Like its sister website, BinaryGoal, Options Area also had a short life.

The minimum deposit was impressive, just 100 currency units to open an account. On the other hand, the minimum trade size was 25 currency units. And the minimum account size was also 100 currency units. The website was available in German, English, and French. Customer support featured Live Chat, Telephone, and Email. 100% bonus was offered on the first deposit. The number of assets was too low, just 58.

Just like BinaryGoal, Options Area also featured a fairly simple website and it lacked professionalism. The layout was childish. The design was no different to a fancy-online-boutique. It had nothing that could have really associated with a genuine binary options broker.

The website had low content density. Finding specific information was a tough ask. The navigation was fairly easy though.

Is Options Area Regulated?

Options Area was NOT regulated. Dolce Formula Ltd. operates from the British Virgin Islands, a notorious location known as the paradise of tax-free business. No regulation authority (state-owned) regulates a company operating from an off-shore location. This is why most of the off-shore brokers prefer to acquire for a private regulator.

Options Area Complaints

It didn’t offer anything unique. Yes, the platform was updated to SpotOption V 2.0 was that was too late. Like its sister website, Options Area also failed to perform. The ever growing competition made it harder for management to do something impressive.

Once again, we don’t find much about this broker because it just came and vanished in a flash even before establishing the brand. It had to quit its services because regulatory authorities had been increasingly strict and alert since 2014.

Options Area Withdrawal

The withdrawal processing required from 5 working days to 7 working days. $100 was the lowest bar and the broker didn’t charge any processing charges. Options Area entertained Credit/Debit (Visa, MasterCard), WebMoney, American Express, Maestro, Wire Transfer, and Carte Bleue.

Is Options Area a Scam?

Options Area scam confirmation is doubtful. Some of the reviews do stigmatize the platform but we don’t have a convincing evidence. What we see is that it was a total failure. The broker never even managed to get closer to the set target. This is why the management quickly decided to wind up.

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Our Verdict on Options Area

Thumbs DownOptions Area was no different than a mere trial. The team behind this platform seems to be inexperienced. The administration took it as a learning practice. After facing the failure, the same team decided to introduce BinaryGoal which was another disappointing launch.

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