Royal Binary Scam Hides As Royal De Bank – But They Got Caught Out & Closed Down!


Here we are with another Binary Options broker that entered the market and managed to convince traders with some exceptional trading features. Royal Binary required only $100 minimum deposit with $10 minimum trade. On the other hand, the maximum trade was set at $1000…

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Royal Binary promised up to 81% return. The website was available only in English. It came, it tried, and it failed to impress in the long run. We are reviewing this broker upon the request of our followers.

Royal Binary scam warnings will make help us reveal the truth about this platform. This review is covering the company’s background, the licensing, complaints, withdrawal and finally the verdict. Let’s begin with the basic introduction.

Royal Binary Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Royal Binary was a scam binary options broker that got pulled up by the authorities almost immediately after launch. It was assumed they had closed down however it was later revealed that they had simply been hiding under the new name of “Royal De Bank”. If you lost money to the Royal Binary scam then continue reading to see how you can get it back.

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Royal Binary Background

South Pacific Investment Ltd. owned and operated Royal Binary. The company operated from the Republic of Seychelles.

The platform was pretty basic and it was much like Options Area, and Binary Goal, a couple of unsuccessful brokers who could even hold on for a single year.

The education section was seldom updated. The material was no different than the free tutorials available on YouTube. You couldn’t expect anything profitable by using the below-ordinary trade guides.

Is Royal Binary Regulated?

Royal Binary was NOT regulated. It didn’t even possess a license from a private regulator. The platform was operated from a virtual office. Right from the word go, the professional traders avoided this broker. The statistics about the website traffic suggested that the sun never shined on this platform.

Different regulatory authorities issued public warnings against dodgy calls made by the broker’s reps. On the other hand, connecting with the support team was extremely difficult. You had to be patient for hours to establish a connection with the support team. If you emailed, the response from the broker took forever.

Royal Binary Complaints

The education material was limited and even what it offered was extremely basic. It was of no use for the professional brokers. In addition, the market section wasn’t updated. You never received latest market reviews. It was extremely demoralizing for the traders who invested some money via this platform.

Royal Binary didn’t offer a Demo account. The broker used to block particular traders from getting in touch with the support team. It was extremely frustrating and a clear sign of a scam. Traders who wanted to ask about the denial of a withdrawal mostly became the victim of utmost arrogance on the part of the broker.

Royal Binary Withdrawal

Royal Binary entertained Euro, GBD, USD, and JPY. The withdrawal methods included Credit/Debit Card, Bitcoin, and Wire Transfer. 10 currency units had been the minimum withdrawal limit. The broker didn’t mention any withdrawal fee. The withdrawal processing was scheduled up to 5 business days but the truth is that the processing took an age and often resulted in denial followed by the restricted customer support.

Is Royal Binary a Scam?

Yes, indeed! Royal Binary scam warnings were true. The broker was unreliable right from the beginning. Denial of the withdrawal is a major indicator that signifies a scam artist. In addition, the address on the website was virtual.

Moreover, the broker wasn’t regulated. There is nothing convincing about such non-legit platforms. They just enter the market, collect trader’s money and then become arrogant and use pressurizing tactics to keep their client’s money.

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Our Verdict on Royal Binary

Thumbs DownRoyal Binary disappeared suddenly but we have found that initially it changed the website and used a new name Royal de Bank. After some time, upon investigation and warnings, Royal de Bank also had to shut down.

As the broker wasn’t regulated, it just closed its doors without caring about its clients. This is what happens when you rely on an opaque entity just like this one. You don’t stand a chance of getting back even one dollar. These scammers are actually the modern-day butchers.

Scammed By Royal Binary?

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