NY Stock Options – Legit US Binary Options Broker? Or Big Scam? [Review]


NY Stock Options has been one of the top considerations for the US traders. The broker was introduced in 2012 and it operated from New York. It was based on the TradoLogic platform, one of the most popular solutions for Binary Options trading…

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NY Stock Options offered 14 Forex pairs and 8 commodities in addition to indices from different countries as well as the international stocks. The platform featured Turbo, Touch, Range, and standard trading options.

Our readers often complain that we don’t often come with a US broker’s review. So here it is! In this review, we’ll go through the major indicators to evaluate the NY Stock Options scam alerts. As usual, let’s first have a look at the broker’s background.

NY Stock Options Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: NY Stock Options was a clever scam that posed as a legitimate US binary options broker however they were actually just using a virtual office & the operation was never based out of the US, despite their claims. Regardless it was a scam all the same & thankfully it has now been forced to close, but if you have already lost money to NY Stock Options then keep reading to see how you can get it back.

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NY Stock Options Background

NY Stock Options Inc. owned and operated NY Stock Options from 41 Madison Avenue, Floor 31, New York City, US.

The platform was introduced in 2012. NY Stock Options Inc. is registered in Belize (Remember, its registration NOT regulation).

  • Phone: +1 877 935 8468
  • Email: tech@nystockpotions.com / support@nystockoptions.com

Apparently, the broker was OK but upon deeper investigation, the true colors began to reveal.

Is NY Stock Options Regulated?

NY Stock Options was NOT regulated. The website claimed that the company was registered in Belize but the administration didn’t have the courage to present any registration number. Let’s suppose it was registered, it doesn’t make it transparent. Registration doesn’t have any significant impact. Regulation is the key because the clients can only claim for their refunds from a regulatory authority, not a registrar.

In addition, the broker operated from the US so what’s the point of registration in Belize? The New York address mentioned on the website was actually a virtual office provided by Regus.com. It served with responding to the phone calls, emails, and postal mails.

NY Stock Options Complaints

So, we are reviewing a broker that is more inclined towards a modern-day illusion. Some sources claim that NY Stock Options was regulated by the International Financial Regulatory Agency (IFRA). Let’s say it really was regulated by this authority, even then it doesn’t improve the credibility of the broker. IFRA can’t exercise any authority. It is nothing more than an off-shore regulator. In fact, this type of regulation is the extension of the illusion.

The name was selected carefully to attract the US citizens. NY makes the thing look legitimate. This is the trick that is repeated in this story. The broker made every attempt to relate to the United States.

We have also discovered that NYSOHedge is the sister website of NY Stock Options. This name is directly linked with a notorious scammer, Obawtaye Folayan. The US authorities have already shut own NYSOHedge. These entities are basically affiliate marketing firms and they operated behind the fake curtain. Folayan has been convicted and charged by SIRF for advertising false claims and carrying out fraudulent activities.

NY Stock Options Withdrawal

NY Stock Options facilitated Wire Transfer, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), American Express, Skrill, PayPal, and Discover. $100 was the minimum withdrawal. The website never mentioned a withdrawal fee. The processing of the withdrawal took no less than 7 working days (wire transfer) depending on the bank.

Is NY Stock Options a Scam?

NY Stock Options scam was actually much bigger than a conventional scam. It was a well-planned fraud which just lacked a bit of perfection. The team behind the scene is actually notorious for seriously sophisticated frauds. In addition, it was never based in the US but the promotional content tried its best to justify its position as a legitimate US-based financial service.

The NY Stock Options scam depth went deeper down to a serious degree. Southern Investigative Reporting Service was first to expose NY Stock Options. SEC, CTFC and SIRF were forced to investigate this broker because the news updates were alarming.

The website advertised fake content about the legal status of the broker. IFRA regulation doesn’t make a difference. It was nothing but a think cover that was soon penetrated by the Southern Investigative Reporting Service.

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Our Verdict on NY Stock Options

Thumbs DownWe are surprised to see that traders tend to make quick decisions. This is what encourages scam artists. NY Stock Options was just a perfect bait for the traders looking to collect wealth in a matter of days. If you want to lose whatever you have, you need nothing but an urge to become rich overnight.

We never recommend any unregulated broker, in addition, we never recommend any broker that is regulated by a private (self-acclaimed) authority. The regulators such as IFRA don’t have any power to recover the loss. Some traders did lose a huge amount of money while trading with NY Stock Options. We keep warning our readers against non-transparent trading platforms. These platforms are actually the GET-POOR-QUICK programs.

Get Your Money Back From NY Stock Options

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  1. I’m looking for information on how to recover my stolen funds from NYSO. I’ve searched this site but can’t find any info.

    • Hi Kirk – I would suggest contacting your bank. They will be able to tell if they can help, and if not they’ll be able to tell you the next line of action.


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