OptionRally Scam – Broker Blocking Withdrawals So What Can You Do?


OptionRally is a promising broker that offers a couple of commodities, 3 indices, 13 stocks, and 27 currency pairs in addition to a Gold/Silver pair. The good thing about this broker is the provision of the highly demanded candlestick charts. The broker also offers daily market analysis…

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Initially, OptionRally didn’t offer CFDs until 2016. Since 2016, CFDs are also on offer and this addition makes the platform even more popular among professional traders.

Is this broker the one you need to rely on? Are there any serious OptionRally scam alerts you need to watch for? For how long has this platform been serving? What the future looks like for this platform? In this review, we’ll try our best to facilitate you with each and every significant bit of information you’ve been looking for.

OptionRally Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: OptionRally is merely yet another scam binary options broker & there have been dozens of complaints from traders about OptionRally blocking withdrawals. We do NOT recommend trading with them & if you have already lost money to OptionRally we advise you read the rest of this review to see how you can get it back.

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OptionRally Background

OptionRally Financial Services Ltd. operates from Griva Digeni Street, ZAVOS KRIEL COURT, CY-3035 Limassol, Cyprus. The broker is known for its exceptional education material. We also admit that the educational material on this website has been top-notch, the likes of which we haven’t seen anywhere else. It is accompanied by a complete Glossary, strategic tips, weekly updates, and free tutorial videos. This is something beyond ordinary. Even the professional traders can learn a lot of new things from the education section available with this platform.

Is OptionRally Regulated?

Yes, OptionRally is REGULATED by CySEC. Following are the details…

  • Licensing date. 07.11.2013
  • License # 220/13
  • Incorporation number. 301842
  • Listed phone number. 22 030 117

Be notified that OptionRally Financial Services Ltd. is actually the new name of TCM Investments Ltd. The original brand name was Tifozi Investments Ltd.

Tifozi Investments Ltd. was warned on 23.01.2013 by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission for making false claims about the licensing and regulation in the Virgin Islands.

On 30.09. 2016, CySEC also charged OptionRally with Euro 138k for failing to comply with the laws related to the bonus terms and conditions. The information uploaded on the website was also misleading.

OptionRally Complaints

OptionRally is regulated by a highly respected authority. There had not been any serious complaints against this platform. Some updates on the website were doubtful because the clients wanted to know the new amounts as per the updated deposit policy. The website did not specifically display the limits.

The experienced clients on this platform complain that the account managers and support team like to keep the traders in the dark. They don’t easily reveal the exact amounts. They don’t specifically mention the terms and conditions. The traders have to work on rumors and speculations which, most of the time, miss the target.

Since February 2017, OptionRally traders began to show higher frustration level after getting pissed off during their quest to withdraw their money. The traffic to the OptionRally website decreased significantly.

Traders also complained that their accounts were suspended as soon as they managed to make profits. According to the platform’s administration, these traders had been involved in manipulating trading patterns in a suspicious way.

We can’t even think of a trading pattern that could generate profits all the time. We don’t know which policy or law talk about such patterns. Who is there to decide if a trading pattern is suspicious or abusive? Why don’t other brokers impose such policies?

The account managers started pressuring the traders since Sep. 2016. It resulted in the ever decreasing traffic to the website. The company was also fined by CySEC during the same time but even the fine could not teach a lesson to the administration.

OptionRally Withdrawal

OptionRally served traders with Credit Card and Wire Transfer withdrawals with 100 currency units as the minimum limit. The withdrawal required from at least 5 working days to 9 working days.

OptionRally later introduced Skrill and Neteller as the additional withdrawal methods. 2% of the withdrawal amount was charged as a service fee for the withdrawal via any of these eWallets.

Is OptionRally a Scam?

OptionRally scam is a tough call because the broker is regulated, the company is legitimate and it complied with most of the regulations. There had been issues since 2016 and the traders expressed their frustration and disappointment by sharing horrifying stories. We think that the broker first had a nice and clear vision but then decided to make a big score as quick as possible and this is what made things terrible for the traders.

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Our Verdict on OptionRally

Thumbs DownThough we are talking about a CySEC regulated broker, we really DO NOT recommend OptionRally. The recent history (since 2016) is not encouraging. The website is not as good as it was. The terms and conditions are vague. The education section is no more effective. Everything good about the broker in 2014 was replaced by doubts and confusions in 2016. This is no more a reliable platform!

Get Your Money Back From OptionRally

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