Golden Binary Scammers Blocked Withdrawals & Then Disappeared With Traders Money


Golden Binary emerged with a comprehensive list of over 80 financial instruments representing various markets. The platform features Indices, stocks, Forex, and commodities. 10 currency units were the minimum trade size whereas 1000 currency units were the maximum trade size…

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Golden Binary promised at least 75% payout (Binary Options) with 550% on some One-Touch investments. The website is available in Japanese and English. Golden Binary is based on SpotOption which is not only easy for the newbies but is popular for its extensive list of trading assets and features.

Should you rely on this platform? How legitimate is this broker and how reliable Golden Binary scam warnings? If you really want to know everything important about this broker then your eyes are moving along just the right content you should consider.

Golden Binary Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Golden Binary was a Japanese binary options scam that was heavily pushed by a notorious scam artist named Jack Johnson. It appears the platform has since closed down which is good news – but if you have already lost money to Golden Binary then continue reading to see how you can get it back.

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Golden Binary Background

We kept searching for the owner of this platform but the website never mentioned any name. The website only mentioned that Golden Binary has its headquarters based in the British Virgin Islands.

The broker doesn’t offer any Demo account. You can select the Euro or the US Dollar as the currency options. 100 currency units are the minimum initial deposit you need to start trading on this website.

We found that it is a tough and complicated platform for all those who don’t get Japanese. The website is available in English and Japanese but even if you select English, most of the important details still remain in Japanese. We don’t really know why the web administration failed to translate everything into English. This is a huge drawback. Even sending an email becomes a highly challenging task, let alone getting a reply from the support team for an email composed in English. It seems as if the whole team is allergic to the European language.

Is Golden Binary Regulated?

Golden Binary is NOT regulated. No significant information is available about its transparency and legal status. Most of the content is in Japanese so we don’t even know if the broker had any intentions of acquiring a license. In short, the language barrier is the biggest problem with this platform. We don’t think if a sensible person will ever open an account with this platform that doesn’t even want to facilitate the English speakers.

Golden Binary Complaints

We have realized that the info-graphics advertised on the website are mostly fake and fabricated. They have used editing software to show huge profits. The charts are fake and you generally see such graphics with money making scams. But we have seen such fake illustrations with a broker for the first time. Yes, pyramid schemes and get-rich-quick schemes do use such fraudulent tactics. We are disappointed to see the same done by an online trading platform.

Binary Options trading has changed over the years and you can’t expect huge profits just by hitting the on/off buttons. These platforms are based on trading software which doesn’t have the ability to mitigate the risk. Relying on Golden Binary is just another quick way to lose your money.

The demonstration video on the website is also more of a promotional tactic that is focused on the profit-making ability of the software. The video doesn’t talk much about the broker itself. It doesn’t talk anything about the main trading features. It doesn’t tell you what’s different with this platform. It is extremely hard for any trader with a little experience to rely on such an ordinary platform.

Golden Binary Withdrawal

Golden Binary entertains withdrawal request via wire transfer and Credit/Debit Card. The problem is that we never managed to know the details because the website had most of the content in Japanese. In addition, no specific information was mentioned in their withdrawal policy section.

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Is Golden Binary a Scam?

Right from the beginning, we smelt the rat. Golden Binary scam complaints are real and reliable. The website never cared about mentioning the owner company. We have found from external sources that the platform was introduced by a person named Jack Johnson who is known for introducing get-rich-quick software. He has been a veteran scam artist who simply tried his luck with binary options trading software.

Our Verdict on Golden Binary

Thumbs DownJack Johnson introduced various other scam software to loot the people running after quick and big profits. We DO NOT recommend Golden Binary or any other trading software. It is no regulated and on top of that, the software can’t be smart enough to generate consistent profits.

The problem with such software is that it lacks the logical patterns and doesn’t even care about the remaining funds or losses in a quick succession. This is why a number of Golden Binary traders lost big overnight. Stay safe, use your imagination and common sense, and only rely on the REGULATED and trusted brokers!

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