Vault Options Binary Options Scam Exposed – Review Exposes The Shocking Truth


Vault Options, a convincing broker was based on the SpotOption platform and the website was available in three different languages but it always loaded English content regardless of the selected language. The platform was simple and attractive for the beginners…

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Vault Options offered 11 currency pairs, 28 indices, 33 stocks, and 7 commodities. The promotional content claimed the provision of almost 200 assets but that was never the case. The good thing about this broker was that it allowed you to trade over the weekends as well.

How transparent was this broker and to what extent are Vault Options scam warnings reliable? How did the broker serve its clients and what made the broker to disappear all of a sudden? If you are interested in another online brokerage story to learn some lesson then keep reading till the end.

Vault Options Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Vault Options is an unregulated & unlicensed scam broker that operated anonymously & shares links with other scam binary options brokers too. We advise you stay far away from Vault Options, but if you have already lost money to their scam then continue reading to see how you can get it back.

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Our review of Vault Options gets pretty in-depth & identifies its links with other brokers (like 777Brokers & GTOptions) however if you’re just looking for some specific information then you can use the links below to quickly navigate through.


Vault Options Background

Vault Options home page welcomed its visitors with the conventional tagline “We focus on who really counts. You.” We have seen the same tagline with a number of other binary options brokers. It gives rise to suspicion. Perhaps, we are reviewing another broker that doesn’t even have enough time to come up with a unique tagline for its clients.

Vault Options required on 100 currency units as a minimum deposit to open an account. It was good because most of the brokers required at least 250 currency units. The design of the website was exceptional but the problem is that we can’t recommend a broker on the basis of a professional looking website. The truth is that Vault Options website never stated anything reliable about its operating company. There was no address mentioned nor was there any consistent phone number.

Is Vault Options Regulated?

Vault Options was NOT regulated. CFTC filed serious charges against this broker in March 2016 and the conflict led to the downfall of the platform. The broker was regarded as a scam.

Vault Options Complaints

Vault Options never cared about the education material. There was nothing on the website the guide the beginners. All it offered was simply a basic process of opening an account and placing the bids.

Even the website was incomplete. There was a News and Market Analysis section on the website but unfortunately, we never found anything uploaded on that page. Perhaps the web layout was inspired from some other brokers but the content remained insufficient.

On the top right corner of the website, Japanese, French, and English were three language options. Unfortunately, hitting any option redirected to the English content. We think that everything was done in a hurry. It was extremely disappointing because the management never even cared about the client’s basic requirements.

Like all other unregulated brokers, Vault Options also became harsh when it came to the withdrawal processing. The clients never managed to get back their money after the CFTC exposed the broker’s fraudulent intentions. Some clients even express their frustration about the verbal threats they received from the account managers.

Vault Options Withdrawal

Vault Options entertained Credit Card and Wire Transfer as the methods of withdrawal. $25 was charged for each withdrawal (via Wire Transfer). The processing of withdrawal required from 5 working days to 7 workings days. $100 was the minimum withdrawal limit.

Is Vault Options a Scam?

Oh Yes, we are convinced that Vault Options scam complaints are 100% true. Thanks to the CFTC a scam broker had to shut down. But unfortunately, its clients had no way to get their money back. The broker wasn’t regulated and this is what usually happens when you select an unregulated broker.

The website was incomplete. Even the tagline on the homepage was copied from other brokers. The support team was misleading and the verbal threats from the account managers led the clients to believe that they were never going to get back their money.

Our Verdict on Vault Options

Thumbs DownVault Options website never mentioned an address but we investigated some external sources and found that this broker had a link with GTOption and 777Binary. Both of these brokers have disappeared after taking away their clients’ money.

We don’t know how people decide to deposit money without even knowing the identity of a broker. It only takes a few hours to find the necessary information. Even if you know the owner and the address, why on earth should you take a huge risk of selecting an unregulated broker? We still don’t have an answer to this basic question!

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