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The Ethereum Code system or Ethereum Code bot as it’s alternatively known promises to provide it’s visitors with a way to generate millions of dollars through automated online cryptocurrency trades, even if they’re totally brand new to trading & even if they don’t happen to know a single thing about cryptocurrency at all…

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You’re told that it’s totally free, lightening fast & that it can enable you to generate tax free profits… But is it really legit? Or will the Ethereum Code bot scam you instead & just take the hard earned cash you already have from you rather than actually helping you make more like it promises?

Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out because here at Stopping Scammers we’ve took a closer look into it to find out exactly how it all works & in this honest review we’ll be uncovering the real truth as well as outlining whether or not there’s any chance you can really make money with it at all. ?

The Ethereum Code Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: The Ethereum Code bot is a total flat-out scam & it does not work as promised at all. Instead of helping you to make money like it claims in reality the only thing it will do is take money from you instead as the truth is that the whole thing has just been designed to trick you into signing up with a rogue binary options broker. It should be avoided at all costs as it’s very dangerous & it will NOT help you make money.

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We did a full thorough investigation into the Ethereum Code system which means as a result this review is going to be pretty lengthy, so to make things easier for you we’ve put together a table of contents below so that you can easily jump straight to the specific information that you’re looking for. Just clicks on any of the links & you’ll be taken immediately to that section of the review.


What Is The Ethereum Code Bot?

The Ethereum Code bot as I briefly touched on at the start of this review is a bot that claims it can enable you to generate automated profits from online cryptocurrency trading.

You’re led to believe that you can simply just sign up, deposit some funds & let the bot run to begin making money… And you’re even told that you can begin profiting right from the very moment you hit “start”.

Plus if that already didn’t sound good enough on it’s own the creators of the whole thing also claim that you don’t need to know a single thing about trading or cryptocurrency to make money from it… According to them the whole thing is “beginner friendly”…

Ethereum Code Bot Claims

But it all just sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it?

Especially since they also state that their auto-trading bot can allegedly still generate you profits even when the cryptocurrency market is crashing… So basically they’re claiming it’s just a total foolproof guaranteed earner… But is it really?

And if it does really work, then why isn’t everybody using it?

These are the important questions that need to be asked & these are the exact questions that I will cover in just a moment in this review but firstly there’s something else important that needs to be touched upon…

Who’s Behind It All?

Whenever you’re looking into any sort of investment or trading orientated money-making opportunity the first thing you should always look for is details as to who’s actually behind the whole thing.

The reason I say that is because it’s very important, after all you’re going to be trusting them with handling your money so you’ll want a good idea as to who’s actually running the show.

However guess what? The Ethereum Code gives away absolutely no detail as to who’s actually behind the whole thing, which is a VERY common tactic of an online scam.

Ethereum Code Contact Details

Scammers often hide their details so that when the scam gets shut down they can simply proceed to launch another one under a different name without trace.

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That’s why we at Stopping Scammers forever see these kinds of systems launching under different names, like The Britcoin System for example, or Bitcoins Wealth. They launch under different names to try & escape the negative reviews people write – and they’re able to do it without trace because they don’t give away their company details.

So it comes without saying that if ever you come across an investment/trading related opportunity that doesn’t give you verifiable details as to who’s behind the whole thing, you should be very, very cautious as it could likely be a scam!

But anyway, let’s take a closer look into it to find out the truth & see whether or not it really is legit…

How Does The Ethereum Code Work?

So The Ethereum Code bot has supposedly been built by a guy named Michael, who’s allegedly an expert programmer & mathematician. You’re led to believe that Michael came up with some sort of “proven” algorithm for detecting trends in the cryptocurrency market which enabled him to make trades with almost 100% accuracy.

However according to the Ethereum Code website Michael apparently wanted to “give back”, and so using his skills as a programmer he decided to built a system around the algorithm that he’d created.

This system, which is now what’s known as the Ethereum Code bot is basically supposed to enable anybody to be able to profit from his algorithm, as the system will make trades on their behalf.

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So in short the concept is that you can simply sign up to the Ethereum Code, deposit some money & then merely hit “start” on the system to begin making money all on complete autopilot.

The system will then make the trades entirely on your behalf & you’re told that nearly every single one of them will generate you profits without you having to do a single thing.

In fact the website for it literally states that you can just “sit back & relax”…

And that’s why Michael, the so-called founder states that even beginners can make money from it – as you’re told that you don’t need any trading experience or cryptocurrency knowledge whatsoever since the system itself is going to be doing all the work.

However what I can tell you right from the off here is that in reality the whole thing does NOT work as promised. In fact the truth is the whole thing is merely just a “trick” & you’ll soon see what I mean when I explain how it really works below…

How The Ethereum Code Really Works

In theory the whole thing sounds great, and it almost sounds believable which makes it easy to see how a lot of people have been caught out by the Ethereum Code scam.. But sadly the truth is not so exciting.

You see whilst the Ethereum Code bot makes a lot of bold promises, it doesn’t actually deliver on any of them – and instead it’s just been put together to “trick” you into depositing with a rogue binary options broker who’ll end up stealing all of your money.

So let me rewind a little bit for you to get a better understanding of how it works & how it tricks you…

Basically binary options trading (which is what the whole thing revolves around) is a form of trading that sees people “placing bets” on whether the value of something will go up or down in a set period of time.

It differs from normal trading because you don’t actually invest in anything – meaning your not buying/selling, you’re literally just “betting” on whether it will go up or down.

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This makes things seem easy, and it also gives people the opportunity to still profit even if the value of something is falling – however whilst it looks good on the surface, sadly due to the very small time periods bets are made over (usually less than 60 seconds) the whole thing is actually VERY risky.

In fact it’s SO risky that the whole thing has been referred to by many official bodies as a total scam, take a look:

Binary Options Scams

So because of the high risk, and more people now being aware of the risk, many binary options brokers who once had a booming business are now suffering because not as many people are wanting to trade.

They know that if they do trade, they will likely lose money…

However the brokers have come up with a cunning plan – which is to create fake systems like the Ethereum Code system to trick people into thinking that they’ll profit so that they can get them to deposit.

That’s why you’re forced to deposit via a “recommended” broker before you can get access.

The problem though is that like I say, the systems are totally fake – and after depositing you will just be left to find this out the hard way (after you’ve already handed over your cash).

So it all seems great, easy & risk-free on the surface… But in reality the whole thing is flat-out scam, and after depositing you’ll just be left to discover that instead of making profitable trades like it promises it will, it will actually generate you nothing but losses.

Plus even if you do manage to stop the system from trading before it burns through all of your cash then you’ll still be faced with another problem, which is getting it back from the broker… Because like I say, the brokers are in on the scam too & they do not want you to get your money back whatsoever.

Is The Ethereum Code a Scam?

In short yes, the Ethereum Code bot is a complete-utter scam. It portrays itself as being a genuine system that’s been developed around a “secret” algorithm to help you make money but in reality the only thing it will actually do is take money from you instead.

The only person who’ll really be making any money from it is the creator & of course the brokers who are associated it – because essentially it’s just a ploy to trick you into handing over your cash.

Literally the whole thing has been built up on lies & deceit because there is not a single word on the website of the Ethereum Code system that actually holds true… It is all lies to trick you into signing up & handing over your cash.

That’s also why the creators have chose to hide any information about themselves. They leave no contact details, no name, no company address – nothing… They leave no trace back to themselves.

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Sadly what will happen is that eventually the Ethereum Code scam will get closed down & then the scammers will simply move on & launch another one under a different name without trace.

Here at Stopping Scammers we see it happen all of the time which is why we’re always ever so busy putting out reviews & exposing these scams as soon as we can to help prevent people falling for them.

However, even though we explicitly state that systems like this are scams – we still get asked one common question, which is “but can we actually make any money with it at all?“… Because often these scammers target those who are in the most desperate situations and are just eagerly looking for a way to make money… So even though we outline something as a scam, people still go ahead & try it – which is why we want to touch on that now…

Can You Make Money With The Ethereum Code?

Well okay, the truth is that when it comes to binary options trading there is indeed the possibility of a trade happening to win, which means if it did then you would indeed stand to make money… However what you need to understand is that the odds are massively stacked against you.

So when trading binary options in general, yes there is the potential to make money – but there is a much, much higher potential to lose money… Which is why as I mentioned earlier in this review many officials have referred to it as a complete scam.

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However when you add something like the Ethereum Code system into the mix which has been designed to trade at total random, you stand an even greater chance of losing money than if you were to just trade manually.

Now I’m not saying we suggest either – we don’t, because ultimately if you get involved with binary options you will very likely end up losing money, it’s almost guaranteed to happen.

But in the case of “can you” the answer is yes, but the likelihood is that you won’t.

Anyway that brings up nicely onto…

Our Verdict On The Ethereum Code Bot

Thumbs DownWhilst it seems fantastic on the surface, the truth is that the Ethereum Code bot is just a flat-out scam that’s been designed to do nothing other than part you with your hard earned cash.

The system will NOT help you to make money like it claims & the only people who are really profiting from it are the creators & the brokers associated with it, and they’re profiting at your expense.

So we strongly advise that you stay well away from the Ethereum Code system because as far as we’re concerned it’s nothing but bad news & it will just result in you losing money & feeling disappointed.

Don’t fall for their “risk-free” claims because the whole thing is not risk-free at all, that’s just part of the trap… They want to lure you in by making you think that you can simply deposit, “try it” and then withdraw your cash if it doesn’t work as promised – but what they don’t tell you is that the broker is also in on the scam too.

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