Bitcoins Wealth SCAM System Exposed In Our Review! Get Your Money Back ASAP


Have you come across the Bitcoins Wealth system? It has just recently launched & it’s promising it’s visitors that it can enable them to generate thousands of dollars per day online through automated cryptocurrency trades, even if they don’t know a single thing about trading or cryptocurrency…

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Steve Robinson, the guy who’s allegedly behind it claims that you can even generate as much as $13,000 within just your very first 24 hours of getting started… But is it really legit & can you make money like Steve claims? Or will the Bitcoins Wealth system scam you & just take your cash instead of actually help you make it?

Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out as the team here at Stopping Scammers have took a closer look into it & in this honest review we’ll be uncovering the real truth about how it all works – as well as outlining whether or not you can actually make any money with it at all.

Bitcoins Wealth System Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: The Bitcoins Wealth system is a total scam and we can say that so confidently right from the off because it’s a total duplicate of the Bitcoin Code system which was a previous well-known scam. Several mainstream news websites have even exposed the Bitcoins Wealth scam & there is absolutely no way you’ll make any money with it, the only thing it’ll do is take money from you instead. Avoid it at all costs.

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Here at Stopping Scammers we did a thorough investigation into the Bitcoins Wealth system & as a result this is going to be a detailed review, so to make things easier for you we’ve put together a table of contents below to enable you to skip straight to the information you’re looking for. Just click on any of the links & you’ll be taken directly to that section of the review:


What Is The Bitcoins Wealth System?

The Bitcoins Wealth system is a brand new system that claims it can enable you to “ride the wave of Bitcoin” and it promises that it can also enable you to earn $13,000 in your first 24 hours which is an extremely bold claim indeed.

You’re led to believe that the whole thing has been built around a “secret” algorithm which a so-called private group have been using to quietly amass a fortune from Bitcoin, and now the creator claims to be opening it to you too…

But the person behind it also stresses that you don’t even need to know a thing about cryptocurrency or trading. He says it’s totally beginner friendly and that all you need to do to begin making money is sign up & hit “start” – so anybody can do it (apparently).

Only no doubt I think you’ll agree with me when I say that just sounds way too good to be true – and you know how the old saying goes… If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

So before we get onto how it actually works (or should I say how it’s supposed to work) let’s firstly take a closer look at the person behind it…

Who Is Behind The Whole Thing?

The website for the Bitcoins Wealth system states that a guy named Steve Robinson is behind the whole thing – and you’re told that Steve apparently used to be a developer for a large online firm.

He claims that he was able to figure out an algorithm that could guarantee profits from Bitcoin, and that thanks to his development skills he was able to build a system around the algorithm in order to enable others to “plug in and profit”…

And don’t get me wrong, it certainly sounds quite convincing, however I come across a MAJOR red flag regarding “Steve”…

It seems, according to the web archive that he was previously called Steve McKay – and that he looked an awful lot different (as shown below):

Steve Robinson Bitcoins Wealth System

Yep, the web archive results reveal that Mr Steve Robinson apparently used to be called Mr Steve McKay… And surprise surprise despite clearly being 2 totally different people they both share exactly the same story.

So it looks like the true creator of the Bitcoins Wealth system is telling us lies!

But who exactly is the true creator?

Well that remains a mystery – because there is absolutely NO other information whatsoever on the website with regards to actually who owns or operates the whole thing, which is another huge red-flag.

It’s a requirement by law for firms operating within the investment industry to display their company contact information & license details – yet despite this Bitcoins Wealth does neither.

That means essentially they’re anonymous & they could just close their website at any moment in time & disappear without trace… So would you be willing to invest through such a site? I sure hope not, regardless of what they promise you!

If they’re not willing to disclose verifiable information about themselves, then you should not be willing to hand them money… But anyway, moving on, how’s the whole thing supposed to work? Let’s take a look…

How Does Bitcoins Wealth Work?

So the idea is that the person behind it, which you’re told is Steve Robinson (who we now know is a fake) has supposedly come up with a mathematical formula for accurately detecting trends in the cryptocurrency market.

The formula can allegedly be used to therefore generate profitable trades – because if you can detect trends you can gather a good idea as to which way the market/value is going to go, and thus trade accurately…

So Steve, being a developer claimed that he didn’t want to “just keep it to himself” and instead decided to build a system around the formula to enable others to plug in & profit too.

Therefore the concept is that you can simply sign up, deposit some funds, hit “start” and begin making money on autopilot all thanks to the automated trading system that Steve’s created which will make the trades on your behalf…

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But as if that wasn’t already sounding impressive enough, you’re also told that the system can supposedly even still enable you to earn profits whilst the cryptocurrency market is crashing too.

So regardless as to whether the value of Bitcoin is going up or down, you’re told you can still profit via the Bitcoins Wealth system…

However I can tell you right now that all of those claims are totally fake.

The truth is that whilst the Bitcoins Wealth system promises to be set out to help you make money, in reality it’s not, and the only thing it will actually do is make you lose money instead.

You’ll soon see why when I show you how it all really works below…

How Bitcoins Wealth Really Works

So the truth is that everything you’re told on the Bitcoins Wealth website is a lie – I’m sorry to be the one to burst the bubble if you were hoping the system was going to work for you, but sadly it is simply not going to.

The reality is that the Bitcoins Wealth is just a trick – it’s a trick to make its creator (who hides behind a fake name) wealthy at your expense – and he or she will con you out of as much money as possible.

Right, here’s how it actually works…

The person who is behind the Bitcoins Wealth system has affiliated themselves with a binary options broker, which means if they get people to sign up & make a deposit with the broker then the broker will pay them some nice commissions in return.

There are couple of problems here though…

Firstly, binary options trading is VERY bad news. It’s a lot different to normal trading, and instead of “investing and selling” like you would normally do, binary options involves placing bets on whether you think the value will go up or down… And that’s why the creator claims you can still profit even if the value of the cryptocurrency is dropping.

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However whilst it sounds simple in theory, in reality it’s very very difficult because of the super short time windows that the “bets” are placed over, which are usually less than 60 seconds.

In fact binary options trading is so bad & risky that here at Stopping Scammers we say that binary options trading itself is a scam. We massively advise against getting involved with it.

Binary Options Scams

And secondly, the next problem is a problem for the creator of the Bitcoins Wealth system – the problem for them is that because binary trading is so risky, nobody really wants to participate.

This means that it’s very difficult for them to earn commissions by referring people to the broker because nobody wants to sign up… But guess what they’ve done? They’ve come up with the cunning plan of creating the Bitcoins Wealth system to trick people into thinking that they’ll actually be able to make money.

That’s why they force you to deposit via their “recommended” broker, because they just want to earn a commission at your expense… And then once you actually get access to the system after depositing you’ll just be left to find out the hard way that it doesn’t work as promised at all.

From that point though it’ll be too late because shockingly the broker is in on the scam too, meaning even if you manage to stop the system from auto-trading all your profits away, the broker will still refuse your request for a withdrawal (because they are just interested in scamming you out of your cash).

Essentially the whole thing is just a con to trick you into depositing to a bogus binary options broker so that the broker & the creator of the Bitcoins Wealth system can get your money.

The system flat-out does NOT work as promised.

Is Bitcoins Wealth a Scam?

Yes, the Bitcoins Wealth is without a doubt a scam. The entire thing has been built upon lies & deceit purely to trick you into signing up with a scam binary options broker.

It claims to be set out to help you make money but that will absolutely not be the case. Instead of helping you make money like it claims it will the only thing the Bitcoins Wealth system will really do is help you LOSE money.

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And then from there, even if you try getting a refund the broker will simple ignore or point blank refuse your request because they are also in on the scam too.

In short it’s basically a “trap”. It tricks you in by seeming to be risk-free, but in reality it is actually far from risk-free. They want you to believe that you’ll just be able to make a deposit with the broker & then withdraw your money back out if it doesn’t work as promised, but what they don’t tell you is that the broker is in on the whole thing too.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoins Wealth?

Even though we have branded the Bitcoins Wealth system a total scam we have still had people asking us if they can make any money at all with the system so we thought we would make the addition of including that here in the review too.

The simple answer is that binary trading is extremely risky & whilst it is possible to win a trade & make some money, overall binary options trading is geared towards you losing – so even if you do make some money, it will not be anything substantial and in order to make it substantial you would have to win more trades – but instead of winning more you will just end up losing everything.

The team here at Stopping Scammers have many years combined experience of seeing these types of systems & playing about with this kind of stuff & none of us have ever seen anybody manage to generate consistent or worthwhile profits from binary options trading.

That’s why like I mentioned earlier in this review we have come to the overall conclusion that binary options trading itself is actually a scam. It’s just geared to sucker money from you & the only people who are really winning are the brokers.

Our Verdict on The Bitcoins Wealth System

Thumbs DownThe Bitcoins Wealth system is a flat-out scam & it should be 100% avoided because it is set out to do nothing other than part you with your hard earned cash.

Like I mentioned at the very start of this review the whole thing is actually just a re-hashed version of the Bitcoin Code, which was a well-known scam that got exposed on several mainstream news sites.

Because the Bitcoin Code scam got exposed on so many news sites many people became aware of it & it’s likely that they stopped getting as many new members so as a result they changed the name to Bitcoins Wealth in an effort to continue conning people.

I just hope that you came here to this review prior to signing up to it, as whilst you can get your cash back by reclaiming it, obviously it is much easier to just simply not have invested in the first place.

Either way it’s safe to say that we absolutely do NOT recommend the Bitcoins Wealth system whatsoever – nor do we recommend binary options trading. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the only scam binary options system either as literally today we also exposed another one called the Britcoin System so you should keep your guard up if you come across this sort of thing again.

Just keep the good old phrase in mind “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is“… That’ll normally keep you right.

A Better (and LEGIT) Way To Make Money

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Well the good news is whilst the Bitcoins Wealth system itself might not be legit, there are actually several other legitimate ways that you can make good money online – though there is one in particular that has stood out to us from all of the rest.

This particular program that we are about to share with you has been responsible for helping many people earn over 5-figures per month and the best part is you can get access to it for free below…

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Get Your Money Back From Bitcoins Wealth

If you came here because you had lost money then don’t worry, we can help you out with that too. We have put together a FREE money reclaim guide and to date it has successfully helped thousands of people to get their money back from scams.

Now it can help you too! So if you’ve lost money to the Bitcoins Wealth system then with the help of our guide which can be found here you should be able to easily get it back. ? Be sure to check it out!

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