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The Britcoin System has just recently launched & it claims to provide its visitors with an automated approach for “generating a fortune from Bitcoin” through the use of hands-free online trading.

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You’re led to believe that the software operates on an algorithm that gives it 99% accuracy & the creators even boast that it’s totally risk-free… But is it really legit & can you make money with it like they claim? Or will the Britcoin System scam you instead & just take money from you rather than actually help you make it?

Luckily you’ve landed in the right place to find out because here at Stopping Scammers we’ve took a closer look into this system & in this review we’ll be uncovering the real TRUTH about how it all actually works (and of course outlining whether or not you can really make any money with it).

The Britcoin System Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: The Britcoin System is a complete & utter scam that been designed purely as a ploy to trick its visitors into signing up with a dodgy binary options broker so that the creators of it (who remain anonymous) can earn some commissions at their expense. It should be avoided at all costs as it will do nothing other than see you lose money.

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Here at Stopping Scammers we did a thorough investigation into the Britcoin System to find out exactly how it works & as a result this review is going to be quite detailed… So in order to make things easier for you we’ve put together a table of contents below so that you can easily skip to the content that you’re looking for. Just click on any of the links & you’ll be taken directly to that section of the review:


What Is The Britcoin System?

The Britcoin System is a brand new system that has just recently launched within the past few months & it promises to provide its visitors with access to an automated trading platform that can supposedly enable them to make money on complete auto-pilot.

The website promoting the system wants the visitors to believe that they can simply sign up, deposit some fund & hit the “start” button to begin making money. They claim it couldn’t be easier.

But can you really make money like that? And if you can then why isn’t everybody doing it? No doubt those are just some of the questions running through your head…

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Well the website for the Britcoin System tries to reassure you as it claims that it is supposedly 100% risk-free & that the trading algorithm it’s been built around allegedly has 99.9% trading accuracy.

However we at Stopping Scammers can tell you right from the off those claims are simply not true.

But before we delve into exactly how it’s supposed to work & how it really works there is firstly something we want to touch on (which is a major red flag)… And that is the big question…

Who Is Behind The Britcoin System?

Here is where things start to get a little bit strange, because if somebody had truly come up with a way to enable others to generate an automated income of over $500+ per day then you’d expect them to be making themselves pretty well known…

However it’s actually not until over 5 minutes into the video that the so-called creator of the Britcoin System states his name (which by the way is supposedly Jasper Boyle).

Jasper Boyle

And despite Jasper supposedly having created the worlds first profitable auto-trading system there doesn’t appear to be a single reference to him in any official news articles – and even more surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be so much as one single official news article about the actual system itself either.

So there’s a system out there which has supposedly already helped thousands upon thousands of people to become millionaires and the news have no interest in it whatsoever? I don’t think so!

SCAM is a word that comes to mind here.

And there’s something even more concerning – which is the fact that despite operating within the financial services sector where it’s a requirement to display a business name, address & license, the Britcoin System displays none of them.

That is no accident I can tell you, because within the financial services sector this an extremely strict requirement & all businesses (all legitimate businesses) know very well that they must comply.

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If a company is hiding it’s name, address & license then it is likely because there’s something suspicious going on.

But even if there wasn’t, and let’s pretend the operation was legit, would you really trust investing your money via a website that totally hides its true identity? I sure hope you wouldn’t!

After all the website could simply close right after you invest & you’d be left with no trace whatsoever… So when it comes to investment sites we always advise you look for an address & a license.

You need to know that your money is in good hands & that it is protected.

How Does The Britcoin System Work?

So the Britcoin System website repeatedly stresses how easy the whole thing supposedly is. You’re told that literally all you need to do is sign up, hit the “start” button & that you can begin making money the very same day.

But how is it supposed to work & how is it supposed to make you money?

Well the concept is that the system has been developed around some sort of profitable algorithm which detects trends in the cryptocurrency market using some sort of artificial intelligence like technology.

It then uses these trends to make trades (which it automatically makes on your behalf) and you’re told that due to it’s 99.9% accuracy level, every trade it makes pretty much will supposedly turn a profit.

So you’re led to believe that you can just sit back & relax whilst it runs on autopilot & earns money for you entirely on your behalf.

The creator, (or so-called creator) Jasper Boyle also claims that it can still generate you profits even if the cryptocurrency market is crashing too. So even if the value of Bitcoin is dropping, whereas most investors would be losing money, he claims that you would still be making money.

How does that work I hear you ask?

Well basically the way the system claims to keep generating you profits regardless of whether the value of cryptocurrency is going up or down is through the use of binary options trading.

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And in case you don’t already know binary options trading is very different to normal trading – and it’s also very bad news.

The reason binary options trading is different is because it doesn’t actually involve investing in anything – instead you’re just placing bets on whether or not you expect the value of something to go up or down.

It might sound simple & potential easy to profit from in theory, but due to the fact that the bets are made over extremely short periods of time (usually under 60 seconds) it is actually the total opposite.

In fact binary options trading is one of the most riskiest forms of trading out there & most people who participate in it just end up losing money rather than making it – so we would recommend you stay well, well away from it.

Anyway, that is all the “theory” of how the Britcoin System is supposed to work but the truth is that in reality it doesn’t work anything like that at all as you’ll soon see for yourself below…

How The Britcoin System Really Works

In theory the Britcoin System might sound fantastic – in fact it does sound fantastic, it sounds like a dream come true… Who wouldn’t want a way to make automated money so easily?

Sadly though that’s all it is, a dream, because the whole thing is NOT what it seems.

You see instead of being set out to help you profit like it claims, the Britcoin System has actually just been set up as a ploy to trick you into depositing with the creators recommended broker.

So when you sign up to the Britcoin System to “try it out” (which we don’t recommend you do) you’ll be forced to make a deposit via their recommended broker & this is where the scam lies.

They are actually associated with the broker they recommend to you, and if you sign up with them and make a deposit as they tell you to do then the brokers will pay the creators of the Britcoin System a commission.

Then from that point onwards you’ll just be left to find out the hard way that the whole thing is actually a fake. The system is real, but it doesn’t work as promised & instead of making you profits all it will do is see you make nothing but losses.

In reality the Britcoin System is nothing but a ploy to trick you into depositing with the broker so that the creator of it can earn some money at your expense. It’s built up on nothing but lies.

But The Broker Is In On It Too…

This is where the plot thickens, because the broker that they recommend to you is also in on the scam. This means that after making a deposit, even if you manage to stop the Britcoin System before it empties all of the funds from your account, the broker will NOT let you make a withdrawal.

Basically once they’ve got your cash they’ll be keeping it, and instead of giving you a refund all they will do is try & encourage you to deposit even more to “try again one more time”.

They might claim that there was a glitch, or that the system has been upgraded… Either way they are just telling more lies & they are simply just trying to get even more money from you.

Don’t fall for it!

The Britcoin System is 100% NOT risk-free.

Is The Britcoin System a Scam?

In our opinion yes, the Britcoin System is a flat-out scam & as far as we’re concerned it’s been purely designed to part you with your hard earned cash to make it’s creators wealthy at your expense.

As we mentioned above after signing up you’ll merely be forced to deposit via a “recommended” broker & then if you did you’d just be left to find out the hard way that the whole thing doesn’t really work as promised.

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Once you finally get access to the “system” you’ll just discover that instead of making profitable trades like you were promised it will actually just make nothing but losses… And even if you manage to stop it before it totally depletes your account balance then you’ll still be blocked from getting your money back by the broker who’s also in on the scam too.

So ultimately there is no way you will be making money with the Britcoin System, which brings us onto…

Our Verdict on The Britcoin System

Thumbs Down

The Britcoin System is just another garbage binary options trading system that fails to perform as promised & it’s sole intention is simply to trick you into signing up with a broker that the creator of it is affiliated with.

It’s possible that the broker has actually created the system themselves but this can’t be verified since the owners of the Britcoin System remain anonymous (and Jasper Boyle looks to be a fake alias). We’ve seen brokers setting up systems like this in the past to trick customers into depositing so we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the case with this system too.

Either way as we mentioned in the previous section of this review the whole thing is a flat-out scam & there is simply no way you will be able to make any money whatsoever with the Britcoin System. You won’t manage to make a single dollar with it let alone the promised $500+ per day.

Therefore with all that being said it’s safe to say that we do NOT recommend the Britcoin System.

How To Get Your Money Back From The Britcoin System

Did you already deposit into the Britcoin System prior to coming to this review? If so and you have lost some money to the system then don’t worry, we can help you get it back.

We’ve put together a scam reclaim guide which shows you exactly how you can reclaim your funds from these scammers & you can access the guide for free by clicking here.

The guide is proven to work & to date it has helped thousands of people get reunited with the money that they lost to scams, so if you’ve lost cash you should definitely check it out.

A Better Alternative To Make Good Money Online

Systems like the Britcoin System are just out to take your cash, but thankfully there are some legitimate programs out there that truly can help you to make good money online… So if that’s what you’re looking to do, then rest assured it’s still possible.

We’ve reviewed many programs & come across several legitimate ones, but there is one that stands out from all of the rest & we have gave it the crown of our #1 work from home opportunity. You can access it by clicking the link below:

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