Cedar Finance Scam Uncovered – Review Explains How To Get Your Money Back


Today we are going to review an interesting and illusive broker, Cedar Finance that was introduced through a seemingly exceptional online trading platform. The website was amazing, easy to navigate and operate, even the beginners were comfortable right from the word go…

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Cedar Finance offered more than 70 assets, including stocks, indices, forex, and commodities. The returns ranged from 68% to 81%. The broker retained from 5% to 10% of the original capital to keep the traders from complete loss.

How did this broker service? What’s interesting about this platform? How significant are Cedar Finance scam warnings? Let’s have a look!

Cedar Finance Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Cedar Finance was without a doubt a scam binary options broker however it now looks like they’ve closed their website down which is some good news at least. The problem though is that it appears they may have now simply launched under the new name of Pine Options, so it’s safe to say that we don’t recommend either. If you have already lost money to Cedar Finance though then keep reading to see how you can get it back.

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Cedar Finance Background

The website is not available and the broker has vanished. When it was functional, the website didn’t mention any operating company. There were only phone numbers from various regions including the US, Cyprus, France, UK, Australia, and International VOIP.

You don’t find Cedar Finance on the internet these days. All you see is the material and reviews from the previous years. But we managed to extract something interesting. In an anticipation of accessing the original Cedar Finance website, we tried to search it from various resources but found that the domain was frozen and closed.

In addition, we reached www.cedar-finance.weebly.com

Well, that’s something interesting. The broker helping others to generate big profits isn’t able to purchase a custom domain. This malicious page contains pleasing content about Cedar Finance. We tried to dig in further. The page redirected us to https://www.pineoptions.com/cedar-finance-login/

It is clear that the broker is actually involved in another activity dealing in the same industry. What does Cedar Finance have to do with Pine Options?

In addition, Pine Options website was also similar to that of Cedar Finance. We are convinced that Pine Options is actually a replacement of Cedar Finance.

There is something more to consider. Both of these platforms look identical to Ivory Options. It was another scam broker who left the scene after disappointing its clients. We can safely conclude that Cedar Finance was not isolated. The same team must have been involved in multiple scams. You need to stay alert because we don’t know which new brand they are using as a cover.

Is Cedar Finance Regulated?

According to some sources, Cedar Finance is owned by T.B.S.F. Best Strategy Finance Ltd. in Cyprus. The registration number is HE 279560. Even if it is true, registration doesn’t mean anything. And we can’t even confirm if this registration number belongs to CySEC. We can only tell you that the CySEC regulation number has a different serial pattern.

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Cedar Finance was NOT regulated. Their support team continued to make false promises that the broker was in the process of getting regulated with CFTC (US). Nothing was true. They were operating from Cyprus, then first they had to address their legal status in Cyprus. It was simply a trap for the US citizens which probably didn’t work. In addition, there were dozens of scammy YouTube videos praising Cedar Finance. All those videos featured paid content.

Cedar Finance Complaints

There is not a lot of information available about Cedar Finance for the fact that this broker never managed to attract a significant number of traders. We have analyzed that it was an utter lack of professionalism. They outsourced video editors, they promoted paid content on free Weebly Trial domains. They redirected the visitors to another website. Why a broker (Pine Options) does is promoting another broker on its own website?

Cedar Finance Withdrawal

Cedar Finance offered wire transfer, Credit Card, and Moneybookers (Skrill) as the modes of withdrawal. You have to present your identification documents before submitting the withdrawal request for the first time.

No fee was charged for a withdrawal via Credit Card. $25 was charged for a withdrawal via wire transfer (Less than $500). For anything above $500, 5% was charged as a fee for the withdrawal via wire transfer.

Is Cedar Finance a Scam?

We are convinced that Cedar Finance scam alerts should have been more obvious and frequent. This broker is actually operating different platforms.

You need to stay away from Pine Options and Ivory Options as well. Luckily, Ivory Options is no more functional, but Pine Options is still there. It is also unregulated and there is no need to bite the dust by trusting such scammers.

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Our Verdict on Cedar Finance

Thumbs DownWe DO NOT recommend Cedar Finance, Pine Options or any of the unregulated broker. We are happy to realize that Cedar Finance or its sister entities didn’t manage to trick as many traders as they wanted. It was because their websites were too simple to attract the experienced traders. The platforms looked good enough for the beginners, but big investors don’t like a platform that tries to teach them like a boss. This is how human psychology works. Experienced traders also bite the dust by trusting such scam artists, but the people behind Cedar Finance aren’t good enough to make a big score.

Get Your Money Back From Cedar Finance

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