Scammed By VIPBinary? Review Explains How To Get Your Money Back!


The expansion of binary options trading industry has encouraging thousands of traders and it led to the increasing number of online binary options brokers. VIPBinary is one of those platforms that are included in the pioneers of online brokerage. The platform emerged in 2011 and featured the SpotOption platform…

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This 100% web-based broker attracted hundreds of traders because it didn’t require the downloading on any software. VIPBinary provided an easy-to-use platform to facilitate the beginners. It featured Double Up, Roller Over, and various other options to make the most of the modern-day trading.

If you are thinking about joining this platform, you first need to make sure how it worked in past, who regulates the broker, and is there any serious VIPBinary scam alert? Let’s find out!

VIPBinary Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: VIPBinary was one of the biggest scam binary options brokers in the whole of the binary trading history. Thankfully they have now closed down & don’t seem to be welcoming new traders – but obviously that is of no real help to those who have already lost money. If you therefore have already lost money then keep on reading this review to see how you can get it back.

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VIPBinary Background

VIPBinary was established in 2011. The website mentioned VIPBinary Ltd. as the owner and operator of the platform and was operated from the British Virgin Islands.

  • Phone. +1 646 4614999
  • Email.

The platform required a minimum of $250 to start trading.

Unfortunately, the website is not accessible now and it is suggestive of the fact that the broker is not operating this platform any more.

It was a quite successful broker, the website was really delicate and attractive, and was organized in a highly professional manner. It featured educational tutorials to guide the beginners. It was available in Spanish, French and English versions.

VIPBinary offered 33 stocks, 7 commodities, 15 currencies, and 28 indices. Touch-option was only available during the weekends.

We examined the platform closely when it was operational. We detected that the refund policy was way too far from what the traders might have liked. 75% was the maximum return, quite low as compared to 85% maximum offered these days.

Is VIPBinary Regulated?

VIPBinary was NOT regulated under any reliable authority. Moreover, its address was also off-shore. The company wasn’t even registered anywhere, let alone being regulated.

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Surprisingly, we didn’t manage to find a warning from any regulatory authority. The broker started offering its services in 2011 and continued until 2016. Usually, the warnings are issued within a year in the case of any unregulated broker. Perhaps, the regulatory authorities were not so cautious a few years back. They are really alert these days, by the way.

VIPBinary Complaints

Traders began to leave VIPBinary since 2014 to invest on other platforms offering higher returns. The provision of 75% (max) return was a major concern.

In addition, the minimum withdrawal was set at $100 and most of the traders didn’t like it. They wanted it below $50 to withdraw via Credit Card.

It kept going well even though other new brokers pulled away a number of VIPBinary clients. We didn’t find anything serious in terms of complaints before 2016. It was the sudden shut-down of the website that left the traders in a shock. All of a sudden, people learned the most important lesson that they never tried to learn without suffering from a huge loss. VIPBinary disappeared in a matter of hours. That was utterly shocking for the clients who continued to use the platform for years.

We don’t really see a major reason for their sudden disappearance. There was no serious warning from any of the legal authorities. The broker often plans the escape after the issuance of a warning. There were no serious complaints from the traders either. We are still not sure what went wrong. The management must have been fed up and decided to collect whatever it could from traders’ accounts.

VIPBinary Withdrawal

The withdrawal processing was extended. It required 3 days to approve the withdrawal request. The processing required addition 5 working days (minimum) and 7 working days (max). You could withdraw via Credit Card, Skrill (Moneybookers), or wire transfer.

Is VIPBinary a Scam?

Yes! VIPBinary scam is no secret. Though it wasn’t a scam from the word go. It served for almost 5 years and the clients were fine with its dealings. It did turn into a scam for some unknown reason. Either it was a pressure for acquiring a license or it was the fear of losing more clients in the presence of new binary options brokers. Whatever it was, we just know one thing that traders lost their money once again. It looks as if most of the traders are born-losers. A scam artist develops a platform, uses marketing tactics, collects money, and melts down to no-existence.

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Our Verdict on VIPBinary

Thumbs DownToday’s review teaches us an important lesson. Even if a broker is around for over a decade, you can’t trust him. People often argue the experience, and time duration of a service to justify the credibility. This myth has been completely shattered by VIPBinary.

Scammed By VIPBinary? Reclaim Your Money!

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