EZBinary Scam Exposed – Review Highlights Withdrawal Issues & Complaints


EZBinary facilitated with various binary options trading features. A couple of them are a major distinction, Close Mow and Extended. These features ensure that the traders can control their trades with the utmost freedom…

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EZBinary took a step further by introducing the Double Up. This option can double the returns. In addition, the platform also featured Auto-Trade and Roll Over. The returns on Auto-Trader are much higher i.e. up to 2,000% but there is no need to get carried away. Experienced traders discourage this option as results in a loss and are virtually impossible to make something by using the feature.

Before you could even think of joining this platform, we want to update that this broker has closed its doors. We are reviewing it upon the request of some followers who want to know if EZBinary scam was even regulated, who operated this platform, what was the traders’ reaction and is there a link of the broker with any other similar platforms?

EZBinary Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: The EZBinary scam rumours are indeed true, but thankfully it seems that this particular broker has now closed its doors which is some small good news at least. Sadly though during the time it was live it does seem that EZBinary managed to swindle thousands out of their hard earned cash – and so if you too have been caught up in that then continue reading to see how you can get your money back.

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EZ Binary Background

EZBinary was established in 2011. Please note that there is an app on offer with a similar name i.e. EZ Binary Signals. It is a completely different entity. EZBinary is not available anymore. The broker was owned by Parabola Investments Ltd. and was operated from London. Some experts claim that Parabola Investments Ltd. is a registered entity (under Gibraltar laws). Well, it doesn’t serve our purpose. Mere registration is of no use.

The website was based on the Tradologic platform. It was available in German, Spanish, Arabic, French, English, Portuguese, and Norwegian. The platform offered Copper, Silver, and Gold, as trading options in addition to 11 currency pairs, 10 stocks, one bond, and 7 indices. The traders didn’t have to download a software as it was completely web-based.

EZBinary did well in the education section though! It had exceptional tutorials for the beginners. The education section also contained eBooks and video guides.

Is EZBinary Regulated?

EZBinary was NOT a regulated broker. Even the company assuming the ownership of the platform isn’t regulated. In addition, the brand name was chosen smartly. Please note that EZTrader is a different broker and has nothing to do with EZBinary. Some unregulated brokers play this promotional trick to strengthen the brand. Stay alert! This is a ridiculous attempt to steal the brand name of another entity. It actually gives rise to the red flag.

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EZBinary Complaints

There is a bunch of serious complaints against EZBinary. The complaints are regarding the complexities of processing a withdrawal. Traders could not get through the process easily. The representatives of the broker kept pushing the clients for more deposits.

Most of the clients suggest that the platform was nothing but a manipulation tool. The statistics were misleading. They tricked the clients by showing profits initially. The clients deposited more money for making some big investments, and everything began declining, no profit hence after, everything gone.

In addition, the withdrawal policy never talked about any fee. But the reps always came up with the argument that the withdrawal could not be processed without a fee. The clients were then told about the heavy amount that was mostly in the form of % of the withdrawal. It was a trick to keep big money in the trader’s account. It simply means that if you wanted to withdraw $2000, you had to pay at least 5% which equals $100 that is completely unacceptable. 5% is our guess, it might have been much more to in order to extend the debate and delay the withdrawal.

EZBinary Withdrawal

It was never easy to withdraw your funds from EZBinary. The website is no more available so we don’t have any information about the exact policy. We only know that it facilitated wire transfer and Credit Card to process the withdrawal. In addition, a bunch of indemnification documents was required before the first withdrawal. We do know one thing that whatever the policy was, the broker never followed it.

Is EZBinary a Scam?

We feel no hesitation in calling EZBinary a scam. Everything was shady right from the beginning. Nothing about the ownership was made clear at any stage. Upon asking about the legal status, the website was simply updated by adding that Parabola Investments Ltd. was registered under Gibraltar Law. We don’t even know how worthy is this registration. Is Gibraltar Law a reliable registrar? Or even is it a genuine authority anywhere in the world, let alone the UK?

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Our Verdict on EZBinary

Thumbs DownEZBinary was another broker that emerged during the early days but it disappointed the traders once again. The support team was extremely irresponsible. The reps were rather pushy salespersons. It took a while for EZBinary to reveal its true colours. It had been a pleasing entity in the beginning. But this is the routine, every new broker enters with a smiling face and transforms into a scary ghost as soon as it manages to grab enough money from its innocent clients.

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