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Binary International looked like an upcoming super-star and this platform really went off the mark in an impressive way. Right from the beginning, the broker broke through the top tier and became one of the most talked-about Binary Options trading opportunity…

Binary International Broker Website Screenshot

Binary International website played a huge role in converting visitors into clients. The layout was super-awesome and simply suitable for a financial service provider. The broker came up with high bonuses, free signals, and a Demo account. This is what every trader had been looking for and they got it.

Are you interested in knowing everything about this platform? How much do you need to worry about Binary International scam alerts? How the company performed in the past and how transparent its services had been over the years? To the answers, you need to keep reading this third-party review.

Binary International Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Binary International is now no-more. It was an unlicensened & therefore unregulated broker that tricked traders into depositing large sums of money which they would then go on to merely trade in a “video game simulation”. The whole thing was a fake & was never connected to any real markets. If you have lost money continue reading to see how you can get it bakc.

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Binary International Background

Neurotech International Ltd. owned and operated Binary International.

  • Address. Brasbow Building, Anguilla, British West Indies.

Binary International is based on the TechFinancials platform, one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to the top-quality trading facilities. But the website lacked proper education section. The education material is next to none in terms of value and reliability. But if you are an experienced trader, you don’t have to worry about the educational material. Most of the brokers serve with the basic information in this section so there is no real need to expect anything new for the experienced traders.

Binary International offered Touch/No Touch, Above/Below, High/Low, In/Out, and Short-Term options. The platform offered a comprehensive list of assets including 28 Forex Pairs, 19 International Stock Indices, 10 Commodities, 50 Stocks, and 3 Commodity Pairs.

The broker operated from an off-shore location so it is important to be extra careful about its legal status. Let’s have a look if this platform is regulated by a credible regulatory authority.

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Is Binary International Regulated?

Binary International is NOT regulated. The broker operates from the West Indies. It clearly means that CySEC, FCA or any other credible regulatory authority has nothing to do with this financial service. This is a real source of worry. We can’t trust a financial platform that is not regulated and is operated from an off-shore location.

Binary International Complaints

Binary International quickly met its fate because of the unprofessional approach of its representatives and account managers. Traders opted for this broker because of its highly impressive and professional looking website. The main reason is that people never really bothered about a license at that time. Things have changed now and today you can’t even imagine of depositing money with an unregulated broker. Things had been different in the past and this is why the broker was off to a great start but it the decline began rather quickly, thanks to the poor customer support and pressurizing tactics used by the account managers.

No real information was given about the company’s history. The claims of partnership with MasterCard, Maestro, and London Stock Exchange had also been misleading. We investigated the website and the company only to find that the claims were nothing more than a promotional strategy.

Live Chat feature is advertised on the website but the reality is the opposite. If you choose Live Chat, you are directed to the email section. You have to submit the ticket and then you’ll be asked to communicate via email threads. There is NO Live Chat whatsoever.

Binary International Withdrawal

Binary International withdrawal policy states that you can withdraw via Credit/Debit Card or Wire Transfer. You can’t withdraw anything more than deposited (Credit/Debit Card) so the remaining amount will be processed via wire transfer. Nothing had been mentioned about the minimum withdrawal and the processing fee.

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Is Binary International a Scam?

A broker operating from an off-shore location, having no license at all, and serving with poor customer support team finally has to shut down and this is exactly what Binary International scam finally did after suspending its clients’ accounts.

It had been a cheat, a ruthless steal, and a malicious attempt to break the traders’ trust.

Our Verdict on Binary International

Thumbs DownLet alone the beginners, we were also once convinced that Binary International was a real deal but we quickly reconsidered the claims about the partnership with big names. Deeper investigation enabled us to know that this platform was run by marketing experts who mastered the art of modern-day scam. Unfortunately, hundreds of traders tried their luck with this platform and a huge majority lost its money for good. The accounts were suspended and there was no way to contact the support team because the broker shut down without even notifying anybody. The same tragic end, similar pattern, a good beginning that headed to a dark end!

Binary International Scam Victim? Get Back Lost Money

As we mentioned throughout this Binary International review, this brokerage has never seemed to hold a license & it has also received several warnings from regulatory bodies/watchdogs so we are concerned that people may have been scammed by this brokerage.

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