Is Option888 a Scam? Our Review Uncovers Some Concerns About This Broker


Looking for a user-friendly trading platform? Do you feel that you need a platform that is simple, effective, and decent? Option888 may be the right choice and we have selected this one for today’s review help you with some reliable information about this broker…

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Often we see that things turn dramatically and all of a sudden a seemingly impressive trading platform turns into a nightmare. This is we can’t just straightaway opt for Option888. Keeping this in mind, our today’s review will cover the history, introduction, complaints, legitimacy, and the withdrawal policy before recommending or rejecting this option.

With $250 initial deposit you can start trading live on this website. Option888 scam alerts may well play a significant role here because the watchdogs have enlisted this entity in their public warnings. Let’s see if this broker has something convincing to make our minds.

Option888 Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Option888 claims to be the best Forex & CFD broker however despite their claims they don’t even hold a license & they have received several warnings from regulatory authorities as a result. Based on this there is simply no way we could ever recommend Option888 as trading with unlicensed brokers is just like dancing with the devil. If you have already lost money to Option888 keep on reading to see how you can get it back.

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Option888 Background

Capital Force Ltd. owns and operates Option888.

  • Registration Number 70611
  • Address. 13 Novasage Chambers, Level 2, CCCS Building, Beach Road, Apia, Samoa.
  • Email.
  • Web.
  • Phone. +44 203 893 2468

Option888 is based on the Tradologic platform that offers almost all the conventional Binary Options with an impressive assets list. We are disappointed to see that the minimum deposit is $250 whereas most of the new platforms ask for no more than 100$. There are some who even as for as low as $20. On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal is also much high i.e. $250. The good news is that there is no withdrawal fee. But the downside is that the withdrawal via wire transfer requires from 7 working days to 14 working days.

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Is Option888 Regulated?

Option888 is NOT regulated. A couple of regulatory authorities have issued public warnings against this platform.

15-06-2016 FINMA (Switzerland) warned against Option888 for the unauthorized provision of its services in the region.

02-10-2017 CONSOB (Italy) warned against Option888 saying that the broker wasn’t authorized to operate in their jurisdiction.

Apparently, Option888 has just been doing fine and there have not been any serious allegations against its services. Even then it is important for all the trading platforms to comply with the law and acquire a license from the concerned governmental regulatory authority.

Option888 Complaints

Despite being a nice platform for beginners, in particular, the lack of regulation really hurts. On top of that, a couple of regulatory authorities have included Option888 to their warning lists. It stings like a dirty blot on the clean shirt.

Some complaints are suggestive of the withdrawal failures but none of them provides a proof. Since 2016, there had been no serious complaints against this broker. Some forums did talk furiously against Option888 before 2016 but the lack of follow-ups means that they were rumors.

Option888 Withdrawal

Option888 withdrawal policy is not something to be happy about. The processing of the withdrawal requires up to 14 business days. These days, most of the brokers claim to process the withdrawals in 5 business days (wire transfer). They do charge some fee but Option888 doesn’t charge a withdrawal fee.

Is Option888 a Scam?

As far as the facts are concerned, Option888 is NOT a scam. We don’t have any solid reason to believe in Option888 scam complaints. The real thing is that the platform has been serving for quite a few years and its web-traffic has significantly increased since 2016 and is still on the rise.

Yes, the location is off-shore and the company is not regulated and this is a big reason to doubt this broker. But as far as the experiences are concerned, people haven’t yet shown up to demonstrate their frustration.

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Our Verdict on Option888

Thumbs DownWe do like Option888 but the only thing that stops us from recommending this platform is the off-shore location and the lack of regulation.

Legitimacy is the prime factor and we CANNOT afford to let a non-regulated entity to hold our money. People are trading through Option888 but we can’t say when and how things turn upside down. We have seen this in the past and it happened frequently. The most Green-looking but unregulated brokers have snatched their clients’ money. Stay safe and try to know about the compliance as much as possible to make the best decision.

Scammed By Option888? Get Your Money Back

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