Option Trader SCAM Software – Our Review Uncovers Worrying Concerns & Lies!


We have gone through scores of scam trading tools and platforms and most of them are no more active thanks to the red-alerts issued by the regulatory authorities from various regions. Option Trader is one of those trading tools that has been in the spotlight for a long period of time…

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The most attractive thing about Option Trader is the provision of quick and high-profit margins. Such offers bring water to the mouth of the beginners. On the other hand, the experienced traders know the limits and they realize when they need to stay away from a trader offering high returns.

Is there anything legitimate about this platform? Does this broker stand by its promises? Does the money-back guarantee really work with this platform? How seriously considerable are the Option Trader scam alerts? What sort of doubts we have about this platform? This review will cover the answers to all these really important questions you can’t simply overlook.

OptionTrader Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Option Trader is a major scam & should be avoided at all costs. It is a piece of trading software that has been specifically setup to make you lose so that the creators of it can earn commissions at your expense by tricking you into signing up with various brokers. Steer clear of it & if you have already lost money to it keep on reading to see how you can get it back.

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Option Trader Background

Option Trader had been a tricky service and the financial experts have mostly taken it as a get-rich-quick scheme. Does Option Trade really work? This question has never been answered with great certainty. Most of the times, the question is responded by rumours.

The demonstration video of the trading tool includes a brief introduction of the developer of the program. We have gone through such demo-videos before and right from the first look of it, we realized that it has been made by graphics and marketing experts. There is no such name in the financial industry that has been mentioned in the video. It is an arrow launched in the dark. The mere objective of the developers of this scheme is to earn money by selling it rather than helping the traders to make profitable bids.

Yes, the scheme is different than the conventional brokerages but it doesn’t really make sense. The problem with such schemes is that the advertising content is more like the advertisement of a video-game which takes you to another world but once you are in, it keeps getting boring. The marginal utility drops quickly and this is what disappoints the traders and people looking to generate quick money.

The demonstration video claims that Option Trader is backed by NYSE but we have found that this is a white lie. NYSE doesn’t endorse anything like this, let alone Option Trader. Such scam systems do claim big by using the names of Forbes, FOX, CNN, and BBC etc.

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Is Option Trader Regulated?

The video advertisement is full of fluffs and bluffs. The claims really touch the skies but the reality is completely disappointing. The program has no links with any big names. NYSE doesn’t endorse Option Trader. We are disappointed by these misleading claims.

Option Trader Complaints

The web address itself was unprofessional. The domain “option-trader” doesn’t really flow because of the dash between the words. Traders have complained against the robot features which often result in losses. Once you deposit your money with Option Trader, you simply have no way to expect anything in return.

The traders selected this platform because of the promised level of convenience. The reality is that this auto-pilot trading software doesn’t often generate profits. The demonstration video claims that this software is capable of analyzing trading patterns. But in fact, there is no such thing. Instead of over 90% success rate, the software generates less than a 25% success rate. On the other hand, why on Earth will the mankind ignore a platform that really generates profit 90% of the time? This is really insane to base your expectations on such virtually impossible results.

Option Trader does NOT offer any Demo Account. Without a demo account, the newbies don’t have an option to know about this auto-trading robot.

The customer support is also below average so you don’t really have a nice and quick way of getting used to it.

Option Trader Withdrawal

Wire Transfer is the conventional withdrawal method entertained by Option Trader. In addition, it also facilitates with Credit Card withdrawals (Visa and MasterCard). The withdrawal limits and fees were never mentioned by on the website so we could not find it in the deposit and withdrawal policies.

Is Option Trader a Scam?

Yes, Option Trader scam alerts are reliable. This software doesn’t result in profits. The platform is nothing more than a bluff. The demonstration video is just the advertising rather than an orientation. The accuracy level of this auto-trading platform is disappointing.

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Our Verdict on Option Trader

Thumbs DownLooking for maximum profit? This is what disappoints new traders. Option Trader was operated by scam artists and they tricked the newbies by claiming that this software is going to serve with over 90% accuracy. Had it been true, all the traders on Earth would opt for this broker. Fake testimonials and promotional content served the icing on the cake. The platform managed to convince 100s of beginners within less than a year and then it disappeared after collecting everything it could before the red-alerts grew seriously notable.

Scammed By Option Trader? Withdrawal Problems?

When it comes to these types of binary options & Forex brokers that don’t hold licenses we are always concerned about them blocking withdrawals & ultimately scamming their customers… In the instance of Option Trader we have already seen some reports of this since initially writing our review here.

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