VIP Brokers Scam Thousands! Review Uncovers How To Reclaim Lost Money


VIP Brokers emerged as a Forex Trading service as well as a Binary Options trader. The platform was regarded as the b-book broker or you might call it a market maker.

VIP Brokers Website Screenshot

The platform managed to attract clients from different countries but the traffic to its website had never been exceptional.

VIP Brokers offered indices, cryptocurrencies, shares, and commodities (only binary options). If you ever heard about this platform, you might have wanted to know how it actually worked and whether VIP Broker scam possibility is evident or not. Despite the fact that we don’t have much information about the company, we’ve decided to go on with the review to let you know what it did and why this little but important information can teach us a precious lesson.

VIP Brokers Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Without a doubt VIP Brokers is a scam as there have been hundreds (if not thousands) of complaints against this brokerage & there have been many people who claim to have money to VIP Brokers. The FCA themselves also published a warning about them too, so we definitely advise you to steer clear of VIP Brokers – but if you have already lost money then keep reading to find out how you can get it back.

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VIP Brokers Background

Nothing is known about the owner of the platform. Whatever we could extract from the legal authorities is as follows:

  • Service Name: VIP Brokers
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Contact: 02036775430, 02080890981, 02080891994
  • Address: Shelton Street – 71-75, Covent Garden, London

So the contact numbers were also operated from London. The website is down and the email doesn’t respond. The given numbers are also out of service. These indicators show some early but strong evidence about what we are dealing with. Yet another scam artist, we can safely anticipate!

Is VIP Brokers Regulated?

VIP Broker is not regulated and on top of that, Financial Conduct Authority (UK) issued a serious warning on 21-05-2018.

The warning stated that the authority believes that VIP Brokers doesn’t have any authority or permission to offer financial services in the United Kingdom. Avoid dealing with this service or any other unregulated financial service.

So the issuance of a serious warning means that the company had to quickly collect and steal whatever the clients have deposited into their accounts.

It wasn’t a matter of “IF” because in all such cases, as soon as the warning is issued, there remains a question of “WHEN”. We frequently come across binary options brokers who no more have their online existence. They are either planning their next score or have already set the bait with a new name, in a new region, or a new industry.

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

It is amazing to witness the number of binary options scammers getting away with traders’ money. We mean to say, when one unregulated company has already fooled traders, how could another unregulated company do the same when various authorities have warned against trading with the non-registered entities? We still continue to get surprised without having a logical reason for the successful repetition of the same crime using the same tactics.

VIP Brokers Complaints

There is everything in this section, from account closure to unprocessed withdrawal requests. The same old story is repeated. A client is upset for getting his 5,000 dollars stuck in his account while having no way to access his account any more.

What could we suggest at this stage? We mean, why don’t they care at the right time? Some clients have even complained about the company’s reps attempt to harass their clients to bring in more deposits. This could be an exaggeration out of anger but such complaints do exist.

The next type of complaints is about the manipulation of the traders’ accounts. The reps remotely accessed the accounts and initiated trades.

Another trader narrates that he had $23k and made an average of $15 profit over the period of 4 months before he decided to withdraw his funds and close the account. The company’s reps asked for a $4k fee in order to receive his funds. He was lucky to take the right step by reporting VIP Brokers to the Action Fraud British Police. Michael Green was the company’s chief broker and he had to return his funds. Well, that’s a lucky escape, to say the least.

VIP Brokers Withdrawal

For the website is down, nothing is available any more about the deposit and withdrawal policies. All we know is that VIP Brokers facilitated wire transfer and Credit Cards as the mode of deposit and withdrawal. The minimum bars and fees are not known because nobody cares once the platform has disappeared.

Is VIP Brokers a Scam?

Yes indeed, VIP Brokers scam is another classic example of how these artists play with the emotions and innocence of the general public. They make big promises, they do serve well for a few months, and stab in the back of each of their clients as soon as they realize that they have collected enough and it’s time to vanish.

Our Verdict on VIP Brokers

Thumbs DownNever ever trade with VIP Traders or any other platform that is not registered. We have to repeat the same lines over and over just because we realize that people are still not taking good care of their money. They somehow become victims of these scammers. We have just one major indicator that is the registration of the company. If it is registered, add it to the list of possible selection. If it is not registered, REJECT is without allowing a second thought.

Get Your Money Back From VIP Brokers

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