Omenda Scam Broker Busted! Review Uncovers How To Reclaim Lost Funds


Omenda was based on Panda Trading System that is well known among investors as a user-friendly software. There are various brokers offering Panda as the top priority. It offers Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices so the variety isn’t short of options…

Omenda Broker Website Screenshot

Omenda offered the following binary options:

  • High/Low
  • Range Options
  • One Touch
  • Hyper options (30-60 sec. 2-5-10 mint.)

The platform promised a minimum return of 60% and a maximum return of 80%, depending on the time and asset. $250 was set as the minimum deposit. The platform also offered bonus money to attract more clients.

If you’ve any idea about this platform or somebody has ever recommended it, you need to read this review carefully before making any decision. Omenda scam warnings convinced us to have a look into its services, procedure, company background, withdrawal policies, and legal status. Let’s begin with the company’s basic information.

Omenda Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Omenda is definitely a scam binary options broker & it even looks like their operation has now been shut down in several countries (or potentially all of them) as they are restricting access to their website. Sadly though they have already parted many people with their cash according to the complaints but keep on reading if you have lost money to see how you can get it back.

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Omenda Background

Claripeak Ltd. Kingstown, Vincent, and the Grenadines, owns Omenda. The recommended phone number for contact was operated from Norway (+47 21 999422).

Not much information about the broker is available. In fact, it served for some time and then was brought down or it looks as if the company flew away because the website is down and there is nothing about Omenda’s services other than complaints.

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Upon research, we found that Omenda started off well and Claripeak also had a good reputation for its highly professional software developers. The selection of the software was the first trick played by these professionals because they knew that Panda Trading Systems had set its footings strong in the industry.

Some old reviews called Omenda a highly legitimate platform, either because of the lack of information or for being paid content. We don’t see any hint of transparency that favors this platform. The company never acquired a license, its website is down, and Google is flooded with the serious allegations against Omenda’s practices.

Is Omenda Regulated?

Omenda was an unregulated platform and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a serious warning against the company on 3rd January 2018.
So we have another company with all major indicators shouting against it. It is not registered, its website is down, and most of the information about the company comes either from the complaints or legal warnings. Let’s have look at the nature of complaints against Omenda.

Omenda Complaints

So far, at this point, we can safely predict what’s coming next and what type of broker it was. Most of its clients shoutout the use of MAS IVORY (USA) for collecting funds from Credit Cards. It means that the company is either outsourcing the financial services or is simply covering its malicious plans by pretending to be a broker.

Some of the clients also complained that their Credit Cards were temporarily blocked after depositing money to the platform. And Omenda played havoc with the withdrawals because they often extended the procedure and then rejected the withdrawal request for multiple unexplained reasons. Upon frequent requests, they simply told the client that the investigation was on so they had to wait.

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Most of the complaints emerged as soon as the website faded away. People lost everything they had in their Omenda accounts. They had no way to access the website or the customer support, team. Emails were never responded, the given number was never accessed and the representatives never returned to their clients.

So we are actually looking at another crime story in which the innocent clients had been looted by ruthless professionals. This is why investing in binary options industry becomes so much irritating because we have a huge percentage of unregulated brokers who start off well, win the confidence, throw the bait, collect the money, and just disappear.

Omenda Withdrawal

Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and American Express facilitated withdrawal transactions from Omenda. The company required proof of identity via ID Card, last 4 digits of Credit Card, and the proof of residence. These restrictions are mandatory to put a check on money-laundering.

You couldn’t withdraw anything less than $10. As the website is down, and no more information is available at the moment, we have to rely on this and it actually doesn’t matter because the company has already gone invisible after scoring big.

Is Omenda a Scam?

Omenda scam allegations are true and based on our extensive research we can easily conclude that it was a malicious set up hidden under cover. It didn’t happen overnight, the professional scam artists planned it to perfection by selection the most popular Panda Trading System as the base, then keeping the options simple, winning the trust, and turning their backs on the innocent clients after stealing their money.

Our Verdict on Omenda

Thumbs DownThe platform is already gone so what’s the point of a recommendation here? But the truth is, it’s not just Omenda – the name – but collective artistry about which you need to keep your senses sharp. The criminal scheme is based on the same trick, but as all of the traders are not technical experts so how they can avoid such scammers? It’s simple, just verify the legal status of the brand and the parent company as well. Spare some time to go through the history of the parent company, the link with other platforms, and the cross-check the registration information on the website of the company as well as of the regulatory authority.

Get Your Money Back From Omenda

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