NADEX – Binary Options Scam or Finally a Legit Broker? The Shocking Truth About NADEX


Are you looking for a reliable online trading platform which is regulated and offers transparent brokerage services? If yes then we are pleased to announce that we are going to review an exceptionally popular and trusted broker. NADEX has plenty to offer in terms of trading options and features…

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Nadex is among those few platforms that are famous for easy withdrawals, simple cashback and bonus policies, and top-notch customer support. Good news for the US residents, Nadex entertains traders from the United States.

A huge majority of our followers is interested in knowing more about this platform as the high-ratings have already built trust. Nadex scam complaints are nowhere to be seen but still, you have to be careful about various other important factors. In this review, we’ll talk about the important aspects of this platform to help you make the right choice. Let’s first go through the introduction of the company.

NADEX Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: NADEX is one of the last remaining binary options trading companies that is still welcoming traders from the USA, however we are concerned about the potential that without warning NADEX could merely block withdrawals just like the majority of the other binary options trading companies that came before it. We therefore do not recommend NADEX, and if you have already lost money to NADEX then we recommend you continue reading this post to see how you can reclaim it back.

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NADEX Background

North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc. (NADEX) is owned and operated by IG Group.

  • Address. 311 South Wacker Drive, Suite 2675, Chicago, IL 60606.
  • Phone. +877 776 2339 & +1 312 884 0100
  • Email.

It is important to mention that NADEX is not a broker, in fact, it is a Binary Options exchange. It means that this team of professionals operates under the US regulations and operates with Market Makers.

The platform offers daily, intraday, 5-min, and weekly options. The number of options available on this platform is quite high and this is what often confuses the beginners. The bid/offer price is displayed from 1 to 100 instead of the percentage returns. It is different from the European Binary Options trading but the trading fundamentals are same.

Nadex facilitates its clients with a couple of trading types, i. Bull Spreads ii. Binary Options.

Is NADEX Regulated?

NADEX is indeed regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (US). We don’t usually find online trading services that are regulated by this highly appreciated and one of the most feared regulator. Nadex is indeed a rare online platform and the CFTC regulation makes it highly reliable.

The segregated accounts are maintained with the Fifth Third Bank and the BMO Harris Bank. If you are a US citizen and looking for the top trading option then you must consider Nadex.

NADEX Complaints

It becomes tough for the non-US citizens to understand how this exchange works. This is what causes confusion that further leads to frustration. After spending a lot of time on the internet, we realized that the nature of complaints is not serious at all. Most of the complainers belong to the regions from where Nadex doesn’t accept trades. Nobody is talking about the withdrawal issues or the lack of transparency. The traders have nothing to say anything other than the complexity of using this platform. It is actually not complex at all. It is just different from the conventional trading platforms operating in the European regions.

NADEX Withdrawal

When it comes to the speed of withdrawal processing, NADEX stands out as one of the fastest processors. The platform entertains eCheck, Wire Transfer, and ACH Transfer. It requires only one working day to process the transaction and it takes up to 3 days to reflect the amount on your bank account. Wire transfer requires longer though because the banks require up to a week to process the transaction.

To submit the withdrawal request, you need to present account verification details with bank draft containing your account number as well as your name.

Is NADEX a Scam?

NADEX scam complaints are next to none. We have found no such evidence that could trigger the slightest hint of suspicion. It is a transparent platform with a clean history. To avoid confusion, you need to study the difference between the European and the US Binary Options. There is nothing much to worry about. It is one of the few CFTC regulated financial service providers.

The team is devoted to the provision of highly legitimate trading services with updated safety features. The traders’ accounts are segregated and managed by the trusted banks. For US citizens, this platform is one of the best available options.

Our Verdict on NADEX

Thumbs DownWe rate NADEX fairly high because of its legitimacy, transparency, and safety features. Let’s not forget NADEX Go, a Web App that brings to you the automatic updates including charts. We are happy to see a transparent exchange accepting the US traders and regulated by the most reliable regulator. CFTC is arguably the most feared regulator and it has never been easy to comply with the laws for a long period of time without being charged for violations. We are impressed to see that Nadex has done a wonderful job to stay clean for over ten years. If you are interested in Binary Options trading then add this platform to your list.

Get Your Money Back From NADEX

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