OptionField – Another Scam Unlicensed Broker With Withdrawal Problems? [Review]


OptionField is a welcome addition to modern-day brokerage and a huge majority of our readers has requested a review on this relatively new broker. Thank God, it offers something different from all those conventional SpotOption based brokers…

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OptionField is based on Meta Trader 4, arguably the best trading platform available these days. The great thing about MT4 is that it offers exceptional features for experienced traders as well as newbies. You can start trading with OptionField by depositing as little as $100. Yes, the Demo account is also on offer.

How good is this platform? What do the expert traders say about this broker and what’s the truth behind the OptionField scam complaints? If this seemingly impressive website has already grabbed your attention, you need to take time to consider a number of a factor before making your final decision. This review will definitely put you in a better decision making position. Let’s get started with the overview of the broker.

OptionField Review Summary

Cost: $100+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: At a glance OptionField looks like a professional & legitimate broker however upon closer inspection it becomes clear that they do NOT hold a license which is actually a common trait of a scam broker & we would never recommend trading with a broker who does not hold a license to legally operate. There have also been several complaints about OptionField with some people claiming to have even been scammed – OptionField therefore gets a 0 out of 100 from us, but if you have already lost money to them then keep reading to see how you can get it back.

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OptionField Background

OptionField Ltd. owns OptionField and below is the company’s registered address.

  • Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines.

Zurbaran Ltd. operates the broker and also undertakes the payment processing on the broker’s behalf. The contact page on the website mentions the following address.

  • Gladstonos, 116 M. Kyprianou House, Floor 3&4, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus.

Whom does this address belong to? OptionField or Zurbaran? The website doesn’t point it out.

  • Phone. + 357 25 030 418
  • Email. support@optionfield.com

With only $100 you can start real trading after getting an orientation through a free Demo account.

Is OptionField Regulated?

OptionField is NOT regulated as of present. The platform is new and it might be the case of wait and see. Several brokers require years to get their license from the regulatory authority. The problem here is that we did not find any clue about the future of this broker. It seems as if the management has still not considered an application for the license. This is not a good sign.

Unless regulated, the broker is not recommended because you simply can’t take any risk as it could cost you 1000s of dollars in the end, let alone the added waste of time, frustration and anxiety caused by the ill practices of the account managers working with unregulated brokers.

OptionField Complaints

Lack of a license is the first source of worry and no complaint could be more serious than the lack of transparency. These days, operating as an unregulated broker is simply the worst idea because it means ZERO transparency.

The platform was introduced in 2017 and it was good to see Binary Options platform offering MT4 features. But the problem with OptionField is that the support team is unprofessional. The public perception is not good about the pushy marketing tactics such as the use of Model for the Live Chat advertisement. It makes it look more like a get-rich-quick scheme.

The website talks much about Binary Options trading and its feature but the reality is that the website still looks incomplete in that regard. It doesn’t offer as much as it talks about.

The education department is pretty basic. It doesn’t offer comprehensive eBooks or valuable videos. Though the Demo account is a good option for the beginners but it doesn’t serve the educational purpose.

OptionField Withdrawal

OptionField entertains withdrawals via Wire Transfer and Credit Cards. The processing of the withdrawal requires from at least one business day up to 5 business days. The broker charges a fee that equals 1% of the withdrawal amount. On the other hand, the minimum fee is 10 currency units and the maximum fee is 20 currency units. There is no withdrawal fee charged from the Pro and Elite account holders (One withdrawal per week).

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Is OptionField a Scam?

OptionField scam complaints are premature and they lack considerable evidence. It seems as if the paid content managers are propagating against the platform by flooding in fake reviews. It doesn’t mean that we are giving a clean chit here. We think that the broker’s legitimacy remains a question until it gets regulated. At this point, we are not in a position to pass a sweeping statement.

Our Verdict on OptionField

Thumbs DownWe DO NOT recommend OptionField because it is NOT regulated. We advise that you need to wait and see and keep checking the updates about the broker. The public warnings serve a lot in this regard. There is no need to try it for whatever reason because the lack of regulation clearly means that nobody protecting your money. Once deposited, you’ll not find a way to get your money back as it always happens with the unregulated brokers.

Been Scammed By OptionField? How To Withdraw

With OptionField not being regulated we are concerned that they will ultimately end up scamming their traders just like other similar binary options brokers by blocking their withdrawals…

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