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Based on the Tradologic software, London Option Exchange offered an impressive binary options trading system that includes both minor and major Forex pairs. The number of commodities on offer is also impressive. In addition, the platform offers stock market indices as well as Bitcoin…

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The binary options with London Option Exchange included Turbo and high/low. $10 is the minimum trade amount and the platform also serves with the provision of Android and iOS supportive apps.

If you are looking for a reliable Forex broker than this platform could be a consideration but before you make a decision you need to check if the company is regulated and how it served its clients over the years. Are there enough London Option Exchange scam complaints to reject this platform? In this post, we are going to walk you through some must-know facts to help you out.

London Option Exchange Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: As far as we are concerned London Option Exchange appears to be nothing but a scam & it also appears that their website has now been closed down, which is likely due to regulatory action. This is good news in the sense that it will prevent new people falling for the scam, but not so good news if you have already been caught out by it. If you have lost money to London Option Exchange though then keep reading as we will explain how you can get it back.

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London Option Exchange Background

London Option Exchange was established in 2016 and the platform is owned by Trident Group Ltd., Majuro, Marshal Islands (MH96960). The system is actually operated by Euronax Ltd., a clearing company located at 10 Bloomsbury Way, London. Upon research, we found that Euronax is, in fact, a name used by Trident Group Ltd. so Euronax could just be serving as a virtual office.

Experienced investors know that Tradologic is a simple software that is mostly suggested to the beginners. The best part of this software is the provision of a long list of commodities. In addition, Bitcoin trading helped London Option Exchange gain more popularity.

Is London Option Exchange Regulated?

Unfortunately, we hate telling our readers that yet another binary options broker is unregistered but this is how things are happening these days. Despite being operational in the UK, London Option Exchange is not registered. This is something that triggers the alarm right from the word go. We are still amazed to see the number of investors opting for an unregulated broker. We can easily anticipate the frequency of the complaints against this platform. Let’s move on to see how things are going on in the complaint section.

London Option Exchange Complaints

Some clients are not hesitant of calling London Option Exchange a criminal organization. Complainers have filed reports against this system to take action against some alleged fraudulent exercises.

The doubts grew thicker after realizing that has gone down. What can you expect now? This is a major indication of a usual scam that just flew away with the wind after emptying its clients’ accounts.

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For all those who are still looking for a reliable binary options broker, please stay away from an unregulated broker, especially a couple of organizations affiliated with Trident Group Ltd., i. Stratx Markets ii. Nexcap Index. Upon further research, we found that both of these sister companies are also absent from the internet. Be careful, they might have been getting ready to strike back with a new plan.

Some investors suggest that London Option Exchange was primarily operated by an offshore company and this is why you can’t even imagine about tracing the scammers down.

London Option Exchange Withdrawal

London Option Exchange offered Wire Transfer and Credit Cards as the withdrawal options. The promised time period for the processing ranged from 5 to 7 working days. But it didn’t work as promised though because there is a long list of complaints against unprocessed withdrawals, inability to get money back from the system’s account, and even the delaying tactics used by the company’s representatives.

Is London Option Exchange a Scam?

A big YES! London Option Exchange scam complains piled up within months after the establishment of the company. We declare it a scam for a couple of reasons:

  1. The company – despite operating in the UK – was never registered.
  2. The company’s website has gone down.

Moreover, there are two more scam companies linked with this system and there are hints of the involvement of offshore companies. What else could you expect?

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It all begins in our mind. They manipulate our psychological patterns. Such companies use cold calls and promise amazing returns and this is where our brain fails to recognize the bait. It is easier to trick a person who longs for money but is lazy enough to earn it. We see such individuals around us and we have realized that such individuals always appreciate daydreaming. We need a change from within. Mindfulness doesn’t ask us to only focus on our desires and goals. Mindfulness also requires utmost care and attention on what’s going on. We need to read between the lines. We need to anticipate what happening under cover. Believe us, if we address our preferences, become more realistic, and respect the importance of state regulations and precautionary measures, nobody on earth could fool us.

Our Verdict on London Option Exchange

Thumbs DownNeedless to say, we DO NOT recommend London Option Exchange! This is yet another prime example of what happens with the investors relying on an unregulated broker. No matter how small is the service fee, what facilities they offer, how bigger is the profit margin, and how quick is the anticipated return, you need to use your wisdom.

Remember, the world follows some set rules and there is a well-known rule that anybody who offers you a profit more than others do is simply trying to trick you. Had there been any truth about such claims then these companies would never require advertising via cold calls. Don’t forget that real profit speaks for itself. Money speaks louder than any other sound on the planet. If someone is really earning handsome amount through such brokers then scores of people would have automatically followed the footsteps of the existing investors.

Stay updated, spare time for research, and consult the experts before believing in any of these representatives making cold calls to motivate you to agree for a trial.

Get Your Money Back From London Option Exchange

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