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TraderVC uses PandaTS Software to offer its binary options brokerage. PandaTS is known for offering the latest technological features and updated layout to make things easier for investors.

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The best TraderVC feature is the ease that it offers to have a view of the latest market trends, including the latest news about asset performance. The platform facilitates its users with High/Low, One Touch, Range Options, and Turbo Options. $250 is the minimum deposit for investing with TraderVC. The platform entertains EUR, GBP and USD, 81% (max.) payouts, and $20 minimum investment.

Is this platform reliable? Does it comply with what the website promises? We are going to discover if TraderVC is a scam or legit on the basis of its operations, withdrawals, company background, and complaints. Let’s begin with a brief overview of the company.

TraderVC Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: TraderVC has had so many complaints that there is absolutely no doubt in our mind that it is a scam. It also appears that the TraderVC has now been shut down so that seems to confirm our suspicions. If you have already lost money to TraderVC prior to coming to this review then continue reading to see how you can get it back.

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TraderVC Background

BetaTech Ltd. Ludgate Hill, London (UK) is the owner of TraderVC. The platform was established in Nov. 2016. The company mainly targeted investors from the UK and South Africa.

The website of the company has already gone down so there is not much information available about the TraderVC but it is an indication that this broker managed to steal some money and before it vanished. Let’s see if it is true.

Is TraderVC Regulated?

TraderVC is NOT regulated. This is another indication that the broker might have tricked its clients into quick investments before sending them into a shock. It is surprising to witness the number of unregulated brokers registered in 2016 and left the scene in 2017. On top of that, investors spending 1000s of dollars via these platforms is also a shocking discovery and the number just keeps increasing as we move from one broker to the next.

It is obvious that we are going to find countless serious complaints against TraderVC. Let’s have bird’s eye view on some of the major issues.

TraderVC Complaints

Some clients complain that the company kept on changing the withdrawal money (for bonuses) and the practice continued until the website went down.

One interesting complaint narrates that TraderVC reps promise the provision of a Safe Position by making you believe that you’ll get your money back even when you’re losing it. Well! Does it really happen in this world? I mean we must complain against this client who actually invested based on the promise. Such promises must trigger a loud alarm instead!

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The Safe Position was explained by another client who says that the platform did refund to compensate for your loss but that refund was a part of the non-withdrawal bonus. There came a point when they started changed the withdrawable amount and eventually the platform stopped working and reps disappeared. You had no way to access your accounts and the customer support also disappeared in days.

TraderVC Withdrawal

The main trick they played was the provision of safe positioning. The whole mechanism was based on this innovative bait. The withdrawal terms suggested that the traders needed to submit a request first. Then they had to provide the documents to verify their identity. 100$ was the minimum withdrawal amount for Credit Cards and $500 was the lower bar for Wire Transfer.

Nothing was charged for the first withdrawal of the current month and $30 was the fee for each of the following withdrawals during the same month.
We have to say that these people were too smart and innovative and they did their best to attract investors from different countries, mainly from South Africa.

The processing of withdrawal required up to 10 days in the case of Wire Transfer. After the successful identity verification, the withdrawal via Skrill, Neteller and Credit Card required minimum three days and no longer than 5 working days.

Is TraderVC a Scam?

The platform is not regulated, the website is down, the software is not responsive, the customer support is gone, and the clients can’t access their accounts. This is enough to trust on TraderVC scam complaints.

We found that the company played another trick by outsourcing review writers to advertise the offers on major binary options brokerage websites and blogs. They have played smartly and this is why they managed to trick their clients into heavy transactions. These paid reviews actually served as a sales pitch. It has become a trend though so you need to stay aware of this fact that companies invest a lot in favourable content publication in addition to their advertising campaigns.

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The risk goes higher when it comes to an unregulated broker. This is why TraderVC used safe positioning which did nothing but held the investor’s money on the website. People love availing an opportunity that promises financial safety. But we don’t know why people ignore the simple fact that safety is only materialized when you work with a registered broker. Is it a little extra benefit that these scammers offer?

We have come to the conclusion that some people don’t even care about consulting with others before making big decisions. This tendency becomes a behavioural pattern and develops into a habit. They make decisions in isolation. Once they face the reality, they either prefer to keep quiet to avoid humiliation or they reach each and everyone around, whom they should have consulted with before making an important decision.

Our Verdict on TraderVC

Thumbs DownWe strongly REJECT the ideas of investing with anything like TraderVC. They are nothing but scam artists who make a plan, throw the bait, snatch, and disappear only to return with a new plan and a new bait. This is why we recommend you to work with only the registered brokers no matter how lucrative are the offers from these cold callers and scam artists.

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