Victim of The BinaryTilt Scam? Review Uncovers How To Make a Withdrawal!


BinaryTilt is a trading platform promising the provision of the standard options which include One-Touch, On-Demand, High/Low, and Range. The platform also offers CFD/Forex trading in addition to the updated ladder Options.

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BinaryTilt promises the coverage of major assets and the list include 26 forex pairs and 33 stocks. The majority of stocks come from either EU or US-based companies.

With BinaryTilt, you have the luxury of 11 indices in addition to 3 commodities i.e. oil, silver, and gold. Before you think of investing through BinaryTilt, you need to first confirm if it really works as promised. In this review, we’ll help you to determine if BinaryTilt scam claims are legitimate or the platform is 100% legit.

BinaryTilt Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: As far as we are concerned BinaryTilt appears to be a scam broker & it seems that the only intention they have is to part people with their hard earned cash. There have been many complaints regarding withdrawals with lots of people stating that after allegedly making profits that BinaryTilt has begun blocking withdrawals so people can’t get their money back out. We strongly advise against getting involved with BinaryTilt.

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As always here at Stopping Scammers we conduct thorough investigations which means as a result our reviews can often get quite lengthy. To make things easier for you though we have put together a table of contents below so that you can easily skip straight to the information that you’re looking for.


BinaryTilt Background

Taking off from New Zealand, the company started its proceedings back in 2013. Initially, BinaryTilt followed the CySEC guidelines while lacking the official sanction. Chemmi Holdings Limited operated BinaryTilt from 47 Churchfield Road, London under the company number 9870892. But the address has either been changed now or had been a bluff from the first day.

The company’s website is not functional at the moment. So there are some initial signs which trigger the doubts.

The company never complied fully with the CySEC rules as it continued to offer the bonuses that are banned under CySEC regulations.

Is BinaryTilt Regulated?

BinaryTilt is NOT regulated despite several warnings from the regulatory authorities. The Australian Security and Investments Commission (ASIC) has already warned people by declaring that the company might have been a scam (06-07.2016).

BinaryTilt started as a promising platform and 1000s tried its services over the past 5 years but the traffic to the platform suddenly dropped down significantly after the mass awareness of the warnings by the regulatory authorities.

Ontario Securities Commission, Canada also warned the company for operating in Canada without acquiring a license (22-01-2016). The Japanese JFSA also issued a warning against BinaryTilt and Chemmi Holdings (05-01-2016). Things never stopped because BSBC also issued the warning against Chemmi Holdings Limited and BinaryTilt (27-04-2017).

BinaryTilt Complaints

The list of complaints against BinaryTilt is extensive and lengthy. In the beginning, things had been on the right track but not over the last couple of years.

Most of the complaints are suggestive of the unresponsive withdrawal requests. Investors are not happy with the harsh attitude of the support desk and some even complain about the lack of any response.

Initially, it seemed as if the withdrawal takes much longer than usual due to the careful accountancy procedure but that is not really the case. Chemmi Holdings actually operated MaxCFD,, and and none of these websites complied with the regulations. These websites have been brought down, most probably by the regulatory authorities.

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An investor deposited GBP 5,000. Once done, the support team never behaved. Then the investor was told that MAXCFD is the VIP platform it is better to invest some money there to receive VIP treatment and quick signals.

Another investor reports that his login credentials automatically changed and he didn’t manage to login for over 24 hours. After a tiresome effort and verbal quest with the support team, he finally managed to login only to witness that over 65% of his money was spent somewhere and his account suffered from a huge loss.

There are several other complainers bullying the support team for being harsh, holding their money almost forever, and some of them never managed to successfully withdraw their hard-earned money.

BinaryTilt Withdrawal

On paper, BinayTilt facilitated the investors with three popular withdrawal options which included:

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Skrill (Moneybookers)
  3. Credit Card

The withdrawal took from 7 to 10 working days (claimed by the company) regardless of the method. One must ponder over this, why the heck are they holding it for so many days even in the case of Skrill?

With most of the legitimate brokers, you don’t have to wait for over 5 days and they even offer 24-hours withdrawal via Skrill. What’s the point of offering Skrill withdrawal if you’re still taking from 7 to 10 days to process the transaction? Can there be something bigger than this to ring the alarm against BinaryTilt scam?

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BinaryTilt also acclaimed a Euro 50 fee if you opt for the withdrawal without actually trading anything.

Do you really get your money back? That is the big question and the reviews from authentic BinaryTilt investors are not encouraging. It is not about the delay actually. It is about identity theft, unauthorized access to your account, unauthorized spending from your account without even consulting you, and never ever receiving the money back from the clutches of this cruel platform.

Is BinaryTilt a Scam?

It’s a comfortable, big and loud YES! What else must we wait for? There is enough evidence to reveal the true colours of BinaryTilt scam. You can verify the ASIC warning against CHemmi Holdings and BinaryTilt in June 2017. Beware of the fact that the malicious administration has set multiple baits including MaxCFD and BInaryOptionFlow. The names are different but the recipe is the same. You must smell the rat because the FPA also declared BinaryTilt to be a scam (October 2017).

There are scores of investors who lost huge sums in an attempt to make big profits through BinaryTilt. It is the time to forget what’s passed, keep your eyes open because they come again with different names.

Our Verdict on BinaryTilt

Thumbs DownIt is not only about BinaryTilt but also about all the trading options and brokers, that you must have a clear idea about their procedures and compliance with the regulations. The best way to stop believing what the advertisers suggest. Use your intuition, ask the genuine investors about the opinion, and read as much as possible about the broker before investing anything.

We strongly recommend you to stay away from anything that is linked with Chemmi Holdings Limited. The name itself is enough to trigger the stinging sensation. Yes, they make big profits but from your hard-earned money, not from trading. They use your money for their malicious motives.

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