Dalton Finance Scam Complaints – Get Your Money Back From This Scam Broker


Dalton Finance takes price in offering binary options assisted by the Panda Trading System. The provision of assets includes Forex Paris, Individual Stocks, Market Indices, and Commodities…

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As far as the binary options types are concerned, Dalton Finance offers High/Low, Range, One-Touch, and Hyper (30-60 sec, 2/5/10 min.). In addition, the system software features copy trading as well. The Android and iOS supportive mobile app was also in its development phase but it never materialized before Dalton Finance website went down.

If somebody around you recommends opting for Dalton Finance or the associated platforms, you need to read this review carefully. Dalton Finance scam complaints stacked up over the past few years so you must not make a quick decision without proper investigation.

Dalton Finance Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Dalton Finance seems to be one of the biggest scam brokers we have come across to date & during 2017 it looks like they parted literally hundreds of thousands of people with their cash. Unsurprisingly it now seems their operation has been shut down, but if you have lost money then keep reading to find out how you can get it back.

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Dalton Finance Background

Riverrun Partners Ltd. has been rumoured to be the original owner of this binary options system. The company’s information reveals that it was being operated from 64 Paul Street, London.

Dalton Finance became operational back in 2016 and it had its offices in Bulgaria and Sofia, in addition to the UK. Anticipating the client’s reaction, the company promised the launch of a mobile app for iOS and Android. More and more traders are looking for On-The-Go trading facilities so the company’s management either invested in an app development or it just spread the rumour to keep the clients motivated.

Is Dalton Finance Regulated?

Dalton Finance is NOT regulated under any of regulatory authorities. The company still managed to attract 100s of investors mainly from Australian, Germany and the United States. With the passage of time, things started to stumble for the investors as well as for the company. Today, daltonfinace.com is down for some reason, and as per their clients, the company has closed its doors and there is no way to communicate with its representatives.

Dalton Finance Complaints

Dean Rossini, an alleged representative of the company worked with some of the company’s clients. Most of the investors now claim that Rossini stopped responding to their calls since February 2017.

One of the clients argues that he had $73,000 in his Dalton Finance account before the account was locked for unknown reasons. He tried to connect with the company’s reps but in vain.

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Most of the clients from the United States came up with similar complaints. With the rise of complaints against the company’s reps and the unauthorized access and blocking of the accounts, the management finally decided to bring the website down. It was in June 2017 that the company shut down the online trading without even sending a notice. Even the legal proceedings on the behalf of the company’s disappointed clients didn’t reach a reasonable conclusion.

Some of the clients tried to recover their loss by option for the chargeback but their banks refused to materialize the transactions because the simply didn’t facilitate any chargeback for binary options.

Extremely disappointing! Isn’t it? This is why they say, never listen to a person telling you about a great investment opportunity and leading you to invest in something that is not even regulated. As soon as they escape, your money also flies to the unknown lands. It isn’t about “IF” but it is about “WHEN” because one day or the other, this is going to happen in the case of an unregulated company.

Dalton Finance Withdrawal

Dalton Finance facilitated Wire Transactions and Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa Electron, Visa, and Maestro).

In the case of a wire transfer, the minimum bar was set at $500, in addition to a 30$ fee. In the case of the Credit Cards, the minimum deposit amount was set at $200. If you wanted to withdraw your funds, the minimum amount, in that case, was set at $30, and the processing required from 5 to 7 working days. You also had to first verify your identity before the withdrawal confirmation.

Basically, the company was still in the process of development. Before the website went down, there was a Neteller icon in place but it never worked. It was just a lollipop the company presented similar to that of the app development.

Is Dalton Finance a Scam?

Honestly, not enough information about its current portfolio is available. The only information we have has come from the disappointed clients who once saw Dalton Finance as a promising investment opportunity. The company just appeared in 2016 and vanished almost invisibly within less than a year.

Whether it was the planning from the company’s management or it was the case of the brokers and representatives running away with the money, the fact is that it didn’t serve the purpose. Dalton Finance scam was a grave and quick disappointment for most of its clients.

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There is no reason for doubting the client’s reviews because there is no response from any of the company’s reps. The website is down, the mobile app never emerged, and on top of that the accounts were blocked, the reps refused to attend the calls from the clients.

Imagine getting up one day realizing that you can’t login to your bank account and don’t even have the access to your funds. Will you start asking yourself whether the bank was a scam or legit? You can better answer the question! In our view, there can’t be a quicker and more aggressive scam than Dalton Finance.

Our Verdict on Dalton Finance

Thumbs DownWe strongly recommend selecting only regulated binary options platforms. Nobody takes the responsibility once things reach the point of no return.

The one who originally came up with the idea, be it your closest friend or a family member, will never take the responsibility. He/she will argue that you must have opened your eyes. They often come up with the counter question “Did I force you to invest?” and the story is over, nobody cares about your loss and you don’t have an answer to such a dry, loud and blunt argument. Please stay away from any of such scams, whether it is Dalton Finance or the likes of it. Their crime-scheme is almost similar. They emerge, vanish, and then appear with some new name.

Get Your Money Back From Dalton Finance

Even though Dalton Finance appears to have now closed down there is still a very good chance that you will be able to retrieve any money that you happened to lose via their brokerage services.

If it was within the last 5 years that you traded with them or deposited money with them then our free money reclaim guide will show you exactly how you can get it back from them.

The steps in our guide are easy to follow & to date it has helped thousands of people to reclaim their lost funds from scam binary options brokers, and so we know it will be able to help you in the instance of Dalton Finance as well.

As we say the guide is absolutely free of charge & you can get access to it via this link here… So if you have lost funds then be sure to check it out as it’ll definitely be able to help.

A Legitimate & Better Way To Make Money

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Scammed by Dalton Finance,lost $125k (my total retirement) thru a lying scumbag Dean Rossini. I tried recovery thru lawyer Veronica Birman ($12,500), Wealth Recovery International, Blackstone Intelligence,($2000.00) a few so called ethical hacker’s ($7000.00),(scammed by all), to Dalton, had to file bankruptcy, owe the IRS 25K. also tried chargeback fraud claim thru bank, which they denied stating I authorized the transactions. Can you give me some direction? I am so angry but I don’t want to give up!

  2. everywhere i see good reviews, but when i invested and tried withdrawing it has been bad, they even blocked me. if anyone is experiencing such pls reply. i need to find out if I’m not the only one experiencing this!!


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