Libertex Review – Scam Trading Platform or Legit Broker That Actually Allows Withdrawals?


If you are looking for a trading platform that offers a lot of tools for technical analysis then Libertex may turn out to be the top choice. The platform serves with momentum indicators, trend lines, oscillators, moving averages, and Japanese candles in addition to many other tools…

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It’ll never surprise us to see these tools with more and more trading platforms but at the moment we seldom witness a comprehensive range offered by a single platform. This is what made us enthusiastic about Libertex.

Online trading is not all about analytical tools but it also involves a number of important factors and the legitimacy of the platform has to be up to the mark. Let’s see if Libertex scam complaints can ruin its popularity. The platform is based on MT4 and there is also MT5 on offer and you can also trade cryptocurrencies via this website. This review will bring to you the facts about important considerations. So here we go!

Libertex Review Summary

Cost: $50+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Libertex is indeed regulated which is slightly reassuring, however at present they are only regulated by CySEC – the same body that has regulated many scam brokers in the past so this doesn’t build total trust in our opinion. For that reason & the fact that Libertex has received many complaints about withdrawal problems we do not recommend them. If you have already lost money to them though then keep reading to see how you can get it back.

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Libertex Background

Indication Investments Ltd. owns and operates Libertex as an FX and CFD broker.

  • Company: Indication Investments Ltd.
  • Business: FX & CFD Online Broker
  • Year Established: 2015
  • Address 1: Karaiskaki 21 St. Office 31, Limassol 3032, Cyprus.
  • Address 2: 134 Agia Fylaxeous & Amisou, ANISSA Court, 4th Floor, 3087, Limassol, Cyprus.
  • Membership: Forex Club Group
  • Phone: +357 22 025 100
  • Email:

The features of this platform are pretty much similar to the conventional CFD and FX trading websites. The education section is not up to the mark but this drawback is compensated by the provision of live news updates. The platform also features Trading Central that brings to you the trading advice. We don’t really like the platforms offering too many pieces of advice but this is how most of them actually work.

The platform may be a bit complex for the newbies but it doesn’t take too long to get used to. The website doesn’t really specify a minimum deposit and upon asking, the rep on the Live Support told us that there was no bar for the minimum deposit so we should feel free to deposit as much or as low as we wanted. This answer wasn’t really satisfying so we tried to contact via Live Support after a few hours and a different rep told us that $10 was the minimum deposit limit.

And yes, Libertex does offer a Demo account so that you can practice trading before going live. Newbies! We highly recommend you to spend significant time on Demo account because we have found this platform a bit complex than any of the platforms we’ve reviewed.

For crypto-lovers, Libertex is a happy hunting ground. The platform offers Stellar, Zcash, Iota, Dash, Ethereum and of course, Bitcoin in addition to many other digital currencies. You’ll have to carefully go through the trading conditions though!

Libertex website is available in 11 languages but the problem is that finding detailed information about the trading conditions is still a tough ask and we’ll recommend you to contact the Live Support for specific details. And yes, Libertex mobile apps are also available.

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Is Libertex Regulated?

Good news! Libertex is regulated by CySEC.

License # 164/12.

Well, this is what makes us happy because CySEC is arguably the most reliable regulatory authority. We have realized that the new platforms are seeking for the private regulatory authorities but Libertex doesn’t disappoint. This is a huge plus!

Libertex Complaints

We are convinced that Libertex website still needs a lot of work to be done in terms of more specific information and explanation of the trading conditions. We’ll also love to see the website become simpler because, at the moment, the platform is fairly complex for the beginners.

Since the platform is new and is also regulated by CySEC, there is no surprise that we didn’t manage to find serious complaints against the broker.

Libertex Withdrawal

According to the website, the Libertex requires from 3 business days to 5 business days to conclude the wire transfer. Withdrawal via Credit/Debit cards requires just one business day and same applies to Neteller and Skrill, a couple of eWallets facilitated by the platform. 1 currency unit is the fee the withdrawal via Credit/Debit card. For wire transfer, the fee is 0.5% of the withdrawal amount (max. 10 Currency Units).

Information was hard to find but finally, I managed to get to a section of the website that explains withdrawals: processing time is usually 3 – 5

Is Libertex a Scam?

Not at all! We are happy to have failed to find Libertex scam alerts. The big reason is that the company is regulated by the World’s most trusted regulatory authority and that there have been no public warnings against the company. In addition, the company is a member of the Forex Club Group. The platform is fairly transparent. Yes, there are some minor issues such as the lack of sufficient information on the website but it doesn’t really hurt Libertex’s reputation.

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Our Verdict on Libertex

Thumbs DownThere is a margin for improvements. The website can get more efficient and user-friendly than it is at the moment. Still, we recommend Libertex only if you are an experienced trader. At the moment, the platform is a bit tricky for the beginners so newbies need to be more careful. The good idea is to spend more and more time on the Demo account to become more and more familiar with this platform.

Scammed By Libertex? How To Get Your Money Back?

Since writing this Libertex review it has come to our attention that there have been several reports published online with people claiming to have been scammed by Libertex. Now we cannot verify whether these reports are true or not, however it is clearly quite alarming all the same.

Regardless though, if you feel you have been scammed by Libertex yourself you have landed in the right place because we have put together a step-by-step money reclaim guide which shows you exactly how you can get your money back from a binary options scam.

The guide was first launched in 2018 & since then it has helped thousands of people to successfully get their money back from binary options scams & therefore if you feel you have fallen victim to the Libertex scam then we are confident it will help you too.

Once again you can get access to the guide totally free by clicking here now.

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