The GTOptions Scam Is Shocking! Lost Money? Our Review Uncovers How To Get It Back


The best thing about GTOptions is its association with some of the best professional experts in the field. Most of the investors loved this binary options platform for its awesome customer support. The platform is based on SpotOption, a promising software to serve the purpose.

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GTOptions facilitates its client with multiple tools and investment strategies. It promises a return of 90% which is rare. The trade options include One-Touch, Long Term, Meta Charts, High/Low, 60 Seconds, and Pair Options.

If you are looking to invest with GTOptions you first need to go through this review to know whether GTOptions scam rumours are legitimate or the platform itself is a reliable medium for generating a handsome profit. Let’s first have a quick look at the company’s background.

GTOptions Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: GTOptions looks to be one of the biggest scam broker operations we have ever uncovered & judging from the complaints they have conned hundreds of thousands out of their hard earned cash. Needless to say we absolutely do not recommend GTOptions & we warn you against getting involved with them. If you have already lost money though, keep reading to find out how you can recover it.

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GTOptions Background

GTOptions website suggested Nicosia, Cyprus as the place of its headquarters and The World Marketing Global Ltd. owned GTOptions. The platform was introduced in 2011 and it continued to serve traders from different countries.

GTOptions mainly attracted investors from South Africa. The good thing is that the platform also welcomed investors from the United States. Most of the binary options brokers fail to do so due to some legal restrictions. Luckily, it hasn’t been the case with GTOptions.

Is GTOptions Regulated?

GTOptions is NOT regulated but its website consistently suggested that the platform will be regulated under the concerned regulatory authority in near future. It still managed to win the trust of investors from different countries.

Back in September 2016, GTOptions website suffered from a significant traffic decline. The reason behind this decline was the rising number of complaints against the company’s customer support team that had been serving efficiently for many years.

The company never managed to regain the trust it had built over the years and the traffic decline continued until the website was shut down. The CySEC warned GTOptions back in December 2016 telling masses that the company wasn’t operating under the CIF regulations.

GTOptions Complaints

Like most of the binary options trading platforms, the clients started to launch complaints against GTOptions, some called the company nothing but a thief, whereas other called it mongrel, and so on.

Most of the complaints are about unauthorized access to the accounts and even the processing of transactions without bringing it to the notice of the account holder. It seems as if the complaints against the brokers are of no use and people will keep losing their money forever. No broker on earth is free from serious charges.

Initially, the complaints began with criticizing the complex withdrawal process that kept the clients waiting for weeks. Things turned worse when the complaints of theft and unauthorized access, in addition to non-responsive customer care emerged suddenly.

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One client alleged Peter Stevens, a GTOptions representative, and broker, for forcing him into spending $5k in just the matter of hours. The broker tricked the client by convincing him that the trade contains extremely low risk and such opportunities rarely show up. Once the trade was finalized, Peter Stevens vanished like a ghost and never returned.

Well, it seems as if binary options platforms are the best way to make millions in months just by setting up a website assisted by a professional looking software! How on earth a does person get ready to invest big in something that doesn’t even guarantee you a profit? All they offer is just a possibility of profit generation. Well, human psychology plays a vital role in this practice. We all love to make money even while sleeping. People want to get rich overnight and become a part of the higher strata of society. Well, this approach is perhaps the best way to lose what you already have.

GTOptions Withdrawal

The banking and withdrawal process of GTOptions is assisted by the SSL technology to ensure safely encrypted processing of transactions. The company asked for certain documentary proof from the traders. These documents included the proof of address, the copy of the credit card (displaying the last 4 digits) and a copy of the Identity Card.

Withdrawal options included Credit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, CashU, and Wire Transfer. $100 was the minimum withdrawal limit. In the case of credit cards and e-wallets, no fee was charged but there was a 25$ fee against a withdrawal via Wire Transfer.
The withdrawal took just 3 working days to process. Pretty impressive as most of the brokers process a withdrawal in no less than 5 working days.

Is GTOptions a Scam?

The website is down and the representatives have vanished after taking away funds from their clients’ accounts. What else can you expect in addition to such annoying complaints? GTOptions scam alerts began to alarm the customers from the start of 2016 and that was the time when the existing clients smelled the rat and tried to get their funds back. Nothing worked though!

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Once again, an unregulated binary options broker steals away big money from its clients. We don’t know when and how this practice is going to end. One thing is for sure, you have to take the responsibility, be careful, think wisely and consult other around you before making a decision. Scammers have just one motive, present the bait and then wait for their victim to make a mistake. It is happening since ages and it continues to happen in one way or the other.

Our Verdict on GTOptions

Thumbs DownStay far away from GTOptions and all other unregulated traders. You work hard to earn money and it doesn’t reach easily to your pocket. Once you have the reward of your hard work, it is your responsibility to value your assets, protect them from such tricksters, and be contented with whatever you have, and keep working hard.

Easy money doesn’t come without a big gamble. Do you have millions to spare? Can you afford such adventures? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before falling prey to those around you who keep narrating other’s stories of becoming millionaires overnight. The tragedy begins as soon as you show interest in somebody telling you an easy moneymaking secret!

Get Your Money Back From GTOptions

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