Is BinaryUno a Scam? CAUTION! Withdrawal Problems Reported [Full Review]


BinaryUno is probably known for its exceptional Live Support and the way the support team manages to facilitate the clients. In addition, this broker is also offering a SpotOption platform that is arguably the top-choice of Forex traders…

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The website is functional so it means that we are reviewing an existing broker, thanks, God! BinaryUno seems to be more interested in European and Middle Eastern investors.

Is this the broker you are looking for? Are there any serious BinaryUno scam complaints are regulatory warnings? How has the company performed in the past? Who owns it and what do the existing clients suggest about this broker? To know the answers, you need to go through this review.

BinaryUno Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: The BinaryUno broker website is still live & it appears they are still taking onboard new customers, but despite this in our opinion BinaryUno is indeed a scam & we do not recommend them. There are various reasons for this which you can find in our detailed review below, but mainly due to withdrawal complaints. With that being said if you have already lost money to BinaryUno then keep reading to see how you can get it back.

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BinaryUno Background

Smart Choice Zone LP operates BinaryUno and the address mentioned on the website is:

Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland.

And the following is the website address:

The web content doesn’t explain if Smart Choice Zone owns the company or it just supervises the payment processing. We’ve reviewed some brokers who simply mention a company name without describing the role of that company. It happens when a broker is actually not even linked with a legitimate company. So this is an initial sign of a possible scam.

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Upon further investigation, we found that Binary UNO claims to enter into a new agreement in the future. The Terms & Conditions section of the website suggests that Titanium Tech Solutions Ltd. is going to sign the agreement. According to what the website claims, Titanium Tech Solutions Ltd. will be responsible for complaints about deposits. The content also claims that Titanium Tech Solutions Ltd. is regulated (Company Number 146940) under Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

Upon further investigation, we didn’t find the Titanium Tech Solutions Ltd. in the list of the companies on Vanuatu Financial Services Commissions official website. Well, this is a serious problem that we can’t ignore. We are convinced that today’s review is about a broker trying to encourage investors by providing fake information and making false promises. How could a legitimate broker upload such a bold lie? Neither is it a mistake nor a misunderstanding. This is a planned move and we are really worried about the traders already investing through this platform.

Is BinaryUno Regulated?

BinaryUno is NOT regulated; another red-flag. Let’s have a look at the warnings from the regulatory authorities.

  • 03-03-2017: The ASIC (Australia) issued a public warning against BinaryUno claiming that the broker’s reps are cold-calling to attract Aussie citizens.
  • 19-09-2017: BCSC (Canada) issued a public warning against BinaryUno claiming that the broker is authorized to serve in British Columbia.

In addition, the BCSC warning contained a confusion, intriguing and interesting information. The warning states that DOM Technology Services Ltd. is operating BinaryUno. Well, that is unbelievable. Perhaps the website is claiming different links for different regions. Is BinaryUno is operated by any company whatsoever? Or is it simply a virtual platform that is planning to vanish right after announcing “Now You See Me…dear investors!”

BinaryUno Complaints

Firstly, the broker’s ownership is an unresolved dispute. Secondly, the website’s content is misleading and maybe a bunch of blunt lies. Thirdly, the platform is not regulated.

The nature of complaints is serious. The traders are posting disappointing reviews by claiming that withdrawing your money is virtually impossible.

There are dozens of investors who can’t resist calling BinaryUno a swindler. Once again, this broker is also involved in accessing trader’s accounts without prior permission.

A trader claims that he went to bed at 11:00 pm leaving $1,570 and he got up at 6:00 am only to know that his Binary UNO account was left with $210. He never knew what happened, who accessed the account, and how did the “ghost” manage to trade during the night. But he came to know one important thing, he had no way to get his money back and we think that he could not have learned a better lesson.

Regardless of the number of times, we repeat the phrase “Never Trust an Unregulated Broker”, just one such experience teaches everything which could not.

FPA has serious concerns about the frequently uploaded positive reviews praising BinaryUno. FPA administration claims that these reviews are paid and completely fake. The website has removed all of those reviews for good reasons.

BinaryUno Withdrawal

Like most of the binary options brokers, BinaryUno facilitates Credit Card and Wire Transfer to process the withdrawal requests. You can’t withdraw anything less than $100. The withdrawal fee is quite high, i.e. $35. This is a huge drawback because most of the brokers don’t even charge anything in the case of Credit Card withdrawal. And they charge around $10 for wire transfer. Anyways, the processing of withdrawal takes from 5 working days to 10 working days.

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Is BinaryUno a Scam?

Based on everything going against the broker, the malicious content on the website, and the warnings from the regulatory authorities, we can conclude that the chances of moving from BinaryUno broker to BinaryUno scam are 90 out of 100.

We don’t really have a hint of the acclaimed ownerships. The warnings from the Canadian authorities have mentioned a different owner. The warning from the Aussie authorities has named a different company as BinaryUno operator. We have significant doubts and that’s what makes us believe in most of the complaints against the broker.

It’s also been rumoured that BinaryUno could possibly be connected with the UKOptions scam (which has now closed).

Our Verdict on BinaryUno

Thumbs DownWe DO NOT recommend BinaryUno at any cost. The traders who have experienced the curse of this broker claim that as soon as they deposited their money, the reps started to treat them just like a subordinate. The reps literally made the traders feel like the broker was in charge and the funds were at the disposal of the broker’s will. This is sheer humiliation.

How could you spend even a penny through such a ridiculous platform? We really don’t see a reason. We can’t even imagine what goes through the mind of an investor to convince him/her to trust such a malicious entity. We literally lack any possible explanation. We really don’t know what to say!

Get Your Money Back From BinaryUno

Since publishing this review we have begun coming across a lot of complaints about people being scammed by BinaryUno & also many withdrawal complaints with people saying that BinaryUno are blocking withdrawals.

Either way, if you feel you have been scammed by BinaryUno (or any other binary options broker for that matter) then you can rest assured that you’ve landed in the right place as we’ve put together a free money reclaim guide which explains step-by-step how you can recover lost funds.

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