Top 10 Gun Affiliate Programs for Maximum Earnings


In the world of affiliate marketing, finding the right programs to promote can make a significant difference in your earnings. If you’re looking to tap into the firearms niche, you’re in luck! There are numerous gun affiliate programs that cater to a diverse range of gun enthusiasts. To help you maximize your earnings, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gun affiliate programs that offer lucrative commissions and great potential for success.

1. Brownells Affiliate Program

Brownells is a well-known retailer of firearms, ammunition, and gun accessories. Their affiliate program offers a competitive commission rate on all sales generated through your unique affiliate link. With a wide range of high-quality products and a strong reputation in the industry, promoting Brownells can be a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers.

2. Cabela’s Affiliate Program

Cabela’s is another popular destination for gun enthusiasts, offering a diverse selection of hunting gear, firearms, and outdoor equipment. Their affiliate program provides attractive commission rates and access to a wide range of promotional materials to help you drive sales. With a dedicated affiliate team to support you, promoting Cabela’s products can lead to significant earnings.

3. Palmetto State Armory Affiliate Program

Palmetto State Armory is a leading retailer of firearms, ammunition, and gun parts. Their affiliate program offers competitive commissions on all sales, as well as exclusive affiliate discounts and promotions. With a vast product inventory and a reputation for quality and affordability, promoting Palmetto State Armory can help you earn generous commissions.

4. NRA Store Affiliate Program

The NRA Store is the official merchandise store of the National Rifle Association, offering a wide range of NRA-branded products, including apparel, accessories, and collectibles. Their affiliate program features competitive commissions and a dedicated affiliate support team to help you maximize your earnings. Promoting the NRA Store allows you to cater to a loyal and passionate audience of gun rights advocates.

5. OpticsPlanet Affiliate Program

OpticsPlanet is a one-stop shop for optics, tactical gear, and hunting accessories. Their affiliate program offers generous commission rates on a wide range of products, from scopes and sights to protective eyewear and firearm accessories. With a user-friendly website and a reputation for quality products, promoting OpticsPlanet can result in high earnings for affiliate marketers.

6. Sportsman’s Guide Affiliate Program

Sportsman’s Guide is a go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of products for hunting, fishing, and camping. Their affiliate program provides competitive commissions on all sales, as well as access to exclusive promotions and discounts for affiliate partners. With a loyal customer base and a wide selection of products, promoting Sportsman’s Guide can lead to substantial earnings.

7. Primary Arms Affiliate Program

Primary Arms is a top retailer of firearms, accessories, and gun parts, specializing in AR-15 components and tactical gear. Their affiliate program offers attractive commission rates on all sales, as well as a dedicated affiliate manager to assist you with your promotional efforts. With a focus on quality products and customer satisfaction, promoting Primary Arms can be a profitable venture for affiliate marketers.

8. GunMag Warehouse Affiliate Program

GunMag Warehouse is a leading supplier of firearm magazines, offering a wide selection of gun magazines for various makes and models. Their affiliate program features competitive commissions on magazine sales, as well as bonuses for top-performing affiliates. With a strong reputation in the industry and a diverse product inventory, promoting GunMag Warehouse can result in significant earnings for affiliate marketers.

9. GunBroker Affiliate Program

GunBroker is the largest online marketplace for firearms and related accessories, connecting buyers and sellers in a secure platform. Their affiliate program offers commissions on new customer registrations and completed transactions, providing multiple opportunities to earn money as an affiliate. With a vast user base and a trusted platform, promoting GunBroker can lead to substantial earnings for affiliate marketers.

10. Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program

Bass Pro Shops is a premier retailer of outdoor gear, including a wide selection of firearms, ammunition, and hunting equipment. Their affiliate program offers competitive commissions on all sales generated through your affiliate links, as well as access to a range of promotional materials and exclusive offers for affiliate partners. With a well-established brand and a loyal customer base, promoting Bass Pro Shops can help you maximize your earnings as an affiliate marketer.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the firearms niche offers ample opportunities for affiliate marketers to earn generous commissions by promoting top gun affiliate programs. By choosing the right programs that align with your audience and niche, you can maximize your earnings and establish a sustainable income stream through affiliate marketing. Whether you’re catering to gun enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, or tactical gear aficionados, promoting these top 10 gun affiliate programs can help you achieve success in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

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