Start Options Review – Scam Trading & Mining Platform? Certainly Looks That Way!


One of the most interesting looking websites an online trading platform can ever have! Start Options emerged as a favourable platform for the beginners but the experts always kept a distance because the skin of the old website was surprisingly unorthodox. It looked more like a poster of a Japanese movie or the Chinese new-year event…

Start Options Trading Website Screenshot

The good news is that Start Options has revised the web layout and the new skin is much better but the features are more or less the same. It doesn’t hurt the beginners. The number of assets is not high but for the newbies, fewer is better. Do you like crypto-trading? This platform might grab your attention!

Before anything else, the first consideration must be the level of legitimacy. This review is mainly focused on the reliability of the broker’s features and the transparency of its owner and operator. Start Options scam complaints may play a decisive role because the platform was introduced 9 years ago and there must have been thousands of user-reviews to rely on.

Start Options Review Summary

Cost: $1000+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: To begin with Start Options is not regulated and the “insurance policy” doesn’t exist. On top of that the whole thing looks like a mere pyramid scheme & these days the website is barely getting any visitors whatsoever. We do not recommend investing any money with Start Options & if you have already lost money to them then continue reading to see how you can get it back.

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Start Options Background

Start Options is based on TradeSmarter and it was introduced in 2010. TradeChange Ltd. manages the platform.

  • Address 1. Two International Finance Centre Level 19, Two International Finance Center 8 Finance Street Central, Hong Kong.
  • Support.

The website states various strange things and even it doesn’t talk about the owner or the registration number of the company. Moreover, the website talks about Crypto-mining. We are surprised to see this option and are still not clear about how it works.

For the first few years, Start Options didn’t manage to attract visitors to the website. Then the management changed the web layout and the new skin generated some good results. Bitcoin Auto-Trading was on offer and it helped the platform to achieve some level of success.

Moreover, we are not sure how trading works on this platform. This is something unconventional. They ask you for a deposit and then you have to sit and wait for the profit. They don’t even tell you where the profit comes from.

The website offers no education section at all. You don’t find tutorials anywhere on the website. No specific information is available to give you a clear lead. The website also promises the provision of the stop-loss option as well the 300:1 leverage. Have you ever heard of such leverage? This is insane and we don’t know if it is even possible.

One unique feature is that Start Options has introduced the insurance system that secures each account equivalent to the 100% of the initial deposit.

Again, we don’t have the level of wisdom to explain the working of this impressive feature.

There is a big issue. The experts will definitely catch up and detect the loopholes and the beginners will find it complex because the claims on the website are confusing and virtually unrealistic.

The website is at sixes and sevens. The new layout is also much like a betting site. To make things worse, the platform doesn’t offer any Demo account. No tutorials, no e-Books, and no education section!

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Is Start Options Regulated?

Start Options is NOT regulated and it disappoints us because the platform is 9-year old and so far we don’t see an attempt to acquire a license. The name of the company is unheard and the website doesn’t provide the registration number. So this platform fails to convince in terms of transparency.

Start Options Complaints

Start Options is arguably the weirdest looking trading platform we’ve ever come across. It is far away from the conventions. Perhaps we are not aware of the Asian taste and this broker claims to operate from Hong Kong. So it greets you with sharp colours.

The website defines mining as the activity of holding the digital currency for 90 days. But this is something extremely new to us. Mining is a complex thing and we don’t know how they distribute the profit after successful mining of a coin. The thing is, what contribution does it make to mining? Does keeping coins help you mining more coins? We don’t think so!

It is surprising to realize that finding Start Options scam complaints are not frequent. But a few complaints confirm that this platform is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme. This is a serious allegation and we are also convinced that the platform is focused on encouraging the existing clients to bring in more traders.

Start Options Withdrawal

The older version of the website didn’t contain any information about the withdrawal amounts. The new version also lacks the information about the withdrawal limits. All we know is that the Credit Card, Bitcoin, and Wire Transfer are the methods facilitated by Start Options.

Is Start Options a Scam?

We are pretty much sure that Start Options scam claims are true. The platform doesn’t really offer trading features. The claims made on the website are false. From 2010 to 2017, the website didn’t attract visitors. The average number of visitors per month was no more than a few hundred. It was in December 2017 that Start Options hit close to 100k mark and it was due to the rebranding of the website and the introduction of the Bitcoin trading and mining.

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Our Verdict on Start Options

Thumbs DownWell, are you willing to deposit $1,000? The platform is not regulated. The claims about the insurance are also false. The whole mechanism is suspicious. We DO NOT recommend Start Options. We even think that this is not a trading platform but a Ponzi Scheme that relies on commissions and false publicity.

Scammed By Start Options? Reclaim Your Money!

Since publishing this review we have been contacted by several people who claim to have been scammed by Start Options. They mentioned that Start Options promised profits & encouraged them to deposit more money but the profits never came – or they did come but at a later date Start Options blocked withdrawals.

Whilst that in itself is not good news, there is thankfully some light at the end of the tunnel as we have put together a free money reclaim guide which shows you exactly how you can get your money back from a binary options scam.

So if you have lost money to the Start Options scam then we highly recommend that you check out our guide here as it’s completely free & to date it’s helped thousands of people to reclaim their money from scam binary options brokers.

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