OX Markets SCAM Uncovered – Review Brings To Light The Hidden Truth


OX Markets is based on the SpotOptions 2.0 version, one of the top-notch preferences for the beginners. The software is definitely popular for its reliability, easy UI, and smooth functioning…

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OX Markets not only offered binary options brokerage services, but it also served the users with the educational material and that’s a big plus keeping in mind the number of beginners trying to make some profit through this promising platform.

If you are looking to start trading online as a beginner, then most of the experts would suggest a system based on SpotOptions but does it really mean that you can opt for any available platform? No, it depends on the company owning the service, how clean the history of the company has been over the past few years, and what’s the nature of complaints against the platform. OX Markets scam warnings are also not out of question and it is usual with most of the online traders. Let’s begin with an overview of the company.

OX Markets Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Initially upon publishing this review there had not been many complaints against OX Markets but recently there have been rumours of people getting scammed by OX Markets so for that reason we do not recommend them. We have also never seen anybody manage to make sustainable profits from binary options trading in general so we actually advise against binary trading altogether.

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OX Markets Background

OX Capital Markets Ltd. introduced OX Markets in 2015. There had been no serious allegations against the company in the past and even the OX Markets had an impressive take-off.

OX Markets facilitates its clients with a demonstration version but be notified that the Demo version does require a deposit. The website features 7 languages, but it resulted in minor controversies because the website took longer to complete. During the website’s construction, the company was actually operational and the simultaneous presence of content in different languages irritated the users during the early days.

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OX Markets offers 12 currency pairs, 19 indices, 7 commodities, and 19 stocks. The problem is that the company started off by promising 200 assets and it was advertised right there on the homepage. Because the website’s construction took much longer, the clients were confused to witness the difference in the number of currency pairs, stocks, and indices from that of mentioned in the ads.

So we can say that it wasn’t a smooth sailing for a few months but things improved in the long run.

Is OX Markets Regulated?

Yes, OX Markets is registered under CySEC license 275/15. 67, Spyros Kyprianou CY-4042, Limassol, Cyprus is the registered address of the company. The information is available on the CySEC website as well. So, till now, we have a promising broker that is registered since 2015 and there is no major complaint other than the initial blunders regarding the delays in the construction of the website.

For some clients, OX Markets existed as one of the most transparent entities in the industry. Now is the time to see if there are any serious allegations against this platform.

OX Markets Complaints

Apart from the initial complaints about the technical specs, there has not been any major complaint against OX Markets. The encouraging fact is that the website is still up. It is the major indicator while determining the legitimacy of binary options trading platforms.

Still, there are minute issues, for instance, mixing of English and Hungarian in some phrases of the Accounts Section. But that doesn’t make a big difference. In this section, we generally look for serious complaints, and we are happy to announce that OX Markets is still working fine, satisfying its clients and the traders are happy with the provision of transparent and reliable services. We must not ponder much on minor issues as long as your money is safe, you are generating profit, and the website administration is not manipulating the statistics.

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Clients are also satisfied with the customer care department. Nobody has ever mentioned an incident of unauthorized access to their account, an invisible trade, or irritating delays in withdrawals. We hope that things remain on the same track and the clients keep generating profits, thanks to the educational material and effective software for the beginners.

OX Markets Withdrawal

OX Markets offers Credit Card (Delta, Visa, Diners, Maestro, Solo, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro UK – Switch) as well as Wire Transfer methods for withdrawals. $100 is the lower bar for the withdrawal. It takes from 3 to 5 business days to process a withdrawal.

The withdrawal policy is pretty clear, loud, and simple so we don’t expect the occurrence of frequent issues. No client has yet complained against the failed or prolonged withdrawal. In short, OX Markets just keeps winning section after section. We mean, the basic offers are amazing, the website is up, the company is registered, and the history of the parent company is clean. All major indicators are suggestive of a promising and reliable broker.

On top of that, we didn’t come across even a single complaint against the company so far.

Is OX Markets a Scam?

OX Markets is NOT a scam and we are confident about concluding this because the company is registered, the registration information on CySEC and OX Markets website matches word to word, and there is no serious complaint. It is a transparent platform, simple yet effective. What’s encouraging is that this is one the rare regulated platforms that are good for the beginners.

Our Verdict on OX Markets

Thumbs DownWe recommend OX Markets to everyone who is looking to enter the online trading industry. We love the fact that no regulatory authority has ever issued a warning against OX Markets, anywhere in the world. Even the registered companies sometimes suffer from such warnings as soon as they try to reach beyond their geographical boundaries.

Though it doesn’t offer a variety of indices and commodities but the beginners don’t even need an extensive variety because it could lead to wrong decisions, illusions, and false speculations.

Scammed By OX Markets? Get Your Money Back

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  1. i tried ox-markets, it was a terrible mistake. the investing was much like a roulette wheel, you picked when to invest and a timer would begin, after that time if you were up/down. you would loose money on average. after loosing too much for my liking they would not let me close out my account. saying the money i had lost was easy to recover, i just needed to spin the wheel again…. so i left it a month. then tried to get my remaining money back but got pushed to the back of the que several times. Only after threatening to contact the police did they give me my remaining money back after deducting 50 for their admin fees. Avoid


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