OptionTiger Review – Best Options Trading Course or Another Big Scam? Let’s See…


Trading stocks are way different from dealing with trading Options. In the case of Options, it is much more than mere rolling of the dice. OptionTiger is a slightly different and innovative approach that aims at helping the traders with making the most of the modern day trading opportunities…

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OptionTiger focuses on guiding the traders about making the strategy, planning for the trades, being defensive or offensive, and managing the risk factor. The platform teaches the beginners as well as the professionals. It lets you learn that predicting the trends doesn’t really matter with Options. It is the art of analyzing the probability. It teaches you to make the right adjustments and manage your trades.

Doesn’t this platform really generate the expected results for the traders? Do you really have to learn these things to become a successful trader? Could OptionTiger scam warnings ever be true? What really this platform is all about? If you are curious about all these questions then this review is going to serve you with the most relevant and reliable information about this innovative platform.

OptionTiger Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: OptionTiger is not really a “scam” as such, but in our opinion it is not really worthwhile & therefore we don’t really recommend the service, as we don’t recommend options trading in general. We believe that there are simply much better ways to make good money online that don’t require risk like options trading does.

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OptionTiger Background

Unless you lose anything you don’t learn anything. To learn important lessons from your experience, losing something becomes important. But it doesn’t mean that you must keep losing without worrying about your money. Making the same mistake again is the worst you can do. OptionTiger promises something bigger and smarter. The website claims that this platform will teach you the ultimate lesson of gaining financial independence.

Hari Swaminathan is the man behind this idea. The man himself is a modern-era graduate and has studied business. He has designed OptionTiger to teach the traders the art of Options Trading in less than one year.

Hari is an entrepreneur and it took him 10 years to understand Binary Options trading. This platform contains over 40 Options Trading courses. These courses are paid and the price of each course depends on its level and value.

OptionTiger is essentially an education platform or you could call it a trader’s academy. This platform serves the brokers with financial advisory and in-depth courses. If you are interested in learning about securities, indices, commodities, ETFs, and stocks then these courses may bring you the best material.

Is OptionTiger Regulated?

OptionTiger is not a broker so there is no question of being regulated. The website only offers educational material for traders. It doesn’t promise certain profits. The website disclaimer clearly states that the courses are educational in nature and the website administration is not responsible for the trading outcomes. This platform doesn’t recommend or promote any online broker or trading software.

OptionTiger Complaints

OptionTiger is a new website and it doesn’t serve you with brokerage services. The traders aren’t really happy with the education material though. The experts are of the view that Hari doesn’t have that exposure that could make him one of the most reliable financial experts in the industry.

According to the experienced financial experts, Hari has just worked on a good idea and he has tried to attain success by attracting the beginners and newbies. The fact is that Binary Options trading is way different than what’s advertised on the website. The prices of the courses range from $9 to $19 and each course covers only a few basics.

The courses are further subdivided into smaller courses and it really doesn’t make sense. We are still not convinced with what’s being offered on this platform. If you are impressed with the website layout, impressive language, and professional outlook, then you can try these courses but we are convinced that this website only aims at contributing to Hari’s own bank account.

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Is OptionTiger a Scam?

No, OptionTiger scam rumors are nothing but propaganda. But one thing is for sure that this platform can’t help you to become a successful trader. The sugar-coated claims are simply not true. The division of the courses and the pricing tell the truth. You gain experience in a practical scenario. If you are trading with a Regulated broker, a transparent platform with reliable account managers, then you don’t need such courses from a non-professional holding a mere graduation degree in Business Administration.

Such tips and education material is readily available for free with all legitimate and regulated brokers and there is no need to spend extra money in an anticipation of receiving something magical because we are convinced that Hari’s expertise doesn’t really match the requirements for a financial expert.

Our Verdict on OptionTiger

Thumbs DownWe DO NOT recommend OptionTiger. These courses are not capable of doing anything significant for you. They are nothing more than the basic knowledge of online Options Trading. The website fails to convince us.

On top of that, Hari Swaminathan is not a finance expert. His exposure is next to none. And we failed to find any credits to Hari’s portfolio. Nobody else talks about him. All we have is the paid content praising this person and advertising his courses. This is definitely not this right choice!

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  1. Seems you are more interested in getting us to the advertiser on your website. Nothing is free they want you to sign up to premium immediately. Now that is a scam

  2. I’m in agreement with the first reviewer, you’re saying option tiger is not necessary or good but at the same time you’re pushing ones that you believe are 100% proven in ur ads, I think you are the scammer. I take option tiger courses through Udemy and they are outstanding and his trades have yielded me 75% return, so tell me why I should switch to your recommendation. It’s a brilliant move running a scam on a scam alert site. Kudos


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