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OneTwoTrade came up with an interesting idea of naming its platform SmartOption, even though it wasn’t different from the popular SpotOption, arguably the most familiar and easy-going platform for Binary Options Traders…

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OneTwoTrade offered Double Up, Pro Trade Mode for Buy Me Out, and Roll Over. The platform was simple and attractive but apart from the new name, it didn’t offer anything different from SpotOption.

If you’re interested in knowing about the performance, history, features, and legal status of this broker, you are reading the right content. In this review, we’ll also have a look at the OneTwoTrade scam warnings, terms, policies, and some important factors to determine if it was a legitimate platform or yet another attempt to steal the traders’ money.

OneTwoTrade Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Whilst we’ve exposed many binary options withdrawal scams on this blog we’ve never seen one quite so ruthless as that of OneTwoTrade. This is possibly one of the worst & most aggressive scam binary options brokers we’ve ever seen. Avoid OneTwoTrade at all costs – and if you have already lost money to their scam then continue reading to see how you can get it back.

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OneTwoTrade Background

Up & Down Marketing Ltd. owned OneTwoTrade. The broker was operated from Malta and the following details were mentioned on the website…

  • Address: Cobalt House, Level 2, Notabile Road, Mriehel, Birkirkara, Malta.
  • Phone: +44 203 318 5580

The phone number was updated in September 2016. The new number was

  • +22 203 695 9746


Is OneTwoTrade Regulated?

OneTwoTrade was regulated (MGA/CL2/744/2011) by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) since 13-10-2011.

The details on MGA documentation reflected a different address…

Abacus. Suite 2, Psaila Street, St. Venera.

Well, we are confused! How can a gambling commission regulate a financial service provider? Does Malta consider trading an act of gambling? In a sense, the concept is similar, you make a prediction and hope for the desired outcome. But we don’t see a gambling commission overlooking a financial or trading platform.

We are convinced that MGA regulation doesn’t mean anything. It is similar to an off-shore regulator or a private self-acclaimed authority with no real power to exercise in the case of violations. We don’t think that MGA will take the responsibility of refunding the traders if the broker goes bankrupt.

  • BCSC (Canada) warned public against OneTwoTrade and claimed that the broker’s reps had been cold-calling to attract the traders from British Columbia (27-04-2015).
  • Ontario (Canada) blacklisted OneTwoTrade on 27-04-2015.
  • SFC (Hong Kong) warned against Up & Down Marketing Ltd. for soliciting its citizens without any license (26-08-2016).
  • Consob (Italy) blacklisted OneTwoTrade on 12-09-2016.
  • CySEC issued a public warning against OneTwoTrade on 13th December 2016.


OneTwoTrade Complaints

In September 2016, OneTwoTrade came up with some changes in its policy according to while the broker refused to accept new deposits and new traders.

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We found something funny about this broker. We often come across the complaints from the broker’s clients but in the case of OneTwoTrade, the company’s employees expressed their frustration about the lack or fixed salary. The employees depended on the commission. In addition, the employees had their reservations against the unprofessional approach of the management.

It was in 2017 that the broker finally decided to make the most notorious move. The clients woke up in the morning to check trading options, updates, and possible profit generating opportunities. The soon realized that their account was either compromised or terminated. It happened with all of the broker’s client and in a few hours, the traders realized that the platform ceased to be.

What a story! A gambling commission regulated a trading platform only to disappoint the broker’s clients. Nobody managed to get back his/her money. MGA never entertained the complaints from OneTwoTrade clients.

OneTwoTrade Withdrawal

OneTwoTrade charged $39 for a Credit Card withdrawal (under $200). No processing fee was charged for over $200 withdrawal. For bank transfer, the withdrawal fee was $30. It means that the broker wanted the traders to keep their money in their accounts to make it over $200 to avoid the processing fee. It was nothing but a trick. The trader finally realized that they had no way to get their money back.

The revised policy (September 2016) featured an increase in the processing fee that jumped from $30 to $50.

Is OneTwoTrade a Scam?

Yes, OneTwoTrade scam is definitely a horror story. The updated policy of 2017 (just a few weeks before the broker vanished) was utterly ruthless. It stated that “Unwillingness to comply with the new withdrawal policy will cost the trader/client 20% of the total funds available in the account”.

What else could it be to consider it a “Transparent” scam?

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Our Verdict on OneTwoTrade

Thumbs DownComplaints from the clients as well as from the employees were enough to trigger the alarm. In addition, the regulatory authorities from various regions jumped in educate the public about the intentions of this company. There had been nothing positive about OneTwoTrade.

The unlucky traders failed to find a legitimate platform where they could claim their money back. This is the worst thing that happens when you invest your money through an unknown and doubtful entity. OneTwoTrade was arguably the most ruthless criminal and we think that its team is still playing games here and there. You need to protect yourself from these tricksters. It is an encouraging sign to see so many regulatory authorities educating the public through warnings and timely alerts.

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