MYfintec Review – Another Offshore Scam or Legit Broker? Let’s Take a Look…


The ever-changing value of foreign currency and the shits in the stocks present an opportunity for the traders to make some profit. There is a third possibility, Crypto-trading, that has emerged as a huge profit making opportunity over the past few years. MYfintec encourages Crypto trading along with other trading options…

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It becomes difficult for anybody to take the risk of investing in a new market. Most of the experienced traders still stick to the Forex and CFDs. Binary Options have things easier for the beginners but MYfintec takes things to the next level.

Should you rely on this online trading platform? What do you need to consider? How legitimate is this broker and what do the existing clients say about MYfintec scam complaints? Today we are going to evaluate this promising broker by going through some important facts about the platform. Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the company’s background.

MYfintec Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: In short MYfintec is an unregulated broker that we do not recommend trading via as it just looks like the typical come&go broker platform. The website appears to have been “knocked up” in a matter of mere minutes & even despite it’s relatively recent launch there have already been several MYfintec withdrawal complaints appearing on the web so we advise staying well away from this brokerage.

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MYfintec Background

Kin Ltd. owns and operates MYfintec. The company is registered in the off-shore region; you guessed it right! It’s the Marshall Islands. 87414 is the registration number. But wait, this is only the registration of an off-shore company so don’t mistake it for a proper license or regulation.

The website doesn’t talk much about its legal status, instead, the content is more focused on generic information about the importance of Anti-Money-Laundering law and compliance. It talks about the requirement of the verification documents. We think that there is no need to repeat the withdrawal policy in the term and conditions. Anyways, the platform was launched a few months ago, i.e. May 2018. It offers indices, commodities, FX, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

After going through the website, we noticed that the broker is more relying on Cryptocurrency and Forex trading.

MYfintec offers 5 trading accounts but the web content doesn’t specify the trading conditions for these accounts. The platform is based on TradoLogic and it doesn’t require you to download any software. There are 17 currency pairs, 16 indices, agricultural commodities and metals available for trading.

Is MYfintec Regulated?

MYfintec is NOT regulated. In addition, the company is being operated from an off-shore location and this is what erects the red-flag. No attempt has yet been made to acquire a license.

Moreover, the web design is below average. It looks more like a come&go brokerage platform. The platform is new and that’s why it hasn’t been detected by any regulatory authority so there are no public warnings against the company. But things might change in the coming months.

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MYfintec Complaints

Some clients are already expressing their frustration about the pressure tactics used by the broker’s reps. The representatives keep luring the clients to deposit at least 500 currency units. There are also complaints about the intentional delay on the part of the account managers. They trick the traders into finalizing risky bids.

In addition, the phone numbers mentioned on the website are easily accessible. You have to wait for hours before your calls connect. If you try to connect via email, it takes weeks to get a response from the support team. In addition, if you want to complain against any issue, the support team simply expresses its inability to entertain.

According to some traders, MYfintec is another name of the notorious GetFinancial trading platform. Getting your money back is next to impossible.

MYfintec Withdrawal

MYfintec facilitates Wire Transfer and Credit/Debit Cards for withdrawals. In addition, it entertains 20 virtual payment modes such as eWallets and Bitcoin (only available on expensive account types).

We were surprised to see that 500 currency units are the minimum withdrawal for wire transfer. For credit cards, the minimum limit is 100 currency units. The first withdrawal of a month doesn’t cost anything but the following withdrawals during the same month cost 25 currency units per transaction.

The withdrawal processing takes at last 3 working days.

Is MYfintec a Scam?

At the moment, we don’t want to pass a harsh comment but we can expect more and more MYfintec scam warnings in the near future. The platform is just 6 months old and the clients are complaining about the pressure tactics, tricky account managers, and faulty withdrawal failures. These signs are alarming. The platform is operating from an off-shore location so forget about the regulation and transparency.

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Our Verdict on MYfintec

Thumbs DownWe recommend you to AVOID MYfintec. The website fails to impress. The layout isn’t professional. The education material doesn’t offer anything valuable and the customer support team moves as slow as a snail. They don’t even want to spare a moment to listen to the client’s complaints.
There is no real reason for joining this platform. If you are already registered with this platform then you need to stop depositing any further. Forget what has happened and try to protect whatever is left with you.

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