Littinvest – Scam or Legit? Be Careful! Review Exposes Withdrawal Concerns


The Littinvest website attracts the visitors through an impressive tag-line that reads “Sign Up Now & Get $300 on Your DEMO Account”…

Littinvest Broker Website Screenshot

This is an impressive offer but is it reliable? Is there a good reason for being attracted by this $300 offer for just creating a Demo Account? Is there any Littinvest scam alert to watch for?

Apparently, all online binary options brokers look similar to one another. But Littinvest claims to be different by suggesting that the broker uses the safest AirSoft, highly responsive, easy to use, and completely safe from potential vulnerabilities. AirSoft is a new but promising platform that comes with a few additional features you don’t see with any other platform. Let’s walk through some important features of this seemingly innovative broker.

Littinvest Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Littinvest is still active & welcoming new traders but don’t be fooled into thinking that this means they’re legit as there have actually been many withdrawal complaints made against this broker. We believe that Littinvest is actually a scam broker & therefore we do not recommend depositing or trading with them whatsoever – but if you have already lost money then keep reading to see what you can do to get it back.

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Littinvest Background

The customer support is there to help you with account opening and management of funds and the use of different AirSoft features. The support team is accessible from Monday to Friday. Following is the contact information mentioned on the website.

  • 1078 Budapest Rottenbiller ut 44.
  • +44 208 089 1861

The downside of the AirSoft platform is that it isn’t compatible with the smartphones. The platform offers over 100 CFDs in addition to Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin), Commodities, Currency Pairs, Individual Stocks, and Indices.

The website is only available in the English language. You have the option to choose from 6 account types. The minimum deposit is set at $250.
Littinvest is actually trying to attract traders by offering bonuses. The website advertises the provision of the first-deposit bonus of $100.

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Is Littinvest Regulated?

Littinvest is NOT regulated. Whatever the website claims and advertises is of no use because we are actually talking about a broker that has no reliable legal status. This is what discourages us all. After going through highly lucrative offers, we suddenly come to know that the company hasn’t acquired a license. No matter how safe the website is, your funds are not safe because you can’t claim a refund if something bad happens to your account or even if the broker refuses to let you access your account, and these unfortunate incidents are usual with all unregulated brokers.

According to the website, Littinvest is registered in St Andrews. But remember, registration is way different from being regulated. You can only claim the refund if the broker is regulated by a state-run regulator. We don’t even know who St Andrews is and who authorizes it to register a financial service provider.

On 8th May 2018, FCA (UK) issued a warning against Littinvest. Before the issuance of this warning, Littinvest mentioned 15 Bell Street, St Andrews as its registered address. After the warning, the new address was uploaded instead an address from UK. So another red-flag, the broker is not comfortable to reveal the real address. We have already noticed that a huge majority of unregulated brokers uses virtual addresses.

Littinvest Complaints

The registration claim is a joke in itself. If there is nothing fishy, why doesn’t the broker opt for FCA, why is there a St Andrews registration?

There are more issues with the website, it doesn’t serve with anything regarding the trading conditions. Most of the information is rephrased from the websites of other brokers. It is all general in nature. Nothing is specific that could tell the traders about precisely about the Littinvest trading conditions.

Moreover, Littinvest offers 2.7 pips spread for EUR/USD. Well, is it acceptable? We don’t think so! 2.0 is the acceptable limit, anything above 2 for any pair involving popular currencies isn’t fair at all.

The payment options are also limited, it only facilitates Credit Card and Bitcoin. Littinvest doesn’t facilitate any eWallet, not even PayPal.

The website’s content is catchy but it doesn’t provide the specific information every trader requires. Moreover, it lacks proper functionality. Overall, Littinvest is not a promising broker.

Littinvest Withdrawal

You first have to submit a withdrawal request along with the identification documents (one time process). The processing time ranges from 7 working days to 10 working days. The trader must keep the minimum funds in his/her account before requesting the withdrawal otherwise the transaction will be declined.

$500 is the minimum you could withdraw via Wire Transfer. Well, the bar is way higher than that of other brokers.

$100 is the minimum you could withdraw via Credit Card.

Again, the same issue, the website doesn’t say anything about the withdrawal fee.

Is Littinvest a Scam?

It is too early to call Littinvest a scam but we can’t resist to warn you. It could turn out to be a sophisticated scam. FCA (UK) has issued a warning. The website changed the address. Some of the content on the website is rephrased from other websites. It doesn’t specifically talk about the trading conditions.

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Our Verdict on Littinvest

Thumbs Down

Keep your eyes open and mind active! What else could we recommend? The number of unregulated binary options brokers is on the rise and the number of unregulated brokers disappearing is also on the rise. They come with a name, disappear, and return with a new name. We have already reviewed Finrally, a broker with a couple of sister platforms, having identical websites and at times, overlapping the brand names. With the passage of time, new links are revealed between the disappeared and the existing brokers. All of them are unregulated. This is why you need to be extra careful.

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