Ivory Option Scam – Review Uncovers How To Get Your Lost Money Back


Ivory Option entered the industry by introducing more freedom for the traders. The platform allowed its clients to exercise complete control over their accounts. The traders had the decision making power to limit the investment and nobody encouraged, forced, or harassed them into making huge investments…

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Binary Options trading platforms are preferred for the reason that there is an opportunity to generate more profit as compared to any other trading mechanism. Ivory Option was off the mark with a bang and the clients loved the freedom they had been longing for.

Do you also feel the same thirst for ultimate freedom? Is this platform potentially profitable? Are there any Ivory Options scam alerts? We’ll find the answers by going through the necessary details and updates about this broker.

Ivory Options Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: The Ivory Option website is no longer active, and needless to say Ivory Option was indeed a huge binary options scam that scammed thousands of people out of their hard earned cash. If however you have found yourself also being a victim of the Ivory Option scam then keep reading to see what you can do to get your money back.

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Ivory Option Background

Arya Group Ltd. owned and operated Ivory Option from Bulgaria. The representatives ensured that the traders’ funds were safe and properly managed through dedicated accounts. But we can’t trust their words because almost all of the brokers claim something similar by boosting their platform’s security checkouts.

The website is no longer accessible. We don’t have much information about the support, helpline, and address of the company.

The clients of the platform revealed that the broker opened a new account for each trader and the reps were also assigned depending on the language and region of the client.

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Things didn’t stick to the track as the time passed by. Each and every promise was shattered like a glass falling on a concrete floor. The support team used to get irritated upon asking about the regulations. Even the phone numbers were impossible to access.

The broker promised 91% profit, wow! But we didn’t find any client who managed to successfully withdraw his/her funds. Most of them lost their money that was apparently secure in the segregated accounts.

Is Ivory Option Regulated?

Ivory Option was NOT regulated. The website also lacked the necessary information about its legal status. We don’t have much for this section. Let’s move on to the complaints section.

Ivory Options Complaints

Ivory Option never offered a mobile app, it didn’t offer a Demo account, and on top, there was no to-the-point information about the terms and policies. One of our friends also tested this broker by investing $250, he generated some profit, but he never managed to withdraw the funds. They continued to jump from one argument to the next. The support team finally turned away and the account was also banned after a couple of days.

Most of the Ivory Option clients faced a similar fate. These are the typical consequences of relying on an unregulated broker. Some platforms also banned fake reviewers who boosted this platform without any evidence. We have already noticed that such paid contents manage to trap the innocent traders. Most of these victims are the beginners.

Ivory Options Withdrawal

Before submitting the request for the first withdrawal, Ivory Option required the necessary identification documents. The processing required from 7 working days to 10 working days (as stated on the website). You could either withdraw via wire transfer or Credit Card.

The platform is no more functional. Even when it was functional, the traders didn’t manage to successfully withdraw anything from their accounts.

Everything was based on false claims and sugar-coated marketing tag-lines.

Is Ivory Options a Scam?

Yes! No doubt, Ivory Option scam is a supreme example of an unregulated broker. It targeted the beginners, it promised complete freedom, indeed it actually served to get off the mark, but then the curve started to decline. The warmhearted support team suddenly turn cold. People failed to exercise the promised freedom. With the prolonged withdrawal delay and increasing complaints, the management decided to cease particular accounts.

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Our Verdict on Ivory Options

Thumbs DownIvory Option had been a nightmare. The broker attracted clients from all over the world. It did a good job for a few months. Then it turned into a typical ruthless broker that annoyed its clients, held their money, changed addresses, used delaying tactics, and closed the traders’ account to avoid further complications. This team of criminals didn’t even let go the minor traders. It snatched whatever was available.

This is a disappointing truth about binary options brokers. This is why we strongly recommend the selection of a regulated broker. How on earth could you hand your money over to somebody you don’t even know, who has no legal status, who has no proof of identity, and who doesn’t even care about regulatory authorities?

Get Your Money Back From Ivory Option

Were you scammed by Ivory Options? From the complaints we’ve seen it seems there were literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of people who fell victim to the Ivory Options scam.

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7 thoughts on “Ivory Option Scam – Review Uncovers How To Get Your Lost Money Back”

  1. Ivory Options contacted me today. They are wanting me to set up a digiwallet with them so they can transfer in cryptocurrency. This does involve me giving them remote access to my computer. As you might imagine I’m very skeptical. I have absolutely no reason to trust them but obviously would like to get my money back.

    • Whatever you do, don’t do it! Requesting remote access is a common sign of an online scam & it could get VERY serious if you give them access as they are trained to pull as much data as they can, building up a complete profile on you.

  2. Ivory option contacted me too. They said that they are going to return my money but need remote access to my computer. I suspect this is another scam as when does a leopard change its spots. Ignore them if you received a similar call.

  3. They called me too, and tried to get into my bank account. how long does it take for them to take information from your computer? This is crazy

      • Yes for a couple of minutes, but immediately when he asked me to login to my bank I went crazy and logged off. He got scared and hung up the phone quickly. How can I get my money back from Ivory option? It’s been there for years. I tired clicking on the link above but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.


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