Is PlusOption a Scam? Review Uncovers TRUTH – Withdrawal Issues Imminent


A long list of options and assets works well to attract traders and it holds true for PlusOption as well. The broker offers more or less 150 assets featuring the standard options available with SpotOption…

PlusOption Broker Website Screenshot

The website features Arabic, Russian, German, and English languages. The website design is more like a pharmaceutical company, we are referring to the color scheme though. The overall layout is similar to that of a standard web development service. PlusOption website is functional but literally fails to impress.

Are you interesting in making the most of the available 100 stocks, 18 indices, 7 commodities, and 23 currencies? If yes, this broker may grab your attention. Before it happens, we want you to go through this review to know what you really need to know. PlusOption scam possibility is not out of question. Let’s see if it is worth your time and investment.

PlusOption Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: PlusOption is still live & still allowing new traders to sign up, however don’t be fooled into thinking this means it’s legitimate. Here at Stopping Scammers we believe that PlusOption is a scam & therefore we don’t recommend it. Below in our detailed review you’ll see why we believe that, and you’ll also see how you can get your money back if you have already been scammed by PlusOption.

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PlusOption Background

Redfield Markets Ltd. established PlusOption in 2014.

  • Registered Address: Fanshawe House, Pioneer Business Park YO30 4TN, York, United Kingdom.
  • Operational Address: 7th Floor, 9 Professor Fridtjof Nansen Street, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Web:
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +44 203 807 0195
  • Payment Service Provider: ACV Operations S.R.L (Romania).


Is PlusOption Regulated?

PlusOption is NOT regulated under any regulatory authority.

The first warning was issued on 21-06-2016 by FSC (Bulgaria) stating that PlusOption did not have any authority to operate from or offer services in Bulgaria. We noticed that this warning mentioned Tradeplus Solutions Ltd. as the owner of the platform.

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ASIC (Australia) issued a warning on 10-05-2017 to let masses know that PlusOption might have been a scam. The warning also mentioned that the broker’s reps had been involved in cold calling to attract the Australian citizens.

Next in the list is a CySEC warning (19-09-2017) stating that PlusOption was neither regulated nor registered.

Up to this point, we have a broker that is not regulated but the website is still functional. Let’s move on to the most important and potentially decisive segment, the complaints.

PlusOption Complaints

To our disappointment, we found enough evidence of the most notorious complaint, “Withdrawal not processed”. Traders are already complaining against the denial of withdrawal request for different reasons. Most of the traders are worried because the reps come up with something new to hold the funds. They either restrict the withdrawal by saying that the $1000 unrequested bonus restriction is in place, or the identification documents are not convincing.

Another problem is that the PlusOption clients have detected the use of an autotrader, it is either using Cambridge method or quantum code. If it is true, the broker is a typical get-rich-quick scam artist. The reps come up with lucrative advice, finalize the trade, and then motivate the trader to deposit more after inflicting a loss. We have also found that this broker is not revealing a genuine address. The addresses mentioned on the website are fake.

PlusOption Withdrawal

First, you need to provide your identification documents. Once approved, you can submit the withdrawal request. PlusOption offers Wire Transfer, Credit Card, and Bitcoin Transfer. Withdrawal is processed through the same method that was used for the deposit.

100 currency units are the minimum withdrawal for wire transfer and Credit Card, and 250 currency units in the case of a withdrawal through Bitcoin transfer. The required processing time ranges from 7 to 10 working days, as stated on the website.

Is PlusOption a Scam?

There is no conclusive evidence on the basis of which we could call PlusOption a scam. But we are convinced that this broker is getting ready to disappear in the near future. The nature of complaints in not encouraging. Regulatory authorities have issued warnings against the company. The platform is neither registered nor regulated. These are the things which point towards another malicious activity.

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Our Verdict on PlusOption

Thumbs DownWe DO NOT recommend PlusOption for multiple reasons. The broker is not feeling comfortable with revealing its identity. The addresses are fake, and the ownership of the platform is also doubtful. There is something happening tricky undercover. We are fairly convinced that the statistics on the website are fake. They don’t have 23000 traders. There is no evidence of 400 employees. The website tells you that the broker has won 14 awards but it doesn’t mention any of these awards. Please stay away from PlusOption. Existing clients are screaming and cursing the time when they made the decision of joining this website.

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