Scammed By GTP Capital? Our Review Uncovers How To Get Your Money Back


GTP Capital facilitates with multiple account types with different minimum-deposit policies. The good thing is that all account types are commission-free and leverage is up to 1:200…

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GTP Capital also offers variable spreads via its web-based platform. As far as the social trading services are concerned, they are only available on the following accounts.

  • Trader
  • Pro Plus
  • VIP

As per the claims made on the website, the EUR/USD spread average is 1.8 pips. Upon investigation through a Demo account, we found that the spread average was more than 3.5 pips. We don’t take it as a good indicator for the Forex traders.

Before we even start worrying about the statistics and policies, we need to first know GTP Capital scam warnings are reliable. We can only reach a logical conclusion after going through the company’s background, legal position, and complaints against the platform. As usual, let’s have a look at the company first.

GTP Capital Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: GTP Capital is without a doubt a scam & we do not recommend trading with them whatsoever. In fact it now even seems that their website has been shut down, which is a good thing to prevent new traders from falling victim – but it’s obviously not so good if you had money to withdraw from GTP Capital. There is however a way you can indeed still get your money back though which we will cover in this review.

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GTP Capital Background

GTP Capital promises the provision of binary options and forex brokerage. The platform offers stocks, bonds, ETFs, currency pairs, and commodities (metals).

Oasis Capital Ltd. operated GTP Capital. We are not sure about the address of the company and there are also a couple of hints about the country from which the company operated, i. Bulgaria ii. The UK.

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Well, we tested their website to have a look at their Demo Account a couple of years ago. Today, the same website address takes us to something new and surprising. takes you to some affiliated brokerage services. There is no GTP Capital any more.

The GTP Capital profile on LinkedIn doesn’t tell anything specific. That is just a general description of the company’s services.

Is GTP Capital Regulated?

Now comes the big question and we are again sorry to inform you that GTP Capital was never regulated. So we are reviewing another broker that jumped in, looted its share and vanished like a pirate. Most probably, they are working on their next plan to trick the traders with something innovative.

GTP Capital Complaints

The nature of complaints has really confused us. It seems as if GTP Capital was not really a brokerage service but a high-end mechanism to manipulate statistics and data. Numerous clients have talked about the false representation of statistics.

The problem is, people just keep waiting and tell everything when it gets too late. Most of these clients are recalling different doubtful events but we don’t understand why they never mentioned it when it was happening.

Some clients have mentioned that GTP Capital was being operated from California rather than the UK. Perhaps they are believing on the website’s IP address.

There is nothing much apart from the same old story, withdrawals not processed, reps asking for more deposits, and unauthorized access to the client’s account.

GTP Capital Withdrawal

GTP Capital offered withdrawals via bank wire transfer, e-wallets (Neteller, China UnionPay, WebMoney), and Debit/Credit Card. The website is gone now so we can’t confirm the minimum withdrawal limits.

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Is GTP Capital a Scam?

100% YES, the GTP Capital scam used an innovative and lucrative technique to engage its clients. We have found that the platform was mainly operated by some expert developers who tricked the traders with false data. They actually manipulated results to show a profit on the client’s trades. Once the client wanted to win big after experienced the initial gain, he/she invested more and it resulted in further deposits. In the end, everything was gone before the clients could smell a rat.

Our Verdict on GTP Capital

Thumbs DownGTP Capital was a sophisticated scam. It used the trick of attracting the traders by showing false gains. Money has the power to blindfold most of us. This is what happened with the clients trading on this platform. Nobody had time to notice the defects because each of them remained satisfied as long as they were shown frequent gains. Human nature doesn’t easily change and if you want to hide to weaknesses and wrongdoings, you just keep others happy. As long as you keep others happy, their tongues will remain silent. As soon as you fail to keep them happy, each of their words will hit your hard. This is what the scam artist operating GTP Capital knew and they made full use of this human weakness.

Get Your Money Back From GTP Capital

Have you fallen victim to the GTP Capital scam yourself? Well we appreciate it can be very worrying but there are actually steps you can take to get your money back from these scammers.

And the good news is that we’ve put together a free scam reclaim guide which walks you through the process step-by-step and shows you exactly how you can reclaim your lost funds.

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