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An impressive binary options broker at the first look, BinaryBook makes things look pretty easy, simple, and fuss-free but does it really work the way it looks? We mean, the website is running and it is built professionally, the Daily Analysis is up there for the clients to make the full use of, and the good thing is that the analysis is updated almost every day…

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Is BinaryBook one of the potentially helpful binary options brokers? How does it operate and what is the background of the company? These questions are obvious to hit your mind as soon as you start thinking about selecting a top-notch broker. This review will tell you whether you should invest through this platform or is it another sweet looking lollipop.

If you’ve ever come across then you might have felt the professionalism that reflects through the layout. Is it something you base your decision on? Definitely not! We need to see if BinaryBook scam possibility is out of the question or not. We need to think about securing our funds by investing through a regulated broker. Let’s find out what BinaryBook brings to us.

BinaryBook Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: After looking into all of the complaints & discovering that BinaryBook is not regulated, we believe that BinaryBook is indeed a scam & it appears many people have already lost money to them. If you have not yet traded with BinaryBook then we do not recommend signing up, however if you have & you have lost money keep reading to see how to make a BinaryBook withdrawal.

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We have conducted a thorough investigation into BinaryBook and also the BinaryBook lawsuit so this review is likely to become quite in-depth. As a result we’ve put together some quick navigational links below so that you can easily jump straight to the information that you came here looking for.


BinaryBook Background

Dastos KGH Ltd. established BinaryBook back in 2015 and a completely new management was given the responsibly to run this platform. Hermes Solution offers the clearing services to BinaryBook. The company operates from Podgorica, Montenegro.

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We noticed an interesting feature on the website that the platform offers Islamic Trading Account as well. A huge Muslim population trades in assets and binary options industry. So this is a smart move to attract the Muslim community.

Since March 2017, the website has been announcing that they couldn’t facilitate new traders. But upon contacting the support team, the refused to accept the claim, even though it was mentioned on the website’s homepage. Further investigation into the issue resolved the confusion. The announcement was actually displayed in the selected regions where it was a risk of triggering the warning alarm from the regulatory authorities. In other regions, the home page never displayed such announcement.

Alright, let’s move on to see if BinaryBook is a regulated broker.

Is BinaryBook Regulated?

BinaryBook is NOT regulated.

CFTC issued a warning against BinaryBook for soliciting the U.S. residents (April 2016). Perhaps, that’s why they used that notice on their home page to avoid further warnings.

The confusing message on the home page haunted BinaryBook for months it encouraged the clients to doubt the future of the company and some were convinced that it is going to disappear.

Important Note:

We keep searching for the warnings from the different regulatory authorities but this warning is from us. We have gone through the NEO2 software and as we tried to sign up, it recommended opening BinaryBook account. There is no doubt that NEO2 is compelling its users to trade with BinaryBook. We know that NEO2 is a scam, a really cheap one! And they are promoting some unreliable and unregulated trading platforms.

BinaryBook Complaints

Initial complaints, since March 2017 had been about the controversial notice on the home page. Most of the clients from the UK left the platform. Most of the clients believe that BinaryBook is nothing but a Get-Rich-Quick trap. The withdrawal is a tiresome adventure and it always irritates the users.

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60-Time Bonus is an annoying term for most of the clients. It is virtually impossible to successfully withdraw anything.

Surprisingly, some clients are not happy to explore that the platform had been leaking or selling personal information of its users.

Well, we are surprised to see that the website is still operating in different countries. But we can safely reckon the worst to come!

BinaryBook Withdrawal

BinaryBook offers a couple of withdrawal methods i.e., Wire Transfer and Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Visa Electron, Diners, Maestro UK (Switch), Solo, and Maestro). The website doesn’t talk anything about the required time for the processing of a withdrawal.

Is BinaryBook a Scam?

Not proven guilty at the moment but may be in the near future! We are pretty much convinced that it is once again the case of “WHEN” rather than “IF”. When talking about an unregulated broker, a well-planned trap is already on the cards. We think that BinaryBook scam anticipation will become true over the next few months. If you are already using the platform, please start thinking about smartly taking your money back. If you are thinking about trying this platform, you could do anything worse than this.

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Our Verdict on BinaryBook

We DO NOT recommend BinaryBook for the fact that the platform is actually recommended by some serious scam artists including Quick Money and NEO2. Moreover, BinaryBook is not registered and the regulatory authorities have issued warnings against this platform.

We have also noticed that this platform is serious about attracting clients from the Muslim world as it could be a happy hunting ground. The Muslim world loves generating money and taking big risks, but offering or taking interest is restricted by religion. This is why the financial experts have taken on a new challenge by introducing Islamic banking – though it is all about replacing terms with the Arabic titles – and the idea is working so far. BinaryBook is using the same tactic.

In addition, most of the experienced traders argue that BinaryBook is actually operated by an offshore company. After performing deeper research, we have found that the educational material on SpotOption (another scam) is identical to what we saw on BinaryBook. Considering all of the above mentioned red flags, we can’t even think of trying BinaryBook.

Get Your Money Back From BinaryBook

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