Alarming Ashford Investments Scam Complaints! Withdrawal Problems Exposed


Ashford Investments is based on SpotOption that is suggestive of an easy-going trading platform with a long asset list and a variety of trading options. There is no need to look for an app, the platform is web-based and you can start trading in minutes…

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The ever-increasing popularity of Ashford Investments encouraged us to review this broker. It might have been a nice opportunity for profitable trading. Legitimacy is the most important factor though! We’ll look in the Ashford Investments scam complaints and warnings.

If you are interested in trading with this platform then you need to spare a bit of your precious time to know more about the broker. We want to serve you with legitimate, reliable, and unbiased information about the trading platforms to let you know about what’s really happening in the industry. It is important to shortlist only the most reliable and transparent brokers. Let’s see how transparent Ashford Investments is.

Ashford Investments Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: The only good things we could find being said about Ashford Investments appeared to have been written by affiliates who are being paid to promote the company… Other than that literally everything was negative, and there also appear to be an alarming number of complaints about withdrawal problems so it’s safe to say we do NOT advise trading with Ashford Investments as they share a lot of traits with other typical binary options scams. If you have already lost money though then keep reading to see how you can get it back.

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Ashford Investments Background

Teres Media Ltd. owns and operates Ashford Investments. The website mentions the following address:

Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro Marshall Islands.

Well, we are once again dealing with a broker operating from the notorious Ajeltake Road. All of the brokers operating from this off-shore location are not regulated and most of them are scam artists.

The website also mentions another address; Masterpay Ltd. 60/89 Mir Jalal Street, Baku, Azerbaijan.

  • Phone: +44 203 868 9102
  • Email: ,

You can’t deposit anything below $250. As a beginner, you need to start with Bronze account. We think that the term is the slight variation of Bronze or could have been a mistake that was later accepted as an innovation. Is it a spelling mistake? We don’t think so. The administration must have detected their mistake and then decided to live with it.

The Silver account requires a minimum of $2k deposit. Why would a trader deposit $2k with a platform that is NOT regulated? But people have done this before so we can only advise you avoid the adrenaline rush.

There is nothing new in the Ashford Investments education section. But does contain some basics about the Crypto trading. These are just the basics though, don’t expect to become a professional Crypto trader by learning from this generic material.

It is disappointing to see that this platform doesn’t come with anything intriguing. We get the feeling that it might have been a return of a disappeared trading platform.

Is Ashford Investments Regulated?

Ashford Investments is NOT regulated. The platform operates from an off-shore location. Launched in 2017, this new broker hasn’t tried to apply for the license. Why should they? Off-shore locations are selected to avoid legal compliance.

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We also noticed, for a brief period of time, the website mentioned a different address; Buly. Gen. Totleben 53-55. Sofia, Bulgaria.

Before that, another address was also stated; Business Park Varna, Building 8, Vladislav Varnencheck, Bulgaria.

The frequent change of address triggers doubts. The broker has finally settled with the off-shore address to avoid the issuance of the public warnings from the Bulgarian regulatory authorities.

Ashford Investments Complaints

The traders relying on Ashford Investments have recently come to know that this broker isn’t even aware of the basics. The reps can’t even differentiate Binary Options from Contracts For Difference (CFD). The content on the website explains Binary Options under the CFD category.

The worrying aspect is that the platform only facilitates CFDs but the web content keeps boasting about its Binary Options. This is another broker that is much inspired by the content on the competitor’s website.

For a number of months, the website remained half-done. Clients kept complaining about the errors in the Graph’s statistics. It was either slow or incomplete. Moreover, the website lacked the FAQ section.

Then comes the most alarming issue, the failure of withdrawals. It is extremely hard to get your funds back. In addition, the account managers keep encouraging the traders to deposit more. Some clients have even expressed their frustration about the pressure tactics used by the account managers. These are patterns of a scam artist. We think that another broker operating from the notorious Ajeltake Road is ready to disappoint us.

Ashford Investments Withdrawal

Ashford Investments facilitates Wire Transfer and Credit Card. $50 is the minimum withdrawal limit for Credit Card and $100 is the lowest bar for the Wire Transfer. It requires from at least 5 working days to 7 working days to process the transaction. But the existing clients say that it takes over three weeks and you have to submit the requests repeatedly. In reality, it is an irritating and frustrating process that is not recommended for the people already suffering from high blood pressure.

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Is Ashford Investments a Scam?

Ashford Investments is a tricky trading platform with nothing in favour of its legitimacy. There is a bunch of doubts reflecting the unreliable stature of this platform. Even the broker is not confident with a permanent address. In addition, it has eventually settled off-shore.

While writing this review, we are getting the feeling of watching a crime serial that we have already watched 100s of times. Ashford Investments scam complaints are seriously alarming. The website doesn’t reflect a hint of professionalism. This is a highly risky platform.

Our Verdict on Ashford Investments

Thumbs DownEach of the sections of this review talks about a non-transparent and unreliable entity you must avoid. You can’t even earn a few bucks with this broker. Even the graphs tend to show false statistics. The content of the website confuses the traders. In addition, for over a year, the management hasn’t yet tried to acquire a license. And yes, don’t forget the biggest red-flag, AJELTAKE ROAD (Off-Shore) location!

Get Your Money Back From Ashford Investments

It has come to our attention via a bunch of TrustPilot reviews that a lot of Ashford Investments traders are having problems withdrawing their funds & as a result they are left feeling parted from their hard earned cash.

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  1. im investing crypto coin with ashfordswealth, n other far iv had no issues but im alittle worried after reading comments from other people saying its not real…could u please let me no if this company is real

    • Hi Daryl. I’m afraid to say it, but Ashford’s Wealth does not look legitimate. I would recommend withdrawing your funds & moving them to a more well-known, reputable platform whilst you can.


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