The 777Binary Scam – Broker Blocking Withdrawals & Disappearing Without a Trace


777Binary converted its visitors into long-term clients for various reasons, Live News Feed being the most effective. The platform was based on SpotOption. The broker started with 82 assets, that’s not as many as you expect from the most recent SpotOption based brokers…

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We liked the provision of the real-time charts the most. These charts facilitated the clients with added indicators. That’s a great feature and most of the traders love using these advanced technical indicators. 777Binary featured a visually attractive website, extremely fast, and remarkably user-friendly.

The good thing about this broker is that it attracted serious traders as well in addition to the beginners. The provision of up to 97% profit was amazing though! But what’s the truth behind the 777Binary scam complaints and legal warnings? Did this broker really vanish with the client’s money? Let’s find out!

777 Binary Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: 777Binary is just another broker that will be joining our long list of binary options broker scams. They launched, seemed promising (though never regulated), allowed withdrawals for a while – but then later blocked traders withdrawals & disappeared with all of the cash that they had reaped. If you personally fell victim to the 777Binary scam then keep reading to see how you can get your money back.

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777Binary Background

777Binary was operated by Hortense Ltd., a company that also operated Safe24Options and HotOptions. Both of these names didn’t manage to impress the traders. The regulatory authorities dealt with these entities with an iron fist. So we are pretty much sure about what’s coming up for 777Binary.

777Binary was introduced in 2012. Initially, the broker offered a minimum of 65% returns. On some Binary Options, the returns were as high as 500%. The platform claimed to offer over 80 assets but we noticed that all of the assets were not accessible at a given time. Specific assets were available during certain time-slots.

The broker also lacked the all-important education section. This is something really discouraging for the new traders. The website was designed professionally, but it lacked content. The design and layout were impressive, but the content developers failed to explain the details about the terms and policies.

Some sections of the website didn’t even present the basic information. The content was mixed up and repeated. The market analysis was updated during the first year (2012) but the management didn’t take it seriously afterwards. Market update from June 2012 remained the latest on the website.

Once again, we noticed the most notorious mistake, the website featured copied content which came from the sister websites (HotOptions and Safe24Options).

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Is 777Binary Regulated?

777Binary was NOT regulated. On top of that, this broker was linked with other unregulated brokers against which the regulatory authorities had issued serious warnings.

Hortense Ltd. isn’t a transparent company and its notorious reputation casts shadows of doubt upon all of its associated platforms. 777Binary never managed to gain much popularity because the level of trust never built.

777Binary Complaints

777Binary disappeared in a flash like its sister websites. The administration never updated the clients about the decision to close the platform. It happened on October 5, 2015, and the clients were left helpless.

It didn’t disappear instantly though! Instead of the trading platform, graphs, and charts, it was a single big message “The Website is Under Construction”.

Everybody instantly knew what it meant. Those who had funds in their accounts knew more about what had actually happened. It was another cruel strike from an unregulated broker. All the promises had been broken with a single strike.

777Binary never offered a Demo account. There was a Demo section, but it was actually a demonstration video to serve the orientation purpose. It was a total trash. There was nothing new or innovative. There was nothing you could trust. The FAQ section was messed up like the hair of just-awoke blonde. The answers failed to address the relevant question. In fact, the sequence of the questions and answers was mixed up.

In addition, this broker never brought anything new. Even the website was broken at times. Some features remained irresponsive for weeks and months. The complete list of assets was never available at a given time. Some assets remained active and some remained inaccessible. That’s a disappointing and irritating thing for anybody, even for the newbies.

The website featured a Live Chat button which never worked. We tried to check it repeatedly but finally realized that it was just a tricky graphics and there was nothing functional.

777Binary Withdrawal

777Binary charged $25 for the withdrawal for Wire Transfer. There was no fee for CashU and Credit Card withdrawals.

$100 was the lowest barrier and the processing time up to 7 working days, much longer than the promised 3 working days.

Is 777Binary a Scam?

We are confident about calling 777Binary a scam. The broker didn’t update its clients before closing its services. The clients never managed to use some of the features mentioned on the website, for instance, Live Chat. In addition, the broker was operated by a malicious entity which is linked with a couple of unregulated and suspicious brokers.

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Our Verdict on 777Binary

Thumbs DownWe do NOT recommend any financial service that is not backed by a reliable, legitimate, and state-owned authority. There is no way you could risk your money by handing it over to such scam artists. Things are improving day by day because these malicious platforms are going down one by one.

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