10Trade Scam or Legit Broker? Honest Review Uncovers The Real Truth


Holiway Investments Ltd. (Cyprus) introduced 10Trade, known to be the pioneer of the registered companies Binary Options brokers. The platform offers just one standard account and the minimum deposit limit is set at $200…

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You have the option to trade at least $5 at least for 60-sec option and a maximum of $500. 10Trade doesn’t offer any demonstration or trial account. To a few reviewers, this is disappointing but I don’t see any problem as long as the platform is registered. Demo accounts are the feature mostly associated with the unregulated brokers who use this option to attract investors.

Let’s see if this platform turns out to be a reliable and safe trading opportunity. Even though the initial signs are good, the platform is registered, we must not ignore the company background, terms, complaints and withdrawal policies before concluding if 10Trade is a scam or a legitimate broker.

10Trade Review Summary

Cost: $250+

Recommended: No (See Our Top Ranked Legit Program Here)

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Whilst there are not many complaints about 10Trade, we don’t personally recommend them as we believe there are much better alternatives available… And we are also concerned after hearing about some 10Trade scam rumours. Basically we advise choosing a safer alternative, and if you have happened to be scammed by 10Trade then we suggest you read this review to find out how to reclaim your funds.

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10Trade Background

Situated in Nicosia, Cyprus (4, Pindu Street Office 408 CY-2409) Holiway Investments Ltd. owns 10Trade. The company possess the license 248/14 and offers uses a couple of telephone lines i. 22353557 (Cyprus) and 08081891458 (UK).

As Cyprus follows EU policies so the platform is not allowed to invite clients from the US. The platform offers Rollover and Double Up (for binary options only). The Double Up is a widely cherished feature because it allows the users to place another trade on the same expiry and conditions. You have to the facility of closing in the money by using the Rollover Tab if see that the price is not behaving according to the predictions. Please notice that you can use the Rollover only if there are more than 10 minutes left before expiry.

10Trade offer 81% of the successful trades. The platform offers a unique feature named Option Suspended that serves the users with the notification to update them about an irregular trade or condition.

Is 10Trade Regulated?

We are extremely happy to finally have an opportunity to tell you that 10Trade registered under CySEC after acquiring the license 248/14. This is the most encouraging sign because it puts the users on the safer side and they can confidently invest without being worried about their money held with the broker.

10Trade Complaints

Till 2017, we never managed to find a hint of any major complaint against 10Trade. Users are satisfied with the withdrawals and their accounts are doing great. The main reason is that the company is fully registered and it can’t afford to disappoint its clients.

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We could mention only one warning against 10Trade that was issued by CSA on 09.03.2016 according to which the broker did not have permission to operate in Canada. It could have been a fact-based warning because 10Trade registration allows it to operate in most of the European countries. This is why the company can’t operate in the US or Canada.

On the whole, we are happy to conclude the complaint section by admitting that 10Trade is so far doing great and its clients are happy to invest their money via its platform.

10Trade Withdrawal

10Trade entertains a withdrawal of up to $10k via Credit Card. Well, this is a big plus. Most of the traders don’t push this upper bar beyond $500 for credit card withdrawals.

You’ll be amazed to know that 10Trade imposes no restriction on withdrawal via bank wire so you can withdraw as much as you have.

  • The minimum withdrawal limit for credit card and wire transfer is $30 and $100 respectively.
  • The withdrawal charges via credit card and wire transfer are $30 and $100 respectively.
  • Additional withdrawal methods include WebMoney, Skrill, and CashU.
  • 10Trade requires 3 working days (Credit Card Withdrawal) and up to 5 working days (Wire Transfer Withdrawal).

What else are you looking for? Let’s not forget that the provision of the documents for identity verification is mandatory before processing the withdrawal. You can withdraw the money to the same card from which the deposit was processed.

Is 10Trade a Scam?

10Trade scam rumours are 100% fake. The fact is that 10Trade takes pride in being the first binary options broker to acquire a CySEC license. Moreover, we failed to find any complaints against 10Trade despite trying our best for hours.

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The company is strictly complying with the regulations. The system is transparent, nothing is undercover, nothing malicious is happening behind the curtains, and the clients are satisfied with the performance of the representatives and the customer support team.

Our Verdict on 10Trade

Thumbs DownWe recommend you consider 10Trade for various encouraging reasons and of course the major reason is that the platform is registered. Secondly, we don’t find serious complaints against the company. Thirdly, there is no evidence of wrongdoings by its parent company, Holiway Investments Ltd.

Things are encouraging so far but we still want to point out one consideration that 10Trade website suffered from a significant drop in traffic during 2017. After that, it regained its popularity and that was the only bad patch during which most of the investors started to doubt 10Trade but nothing went wrong and everything was back on track. The customer support team never stopped responding to the client’s calls. Live Chat kept on serving the users.

You can easily include 10Trade in your list and then compare it with other reliable brokers. It is always important to consult with multiple professionals rather than relying on a single opinion. Our purpose is not to impose a verdict but to help our readers with the provision of the mandatory and reliable information that is based on facts rather than speculations.

Get Your Money Back From 10Trade

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